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  1. monkeybanana4

    Late I'm glad he got to sing as a solo artist. I love his voice ^^ I was peering through my Korean music collection, and I re-discovered this catchy song~ (The PV is also pretty hilarious with the guy.)
  2. monkeybanana4

    the Gazette - My Devil on the Bed (It doesn't have the word sex in the title, but it talks about sex.)
  3. monkeybanana4

    I love obis, and keep them with every CD I buy. I also tend to buy old/used CDs that include obis. For some reason, I feel it's incomplete without the obi, lol. Also, I like how some obis are aesthetically incorporated into the cover of the album/release (i.e. a part of the album's artwork will be on the obi, etc.). Makes it feels like it's a vital part of the release.
  4. monkeybanana4

    Hi~ I'm afraid my review will be a little late this time ^^; I should have it up in a few days. Many apologies in advance!
  5. On 2019.07.13, Fest Vainqueur have cancelled their contract with the company, "Sirene", and will become independent. They will continue with band activities, starting with a revival tour on 2019.10.27. The band's original comment is below. This is the comment written by Hiro, the band leader. He apologizes for the sudden announcement, but promises that band activities will continue on. New OHP: https://festvainqueur.jp/ New Twitter: https://twitter.com/FESTVAINQUEUR_
  6. monkeybanana4

    There's this thread/post that talks about some interesting things related to the RES band and the singer of RES (Satsuki):
  7. monkeybanana4

    I just listened to some of it, and um, yeah. Haha, I wasn't expecting Rui to sing XD Yeah... that's Kazuki from Screw and Reika from D=out. The drummer is Kazami from the band, Daizystripper. I think they were guests artists at one time as I don't see them in any later videos. I also found this music video with Kazuki, Reika, and Kazami in there as well. It's... an interesting project to say the least, lol. Oh, nice! Which Gazette CDs did you get? Yeah, I've been recently visiting Gazette's early stuff, and they really had a different style then. Ruki's vocals were a little 'unrefined', but it somehow worked out. Do you have favorite songs/releases in their earlier discography? Wow, that's not a bad song by AND They mixed it in with their own style, creating their own voice. I feel like I have to back and revisit AND's older songs. It's been such a long time since I've properly listened to their songs, haha. Also, thank you for the follow! Followed you back
  8. monkeybanana4

    I've been meaning to get around to it, but I actually haven't listened to it yet ^^; I also had no idea it existed until recently. I'll leave some samples below in the cut. They've also got a YT channel as well if you want to check out more of their music. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfFBDwqBSuUeqHMnrjfQOPA Yeah, true! Taibans were where I got to see some of my other favorite bands up close and check out some super indies ones as well. It was a great experience. The pictures don't look all that bad =P Btw, Ryoga looked extremely happy to be there in all the photos compared to the other band members x"D I also chuckled when I saw Kifumi jumping over the table. It looks like it was a fun time to be there~ Btw, I also enjoyed reading the captions XP Haha, we all do some questionable things when we're at that age, don't we? X'D Oh, that's nice! If you don't mind me asking, where did you buy it from? Haha, they credited GazettE under "special thanks"? That's actually pretty neat of them to admit where their source of inspiration came from. And Ikuma possessed a different voice than Ruki's vocals, which tended to sound nasally in the GazettE's earlier years. So I think AND's combination/style ended up being quite interesting
  9. Vo. 智 (Tomo) Gt. Yuh Gt. 海 (Umi) Ba. 瑠伊 (Rui) Dr. Tohya vistlip will release a new single titled "CRACK&MARBLE CITY" on 2019.09.18. It will come in three types. Limited Edition (1,800 yen + taxes) [CD] M1 CRACK&MARBLE CITY [DVD] ROUGH the vistlip(トンデミ大好きvistlip) vister (Edition) (1,800 yen + taxes) [CD] M1 CRACK&MARBLE CITY [DVD] CRACK&MARBLE CITY Music Video + Making映像 (video) lipper (Edition) (1,200 yen + taxes) [CD] M1 CRACK&MARBLE CITY M2 AFTER THE DIVE M3 DIRECTOR'S CUT They will also be holding a oneman tour titled "New ERA STYLE" starting on 2019.10.02 at Nagoya Diamond Hall.
  10. アスティ (Asty) will release a new single titled 『微炭酸ピーチ』(Bi tansan peach) on 2019.07.23 for 1,620 yen (tax included). Tracklist 1.微炭酸ピーチ (Bi tansan peach) 2.クエスト×クエスト (Quest x Quest) 3.真夏のビッグウェーブ (Manatsu no Big Wave)
  11. monkeybanana4

    (Mini-album cover)
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