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  1. monkeybanana4

    ダウト (D=OUT) - Mandala A Nicolas - Umbra
  2. Hi! Thank you for the follow~ Followed you back ^^ Also love the avatar!

    1. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      Aw, thanks so much! 

  3. monkeybanana4

    Hi, welcome! Happy to meet a new VK fan~ Oh, boy. Being in the 2000s really brings back lots of memories. As others have said, p2p software (like limewire, kazaa, etc.) was a great gateway into obtaining VK music. I also remember there were also many blogs (including random geocities/angelfire websites, lol) that hosted music, MVs, and scans/pictures as well. Although I think they've all disappeared to the sands of time. I think, at one point, people had migrated to tumblr where people translated lyrics and random VK musician's blogs and shared scans/pictures. It was certainly an adventure to try to look for music and find scans back then, lol. As for info on band members and such, I know vkdb is a popular place, which is still active. (Link: https://www.vkdb.jp/#gsc.tab=0)
  4. Happy birthday, @CAT5! Hope you have a wonderful day~



    1. CAT5


      Many thanks, beloved! :D

  5. Their newest single will be released in two types. CD (Type A; 2,220 yen) 1. 大衆は我々を裁けない (Taishuu wa wareware wo sabakenai) 2. 未定 [TBA/Undecided] DVD 1. 大衆は我々を裁けない(MUSIC VIDEO) (Taishuu wa wareware wo sabakenai) (Music Video) CD (Type B; 1,650 yen) 1. 大衆は我々を裁けない (Taishuu wa wareware wo sabakenai) 2. 未定 [TBA/Undecided] 3. 未定 [TBA/Undecided]
  6. The vocalist, 朝比奈 悠 (Asahina Yuu), and the bassist, kaz, will be withdrawing from the band after their live at Shibuya REX on 2020.05.22. Thus, both their one-man tour in July and their new album (announced to be released in June) will be postponed.
  7. 31-8520 will release their first mini-album titled "賽ノカラ筐" (Sai no kara katami). It will be released in two types on 2020.06.17. Limited Edition (2,400 yen+taxes, 5 songs, CD+DVD) Regular Edition (2,100 yen+taxes, 5 songs, CD) They will hold two lives to commemorate this release: 6/18 Ikebukuro Black Hole 7/15 Fukuouka Drum Son
  8. monkeybanana4

    Their third mini-album titled "正体不明" (Shouta Fumei) will be released on 2020.03.25 and sold for 2,500 yen (+taxes). Tracklist 1. piano♯6 2. 逆上のパルス (Gyakujyou no pulse) 3. ファントムミュージック (Phantom music) 4.パッチワーク (Patchwork) 5. 君と罰(正体不明 Ver.) (Kimi to batsu) (Shouya Fumei Ver.) 6.スライドショー (Slideshow) 7.おやすみ (Oyasumi)
  9. gulu gulu will release their first mini-album titled, ぐるぐる流出音源集 (Gulu gulu ryuushutsu ongen shuu), on 2020.05.05 in two types. 【サイレン盤】(Siren(?) Ban) 1.SE - サイレン盤 - (SE -Siren Ban-) 2.火炎瓶 (Kaenbin) 3.汚れた豚 (Yogoreta buta) 4.「 」- まっしろ - (「 」- Masshiro-) 5.「悪人」(Akunin) 6.おやすみ。(Oyasumi) 【リビングデット盤】(Living Dead(?) Ban) 1.SE - リビングデッド盤 - (SE -Living Dead Ban-) 2.リビングデッド・エンド (Living Dead End?) 3.「 」- まっしろ - (「 」- Masshiro-) 4.汚れた豚 (Yogoreta buta) 5.「悪人」(Akunin) 6.おやすみ。(Oyasumi)
  10. monkeybanana4

    Nice! I really enjoyed their last single, so looking forward to this one. Digging the dark look, too~
  11. Happy birthday, @platy :glitter:Hope you have an awesome day!

    1. platy


      Thank you 😚 Much appreciated. 

  12. monkeybanana4

    Persona Grata Artwork
  13. They will release a new single titled "ポジとネガ" (Poji to nega) on 2020.04.22. It will have two songs and cost 1,000 yen (+taxes).
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