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  1. Gorgeous new Hitomi profile pic ❤️ I swear he's the most beautiful man I have ever seen.

    1. monkeybanana4


      Thank you ^^ Agreed! It's like he never ages and forever remains gorgeous~

    2. The Moon

      The Moon

      We stan a king. 

  2. monkeybanana4

    Daizystripper, Porno Graffiti, Luzmelt, Grimoire, Asian Kung Fu Generation, Crystal Lake, Versailles (especially when Kamijo pronounces the name), The Oral Cigarettes
  3. Necroing this thread The topic reminds me of a status update convo I had recently. Before I discovered J-music/VK, I was listening to mostly Western mainstream music and various types of Western rock music (i.e. Evanscence, AFI, Paramore, Linkin Park, Within Temptations, etc.). Also, because of my background and family, I was listening to Western "oldies music" (The Beatles, John Denver, Tom Jones, The Eagles, Rolling Stones, The Carpenters, The Temptations, The Fifth Dimension, etc.) and Chinese/Canto-pop (Teresa Teng, Jenny Tseng, Roman Tan, etc.) Also, listened to some classical music artists since I took music classes. Thanks to J-music (mainly anime OPs/EDs), I was able to discover VK, which in turn helped broaden my music tastes even further. It's that experience that helped to cement my interests in language, culture, literature and history. I'm not sure how much of a different person I would have been without J-music/VK, but it's now thoroughly a part of who I am and has helped me discover things I like to do (i.e. travel to countries, try new foods, etc.)
  4. Happy birthday, @yomii :glitter: Hope you have a wonderful day, and may many more years come ^-^

  5. monkeybanana4

    It's a live-limited unplugged CD titled "Naked songs", which will be available at their upcoming lives starting at Shinjuku RENY on 2019.05.24. It will cost 3,500 yen.
  6. D will release a new single titled "道化師のカタルシス" (Doukeshi no Catharsis) on 2019.07.10. Type A (CD+DVD, 2,400 yen + taxes) - 3 songs CD 1. "道化師のカタルシス" (Doukeshi no Catharsis) 2. New Song A 3. New Song C (Instrumental) DVD "道化師のカタルシス" (Doukeshi no Catharsis) MV+ Making-Of - Includes booklet Type B (CD, 1,500 yen + taxes) - 4 songs CD 1. "道化師のカタルシス" (Doukeshi no Catharsis) 2. New Song A 3. New Song B 4. "道化師のカタルシス" (Doukeshi no Catharsis) (Instrumental)
  7. monkeybanana4

    As others have mentioned, D'espairsRays for sure. Also, Moran would be lovely to see again. Miss Sadie as well. I would say Kagrra, but as @saishuu already brought up just really wish Isshi was still around...
  8. monkeybanana4

    I've always liked Yuki from Versailles for his humor (and drumming skills, too) xD As for rare items... - Kagrra's last live dvd/pamphlet that doesn't cost my liver - Diaura's live-limited releases
  9. monkeybanana4

    Many thanks to @Biopanda, @Valicious, and all the staff at Rarezhut for these amazing items! (I can't wait for another auction to happen so I can spend more of my money for all the rarez and nonrarez goodies you guys provide XD) In no particular order: Japanese Collection Cure DVD featuring Vidoll SINCREA - Pandora 2010 Live DVD Monolith - Aquarium (Type A) Vidoll - Special bonus live-recorded song (Brand-X) Diaura - Special bonus live-recorded song (Zeal Link) Zeal Link Tour 2014 magazine
  10. monkeybanana4

    Oh, sounds nice! I didn't know what to make of the band initially, but I'm liking the music. Nice on the ears. Gonna keep an eye on them
  11. 虹彩☆RaveL(Kousai☆RaveL) will release a new single, titled 『Howling』, on 2019.06.26 and will cost 1,500 yen (+taxes). 01. Howling 02. 君レボリューション (Kimi Revolution) 03. 全然☆前 進 (Zenzen ☆ zenshin)
  12. 無能なルシッド (Munou na Lucid) will release a new live-limited single 「自我殺傷」(Jiga Sasshou) if you attend their live on 2019.08.25 at Takadanobaba AREA and have a live ticket(?). Furthermore, they will release digital singles, which looks like it'll contain one song each, on 2019.08.15. Each song will cost 250 yen. Song Titles 「嘘ノ麻酔。モウヒトリノ私。」(Uso no masui. Mouhitorino watashi) 「無欲」(Muyoku) 「紐は解けた」 (Himo wa hodoketa)
  13. monkeybanana4

    The album, "Artist", has been postponed, and a later release date will be announced. source: https://howl-official.com/562/
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