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  1. Jin (ex.SCREW) created his own channel. Hasn't really posted much in a year. I guess he's busy with his new band, Kryst. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4X9mbXRuoVrTGYupwlqiDQ Doesn't have the best voice, but I still love how he is singing one of Screw's song (I forgot the name of it. It escapes my mind.)
  2. monkeybanana4

    Love the sound of this preview! The guitar parts in it are absolutely wonderful. Can't wait for its release! (I wonder what the flower on Mao's eye is supposed to represent.)
  3. monkeybanana4

    Agree with you there about Haibane's music. It was one of the first anime CDs I bought. Still listen to it to this day. As for other anime music, it's already been mentioned but I always dig Inuyasha music. Love the traditional instrumentals utilized. Also enjoy listening to Akatsuki no Yona's music, too, as they also use traditional Asian instruments.
  4. monkeybanana4

    A mysterious vocalist with a nice voice. I wonder who it is. Also doesn't wear any shoes, lol.
  5. monkeybanana4

    That's awesome! I'll definitely look into it. I've always had that problem of flipping books/magazines just to get a clean, wide scan. What's the problem with it when Window updates? Cool! I've always used canon as a printer, not as a scanner. If it's not too much trouble to ask, what type of canon scanner do you use? Thanks so much for the Amazon link! This scanner looks perfect
  6. monkeybanana4

    I am proud of my whole collection. However, there are few, which stand out: Awoi - Signed comment CD - Attended an in-store event, and it was awesome to see them in person. Kagrra, - Hyakki Kenran - Their last album, which I made sure to buy. Seeing it still makes me emotional. Royz - "Tears" signed poster - Was being sold at the live only Sadie - 8th Anniversary Live Pamphlet - It was being sold only at the live, and it has some cool pictures in it! Screw - Kazuki's guitar pick - Never really thought I'd get this one, but it was at one of their lives. I remember seeing how it was just sitting on the concert floor. So I dived for it. Another fan almost beat me to it, too, lol. the GazettE - An extremely (medium-sized) random photo/picture of Aoi - I don't remember where I bought it from, but it was one of their old looks, and I love hanging it on my wall. I'm sad that I didn't buy pictures of the other members. Versailles - Poster of Jasmine You (promoting their Prince & Princess Single) - Happened to be at one of the second hand VK shops, and I managed to snag this one vistlip - Signed card with all the members' signature - Got this by attending an in-store event, and it reminds me as how kind and funny they are as a band. Also, the chekis of the bands whose live I went to~
  7. monkeybanana4

    I was at a Screw concert and Byou dived into the crowd of fans. Somehow, I managed to catch his leg and his shoe hit my face. Kazuki and Byou also both spit water into air at the fans. I definitely took a shower when I got home. Another moment was when I was at a Royz concert and they had all the fans hold hands and sing together with the band. It was a nice, poignant moment.
  8. monkeybanana4

    Hi, I have some stuff lying around that I wanted to scan. However, the only scanner I have at home has died and I've went through several of them before they all died on me after a short period of time. I was wondering, what are some good scanners to use to scan magazines, booklets, etc.? Much help would be appreciated! Thank you so much in advance
  9. monkeybanana4

    I like to listen to Alice Nine songs when I'm trying to find some inspiration to write As for studying/relaxing, I listen to Kagrra songs because they're always super relaxing and soothing. Been listening more of DIMLIM's songs for when I'm doing random chores or surfing the net.
  10. monkeybanana4

    That sounds awesome! Can't wait for its release.
  11. monkeybanana4

    I haven't really listened much to the band before the Chedora album. Must say that I'm pleasantly surprised with the album. I'm impressed with the music and the singer's vocal chords. Liking Grotesque, Malformation, and Hymnus so far. I'm looking forward to hearing their future releases.
  12. monkeybanana4

    Haha, that's quite true The only life form here are aliens or space-like krills who know little about visual kei XD Aside from the digression, it's nice to meet you as well ^^v
  13. monkeybanana4

    Hi! Welcome! Love Wagakki Band and Utada Hikaru as well~ Both artists create great music. Totally agree with you about VK being niche. It's impossible to find other fans where I live as well.
  14. monkeybanana4

    Thank you so much for transcribing it!