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  1. monkeybanana4

    Cool! It’s a lot of games to get through, but at least they’re mostly entertaining (besides the convoluted story). Ooh, okay yeah, the plot is a huge... mess, to nicely phrase it lol I think you mentioned it earlier, but what are your thoughts on KH3? I saw the other day that the 100 Acre Woods is making a comeback in the newest game. I thought that world would be done after KH2 xD
  2. monkeybanana4

    KHRYST+ - BASALT (Super bonus: Signed!) KHRYST+ - chekis (Quinax2, Iru, and Jin - Byou was impossible to get being the singer of the band.) KHRYST+ - sticker
  3. monkeybanana4

    @platy Yeah, I did the same thing since there were some games I never had the chance to play during its the original release. Luckily, games like 358/2 and Re:Coded are in movie format, so thank god, lol. Will you be playing it on the PS4? Out of all the HD remixes/final mix, I think my favorite one is KH2 final mix because of the additional bonus content and the way they changed some of the mechanisms in the game. I'd love to hear your opinions/thoughts when you get through it all. And the story of Chi is still unfinished, too, at least from what I last read. I think KHInsider posted a whole playlist with English subs, showing the most important stuff from the Chi games. Here's the link to the playlist if you're interested: https://youtu.be/mZBcljsfUIM. Most of the videos aren't long, so it's tolerable. (There is also stuff from Union X that I have not yet watched. I can't ever seem to keep up with this big plot.) I love the series and all, but I sort of hope it won't be like another 10 games. How the heck is it even going to continue after the Xehanort plot? Right now, the whole lore of Kingdom Hearts seems to be built around him. Oh, was Chi/Union Chi supposed to explain the Keyblade War and all that stuff before it? Or did I misremember that?
  4. monkeybanana4

    Amazing concept artwork! It looks so hauntingly creepy, but cool. Just out of curiosity, where did the inspiration come from? I second platy on trying it out. It looks neat!
  5. monkeybanana4

    Nice artwork! I really love the second one, and the flowers are a nice touch. I get a homey, calm feeling when looking at it. Were both pieces drawn by hand? (I apologize with my silly question. I love admiring other people's talents, but I have zero skill/knowledge when it comes to art. )
  6. monkeybanana4

    Oh, no! Are you going to play DDD in the compilation if you can? I totally recommend it. Are you also playing the previous games on the HD compilations? Other than Halloween Town, I like Hallow Bastion/Radiant Garden. It was fun and had a nice soundtrack. Also, I really liked one of the worlds in DDD, which is Symphony Sorcery. In BBS, I agree with Neverland. It was quite nice to explore more of the world. Deep Space was another cool world, too. In KH2, I enjoyed the Timeless River one - the black and white aesthetics were a cool touch. Oh, yeah. The movie on the compilation is actually additional stuff that further adds to the mobile Chi game. I think you had to play the game to understand it, so I was completely lost when I first watched it. Somewhere, I read that Nomura said KH3 will be the end of the "Xehanort" saga, but not the end of the KH game. I agree, though. The plot gets quite haywire, and the plot in DDD further complicates the storyline by adding some very left field elements into the story. At this point, I just wish the game would finish. I love the gameplay, but the story is a whole other beast.
  7. I'm not sure about the in-store, but I did see it being sold on Tower Records. I didn't see it on the other visual kei music stores like Brand-X or Zeal Link. (Copied the links from the band's website) 緑川裕宇 https://tower.jp/item/4824063/ 河村友雪 https://tower.jp/item/4824073/ 水田魔梨 https://tower.jp/item/4824077/ 眞崎大輔 https://tower.jp/item/4824079/ 神崎流空 https://tower.jp/item/4824081/
  8. monkeybanana4

