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  1. Bangyanico

    I can't blame him though🤷
  2. Bangyanico

    Does anybody know why Hyde is currently in LA?
  3. Bangyanico

    Are they really the remnants of Lycaon or am I just being trolled?
  4. Why are people upset about this, they cast white people in the roles of characters who were canonically POC like, ghost in the shell and so many others. They flipped the script once and everyone is freaking out.
  5. Bangyanico

    I agree with this so much. I grew apart from my old friend circle and is finding it difficult to make new friends who align with who I am now. Sighs
  6. Bangyanico

    It's accurate. Happens to me 99% of the time
  7. Bangyanico

    Damnnnnnnn. Don't shit where you eat. That's all
  8. Bangyanico

    Thanks for answering. I was curious about the atmosphere and how full the venue was. I missed Morrie all three times lol Hopefully they will open tickets up to foreign fans or I will eat my tears. Literally.
  9. Bangyanico

    I don't know but the venue seems kinda classy and intimate. I wonder if this is a case of foreign fans are too loud and roudy for a concert like this. Also, did any of you attend a MORRIE show?
  10. Bangyanico

    Wait is it only available to buy in Japan because if they opened it to up to the USA I would totally buy. Like Kiyoharu take my money! This sounds unreal, I want to go.
  11. Bangyanico

    Who did that? 😂
  12. Bangyanico

    Pretty much what I was thinking. My first time hearing it I thought he said something else and I don't even want to tell you what I thought he said 😂
  13. Bangyanico

    Screw Wailing Wall, the Gazette early songs like Cassis and Silly God Disco, Malice Mizer songs in general, and Alice nine. Hyde gets my vote for most improved.
  14. Bangyanico

    Hizumi is back?! Surprising.
  15. Bangyanico

    My thoughts exactly. A very quick show, I guess you could say I was expecting more.
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