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  1. Happy birthday, Cat! Hope you have an amazing day :D You are an inspiring person and an awesome admin. Wishing many more years for you!



  2. Hi! Thanks so much for the follow :love:Followed you back~

  3. Thank you so much for the follow~ :love: Definitely will follow back  :lolita_cheerful:

  4. monkeybanana4

    They will hold a series of lives in April, May, and June. April 4/3 Ikebukuro EDGE 4/5 Ikebukuro EDGE 4/17 Shibuya REX May 5/9 Shinjuku FNV (Gt. Sera Birthday One Man Live) 5/15 Shibuya REX 5/25 Ikebukuro Cyber June 6/3 Shinjuku FNV (Ba. Ashu and Omaru Birthday One Man Live) 6/16 Ikebukuro CYBER 6/25 Shinjuku RUIDO K4 They stated in their tweet that the bassist, Ashu, and drummer, Omaru, are new members who have recently joined the band. Also, I think the original bassist, Kaguya, replaced Meguha, one of their original guitarists. (Meguha appears to be in some session bands.)
  5. Their second single, 淡色舞う、薄氷を解かす (Tanshoku mau, hakuhyō wo tokasu), will be released on 2019.04.17 instead of March. Type A (Cost: 1,296 yen) CD Tracklist 1.淡色舞う、薄氷を解かす(Tanshoku mau, hakuhyō o tokasu) 2.溺愛メモリー #2 (Dekiai memory #2) Type B (Cost: 1,296 yen) CD Tracklist 1.淡色舞う、薄氷を解かす(Tanshoku mau, hakuhyō o tokasu) 2.ロードムービー (?)
  6. FullMooN will release a new single titled, 『疑心暗鬼』(Gishin'angi), on 2019.03.20. CD Tracklist (Cost: 1,620 yen) 1.疑心暗鬼 (Gishin'angi) 2.泡沫狂恋物語 (?) 3.キンモクセイ (Kinmokusei) 4.疑心暗鬼(Instrumental) 5.泡沫狂恋物語 (Instrumental) 6.キンモクセイ(Instrumental) Vocal: Nene Guitar: Eren Guitar: Kei Bass: Rin Audio samples can be heard here: https://www.tatenaga.net/media
  7. A little late, but here it is The picture above is from the movie, Suspira (directed by Argento). I’ve never seen the movies, but upon seeing the image, I was looking forward to what kind of songs would fit a scene from the horror movie series. Unfortunately, I don’t listen to many of the artists on the mixtape, but nonetheless, I was eager to dive into this mixtape, and be able to sample something different from what I usually listen to. This is my first review, so I apologize if the critique sounds super basic ^^; I did my best to write down my feelings and thoughts on each song. The title of mixtape I received is called “Suzy and the Peacock”. Overall, I thought the mixtape was put together well, and for the most part, matched the picture ^^ Now, I have some good songs to put on my playlist and more artists to check out. Thank you so much for the awesome mixtape, @Hohchicano96!
  8. The leader and vocalist from 龍-OROCHI-, 龍 (Ryu), has started a solo project titled ソメイヨシノ(Somei Yoshino). He has already performed at several lives (Laos - 16 February 2019 - Cool & Kawaii Japan 2019; one-man live at Shinjuku club science on 03 March 2019). He will perform his next live at Shinjuku club science on 2019.03.30. Gion MV Spot Live Video (I think Taji from Articlear is playing the drums in this video.)
  9. As the resident Gumin of MH (or at least one of them), I would just like to say on behalf of the entire DIAURA fandom that your new profile picture is gorgeous.

    1. yomii


      bless 🙏

    2. monkeybanana4


      Haha, thanks! Yo-ka is such an amazing, handsome singer, so I couldn't resist~ :D (Totally biased, but what's not to like him about? ;)

    3. Gesu


      Agreed! Beautiful voice and face ;) also, I'll like your reply soon, I promise. I just ran out of reactions for the day, again. >.<

  10. monkeybanana4

    I, too, read and write yaoi fanfiction. I also like to experiment with odd/crack pairings. I blame my mind for taking me to weird places when writing ^^; Also, one time, I left one of my VK CDs out in the living room, and my parents saw it, thinking that the people on the album cover were all girls even though they were missing the obvious physical feature of a female. The beauty of visual kei xD (Btw, it was an album by Screw titled 'Screw'.)
  11. ACME will release their fourth single, 「放課後の飼育」(Hōkago no shiiku), on 2019.04.03. TYPE-A (Cost: 1000 yen+tax) 01. 放課後の飼育 (Hōkago no shiiku) 02. SENKOU(English ver. ) TYPE-B (Cost: 1500 yen+tax) 01. 放課後の飼育 (Hōkago no shiiku) 02. SENKOU(English ver. ) 03. Paradox(LIVE Take at Shibuya Club Quattro on November 24. 2018) 04. 激ヤミセレナーデ(LIVE Take at Shibuya Club Quattro on November 24. 2018) 05. ADVENTURE TIME(LIVE Take at Shibuya Club Quattro on November 24. 2018)
  12. monkeybanana4

    I posted both because I couldn't choose and they're both great XD
  13. monkeybanana4

    I haven't been listening much to Razor. I did listen to their last mini-album, which I thought was fine. But the newest single, Undo, caught my attention with all three songs being solid tracks. When listening to the single, I could only imagine how exciting and fun it would be to hear all three songs at a live because of the amount of energy packed into each piece. It will probably be my favorite release by them until I listen to the rest of their past discography and perhaps find something new. Definitely going to keep an eye on this band
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