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  1. kuyashii

    Hey, the second song is from that demo Issei posted sometime ago when he was looking for bandmates for a new project! I suppose that's how he got into contact with Mio since vocalists were supposed to write lyrics and vocals for that song and sent to him? I still have the instrumental on my computer. It's hard to really have an impression based on such short samples (and the fact that they are from "disconnected" parts of the songs makes it even harder to have an idea). I agree that 7 sounds really bad but the rest is rather interesting, I'm interested to hear what they are up to. Glad that they were able to get a better mix this time. Tracks 4 and 6 sound really interesting. Kinda worried about Mio's vocal delivery: while the harsh vocals on the album were actually pretty good and the cleans were somewhat passable despite being obnoxiously out of his comfortable range, now the harsh vocals are weaker (even though it might be because the mix is different from the album's) and his cleans are even more outside his range. I still believe he'll be able to pull out a Sho and become an absolute beast though
  2. Gotta love when I get "No" reactions just for voicing my opinions ❤️ You know you're doing it right when you piss off the hxc fans rofl


    Je ne regrette rien

    1. Gesu


      Hey, at least you're not getting people actually verbalise their distaste... are you? I'm guessing not. I hope not, anyways. MH is a pretty accepting community, so the next time you get a "No" reaction, just think of it as someone else voicing their opinions. As long as you don't get personally attacked, I wouldn't worry too much.

      BTW, I would just like to take this chance to say that I have always loved your profile picture. It makes me happy and I don't know why.

    2. Manji 卍

      Manji 卍

      Hey i gave you a no and you didn't piss me off,was just a no. I think you got pissed off.   .__.

  3. kuyashii

    I'm going to be the contrarian and say that Sho looks pretty lame comparing to the others but I suppose he's playing the ill boy role so w/e. I'm not going to pledge my undying loyality to them before I listen to the new stuff but I'm pretty hyped myself and if the new song is on the same level than Chedoara we can really wait for something huge.
  4. kuyashii

    The prodution is way better and I'm glad they didn't clutter the mix as they did on Jingai. The instrumentals are decent and I dig the atmospheric vibe of some parts but the composition is rather boring and I still think Mio sounds like absolute crap. His harsh vocals kinda sound weaker than on Jingai tbh but that might be the mix.
  5. kuyashii

    I was glad Kyo ditched the emo rapper look but holy shit, wtf was that Waiting for him to sound the worst he ever did. For some reason his vocals on Sukekiyo are always much worse than the ones on DeG (for real, the Immortalis-Arche-Adoratio-TIW run was a total vocal see-saw for him) and now he's smoking again that definitely is going to be even more evident. Couldn't care less for Sukekiyo though
  6. Didn't Yukimura Hirano himself used to be in a VK band called XI-sai as "Yuki"?
  7. Sounds great! Looking forward to hear it the day it comes out.
  8. kuyashii

    Those previews are good as they show they are able to translate the music well into live performances but I'm not really feeling any of the songs Positively surprised at how despite his numerous limitations as a vocalist, Jin is actually pretty decent live (considering how other singers that are considered much superior in the studio can't do half of what he does live).
  9. kuyashii

    I'm dumb and those press release texts were so confusing. That's the first song Kyo and Takumi did together right? Is that the track that recording they made many years ago or did they rerecorded it completely? I kinda liked the heavier bits but Kyo's screams are so anti-climatic.
  10. kuyashii

    BTW I saw some shmuck claiming Kyo's range was G1-C9 on a YT comment. 1 ) The highest note any person ever hit was E8 (and it sounded really bad, the previous record holder that could go as high as Eb8 sounded much better). That's eight semitones below C9, more than half an octave. 2) While Kyo's has reached G#7 it's definitely not good sounding nor controled. And it's 1 octave and 4 semitones below C9. One octave has 12 semitones btw. 3) The highest note people from The Range Place count on his range is E6 since people there are really picky when it comes to counting stuff on vocal ranges. That's 2 FUCKING OCTAVES and 8 SEMITONES below C9. A piano only goes up to C8, but if it did go up to C9, this person would get the wrong note for fucking 32 piano keys. Here's Kyo's profile on The Range Place http://therangeplace.boards.net/thread/1970/kyo Here's an explanation on how vocal range works: http://therangeplace.boards.net/thread/2672/range-faq
  11. kuyashii

    Yeah Kisou sounds pretty ugly but I feel that like Uroboros, it helps to reach the atmosphere they are trying to go for. Marrow not only sounds bad but the production doesn't make the compositions much favor. I liked the saturated production for the first track of TIW but after a few tracks it was too much for me.
  12. kuyashii

    What do you mean with "body"?
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtEofPWLcYo


    Fuck the people on the comments. Not the chick reviewing it. The people in the comments. Fuck them with razor blades.

  14. Goddamn it. It really irks me how much there are brainless assholes that still support this dude after all those years of borderline scamming. I once commented "nobody cares, just release the album" on a FB picture he posted with some random celebrity and a lot of people started attacking me lol I'm glad to see people here aren't blindly supportive towards him considering the extent some people's fanboying go...
  15. kuyashii

    Was expecting the "missing" songs from the original rips to actually be something and they were just SEs. I can get away with one, but three? It's just lazy. They didn't really add anything to the album, but stand-alonely they were slightly better than the ones on Chedoara.
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