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  1. monkeybanana4

    Oh, I loved Futaba's palace! The atmosphere of her palace is mixed together with an ancient Egyptian and modern technology theme, but it is done so well. (Apparently, the QR codes in the palace lead to some secret P5 shop. Not sure if it still works, lol.)
  2. monkeybanana4

    I think I've been recorded somewhere on SCREW's DVD of their 7th anniversary live.
  3. monkeybanana4

    I was reading online comments that the developers (Atlus) should have made Yusuke a dateable character in the game XD Anyways, Persona 5 is a really great game! Love the updated improvements they made for it. And the art is fabulous.
  4. monkeybanana4

    No problem! Glad I could help out That's awesome you'll be going to those VK lives. They're a ton of fun! (If you need any help for attending VK lives, there's a thread which discusses that topic... https://www.monochrome-heaven.com/topic/49345-bangya-hacks-advice-for-attending-vk-lives/) Hope your trip will be exciting! Would love to hear about it when you return As for converting dollars to yen in Japan, I usually converted some money to yen before I went and, while in Japan, mainly relied on ATM machines, which I found are pretty safe (in my experience). I found some articles talking about the topic: https://matcha-jp.com/en/6692 and http://www.travel-kyoto-maiko.com/traveltips/your-complete-guide-to-use-atms-in-japan/ (the latter link is promoting their company's tours, but I find it quite helpful for the issue ^-^) Hope this helps!
  5. monkeybanana4

    They will also be holding a tour "TOUR 2019 NEW SENSATION" starting from 03.29 through 05.26. They will also be having two lives in Taiwan. 5月17日(金) 台北 THE WALL 5月18日(土) 高雄 LIVE WAREHOUSE
  6. monkeybanana4

    Great song choice by DIMLIM! And Megaromania is awesome, too ^^ DIMLIM - vanitas -CHEDOARA MIX- Aicle. - 豚の王様「ニトログリセリン」(Buta no ousama - nitroglycerin -) SINCREA - 胸いっぱいの愛を (Mune ippai no ai wo) Shoujo Lolita 23Q - Supernova CRAZY VODKA TONIC - ラブソング (Love song) Alice Nine - 昴 (Subaru) exist†trace - KNIFE (Album Mix) SCREW - deadlock DuelJewel - Snow Story GARNiDELiA - 桃源恋歌 (Tougen Renka) Difficult to choose since there's many great song choices! I'll narrow it down to DIMLIM for their crafty ability in being able to blend multiple genres together (experimental perhaps?). Love that memorable combination of guitar work as well.
  7. Mamireta will release their first mini-album, "weekly 絶倫マンション" (weekly zetsurin mansion), on 2019.03.27. It will have seven tracks and cost 2,500 yen (tax not included). Tracklist 月曜日:朝勃ちの朝にー。 火曜日:ハミガキ 水曜日:Gepp 木曜日:もしもし 金曜日:足裏の天使 土曜日:桜フェラペチーノ 日曜日:ため息の夜にー。 They will hold their second anniversary live at Takadanobaba Area on 2019.05.29 and will also have a oneman at Zepp Diver City on 2020.01.21. Source: https://mamireta.com/contents/219376
  8. SARIGIA will release their first anniversary single, "EVERGREEN", at their first anniversary oneman on 2019.01.27.
  9. Their live-limited single will be titled, "Enter the Circus". Contents 2 new songs + α (Not sure what 'α' means ^^;) MV + making-of Picture Privilege: Original sticker