    Individual looks
  9. monkeybanana4

    So many fans complained about the musical aspect of the Little Mermaid. I personally didn't find it too horrible. Controls were much better even though there wasn't any combat. Agree with you on Halloween Town. I love the aesthetics of it and the costumes are a nice added touch. Something about that world is quite fun. Do you mean Neverland and Disney Town in Birth by Sleep? Trying to complete those mini-games in Disney Town for the trophy requirements are a nightmare, lol. Are you referring to the Tron world in KH2 or in Dream Drop Distance? Cool. I was thinking I might have to play it. Do you mean the movie version on the HD PS4 compilation? I did watch that one. The story was so-so (and mysterious as usual). At least the graphics were top-notch. I did remember reading somewhere that Nomura said the story of Chi won't be finished by KH3's release, and I'm kind of wondering how that works since Chi is supposed to be the prequel to all the games, lol.
  10. MIMIZUQ will release their 1st album, 「ナミダQUARTET」(Namida Quartet), on 2019.03.06. It will come in two editions. CD+PHOTOBOOK (Limited Edition) 3,426 yen +tax [TKCA-74772] CD (Regular Edition) 2,778 yen +tax [TKCA-74773] Tracklist 01. SE「ナミダQUARTET」 02. ずっと好きでした 03. NEW HOPE 04. 東京INVADERZ 05. VIOLET SKY 06. 鎮む森に降る慈しみの雨 -ナミダQUARTET ver.- 07. angel song 08. Piggyback 09. ジグザグザ 10. PINKY PUNKY PARTY!! 11. Grand Guignol
  11. monkeybanana4

    Oh, you played it on the GBA? I never had the chance. I've only been able to play it on the HD compilation, so I'm not sure about any glitch with Marluxia. But I've managed to beat him on the HD version. There is also a very broken sleight called Lethal Frame, which I think was newly added for the HD version. It either makes the game easier or completely breaks it (depending on one's opinion). Yes, I couldn't agree more! I love the original worlds especially the expanded version of The World That Never Was. And the music in Traverse/Twilight fit quite beautifully. Unfortunately, I think Nomura said he's not going to be creating more original ones, which is quite a shame since those tend to be the more interesting ones (unless I'm remembering incorrectly). How did you think about the Disney worlds in the other installments? Some people I know complained about the unnecessary addition of Agrabah in KH2. I think the story in KH 358/2 Days is fine, but I agree about the gameplay. It was a huge grind and way too repetitive. I've tried to complete it three times, but I lose interest in it just as quick. I think the game handled awkwardly on the Nintendo DS, but probably because I'm too used to playing most KH games on Sony products. The only one I have not played is KH Chi since it's on the phone, but I heard it's important story-wise. Have you played it yet?
  12. monkeybanana4

    Ah, darn. Yeah, those compilations kind of snuck up. But you should totally play it when you get the chance. It's short, but it's a super fun teaser of KH3's battle system. I remember the swimming controls in Atlantica not helping with that chaotic Urusla fight, so awkward and weird. Totally agree with you there about the Peter Pan world. I feel that's when the camera is at its worst especially when exploring inside the tiny spaces inside the ship. Like how am I supposed to fight an enemy when I have to fight against the camera controls? Also, somewhat random, but the gummy ship sections in KH1 kind of pale in comparison to the ones in KH2 - those were lots of fun there. How do you like Chain of Memories? I feel it is unique with its card battle system, but it could get repetitive when you needed to grind/search for a particular 'door' card. I've heard lots of people disliking the battle system.
  13. monkeybanana4

    Have you played the 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue on the PS4 yet? The new mechanics they implemented in there were pretty fun. I'd have to agree with the horrible camera for the first one. I'd be in the middle of battle and I wouldn't be able to see where I was because the camera decided to do its own thing. Birth By Sleep was also quite entertaining with its versatile battle options.
  14. A split album, celebrating Bloom's 5th anniversary, will be released on 2019.02.06. Each band [ジグソウ (Jigsaw)/蘭 (RAN)/XXX] will contribute 2 songs for the album, making it a total of six songs. 2月6日(水)Bloom 5th Anniversary SPLIT ALBUM 【DJV-dejavu-2】release ジグソウ/蘭/XXX ※各バンド新曲2曲合計6曲収録 ■BLML-024  ¥2,500(tax out)/2,700(tax in) Bloom will also be holding a tour starting on 2019.02.04 at HOLIDAY SHINJUKU.