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  1. I don't really mind them following a formula they used already if the content employed is good enough, so I don't have any problems if this song is similar in form with Diabolos or Vinushka (I love DeG at their proggiest, those two and the Macabre remake are definitely some of my favorite songs by the band). I don't think it's possible to reinvent the wheel everytime, and can't really think of many other possibilities in terms of song structure for 10 minute songs (unless they picked a normal 4 minute song and crammed a six minute instrumental in the middle or maybe opted for the track to be a single crescendo like a post-rock/metal song). I agree Zetsuentai was a bit lacking and not only the soft and the heavy parts felt very by-the-numbers, the transitions between those parts were pretty weak.
  2. kuyashii

    OMG Kaoru's moustache Damn, Kyo's solo pic is going to give me nightmares
  3. kuyashii

    No you aren't lol I'm pretty sure it's not how you're supposed to pronounce it in japanese, but if read as "doh-coo" it sounds like "do cu" which means roughly "from the asshole" in portuguese. Count Dooku from Star Wars was renamed "Dookan" in the brazilian dub to avoid that unfortunate implication. The song itself is pretty cool, I like the vocalist's cleans (his voice kinda reminds me of the singer of Bad Religion). Music video is rather lolworthy though EDIT: I think most of you might have gotten the reference already, but for those who didn't, I'm pretty sure the music video is a reference to the Armin Meiwes case, considering the whole "dark web" thingy the band is going for
  4. kuyashii

    I partly agree with what Euronymus said. Not many bands are able to release more than one great album, specially back-to-back, so when a band releases something that doesn't lives up the expectations created by the stuff they already released, it's always going to lead to disappointment. I know that comes to tastes after all, but let me give you an example: both Uroboros and DSS raised the stakes so high for me I was very concerned about the quality of the music (and also Kyo vocals, since 2014 wasn't being a good year to him) of Arche before it came out (we should also remember it was, back then, the longest time period between the release of two albums). I was a bit bummed when the album came out, but the problem is that I was comparing it to the previous albums. I still see a lot of problems with Arche (still think "Uroko" should open it, a couple of songs could go to the trash cough "Chain Repulsion" cough, some of the production choices annoy me, "Midwife" is the inbred kid of "Dreambox"' and "Akatsuki"'s poor cousins) but after some years I learned to value it better (the ballady stuff is definitely some of the best things they ever done). The part I disagree is that TIW still sucks, even if you take out of the band's catalogue
  5. kuyashii

    Listening back to a few things, I think it's definitely the production. His harsh vocals sound much better on the Devil's Proof album. Did they work with someone else for the production? Still don't know wtf is going on with the clean vocals in "Ruten". I mean, I know what they are supposed to be, just the execution is so narmy I can't even
  6. kuyashii

    I probably mentioned before I'm part of that The Range Place forum where people measure singer's vocal ranges and I like to create profiles for singers in my spare time. I've been creating a thread for Lime and I've been going through their discography and I must say, I'm really really impressed with both his vocal chops (judging from the few tracks I heard by them before, mostly the singles, I wouldn't expect him to have that much range and that he would sound consistently good through its entirety) but also how good the band's compositions are! I wasn't really that big of a fan of some of the b-sides from Human Error and Heisei, but their singles have been consistently good and I'm amazed at how the Steroid single managed to have a perfect "I like all the songs" score! I was a bit wary at the amount of praise I've seen towards them (because i'm a picky bastard who almost never likes anything) but I feel like they really deserve the attention they are getting because they are really really good at what they do, I love how they are bridging elements from both the "modern metal vk" and a more "classic" style and specially how Lime almost exclusively sings cleanly (which is a breath of fresh air amidst a sea of fairly bad screaming and growling that has been flooding the vk scene of late). I hope they all take care of themselves and keep releasing such great music. PS: I still want a "normal" mix of the Heisei single. "Stalker" is freaking fantastic!
  7. Well, they could break the rule, but after Withering to Death, every first single they released after the album was fairly different to the album they released before it so I'd bet on something softer and slower-paced than most of the album stuff. Even though they sometimes reuse songs intended for previous albums on later ones, I don't think they ever released a leftover as the first post-album single.
  8. kuyashii

    Undecided is a bit of a strange case because it didn't really change anything composition-wise (I think they added a verse didn't they? Haven't heard that one in ages), like it was said above, it's "just" an acoustic version. I actually like the Glass Skin version more than the original. BotDV (and Karasu for that matter) are indeed softer songs but aren't that much the "anthemic" kind of compositions (Kasumi and The Final), the originals are more less conventional compositions that allowed for some twisting and turning that gave the songs an interesting character. I'm not really that big on neither version of BotDV either (but the Tabula Rasa ver. is pretty cool though, I like how Toshiya added the original bass line in the intro).
  9. kuyashii

    I wish that instead of the From Depression to... Tour, for their 20 years anniversary they remastered their whole catalogue (maybe not all of them, at least the pre-Uroboros stuff). BTW I think their remakes only "work" for heavier and faster songs. JMO everytime they tried remaking one of their more emotional mid-tempo songs ("The Final", "Kasumi", "Wake"), they ended up half-assing it and killing all the rawer emotion the originals had. I'd rather have them not touching "Conceived Sorrow", "The Pledge" or "Namamekashiki", those are some of my favorite songs by them because they hit me right in the feels and I wouldn't enjoy if they changed those (of course I could hear just the originals then, but they also "replace" the versions live and stop playing the old ones )
  10. kuyashii

    Sounding rather bad? The Undying cover is really good! I love the screams on it and for the first time I'm able to enjoy his clean voice lol. He's not a bad vocalist, I'd say he's better than Sho when he started out (sorry but I still can't really enjoy his vocals on the VARIOUS tracks at all ) but Sho simply took an absolutely monstrous improvement. I might be too hopeful but I still believe there's room for Mio to improve as a vocalist (or at least, he showed that he sounds much better in a lower range and he could stick to it until then.
  11. kuyashii

    This is the Ki Do Ai Raku (?) EP? Pretty cool how "in-between" this sounds between Chedoara and the Rijin single. It has the dark and proggy feel of the album but also the poppy and somewhat chill vibe of the single. I hope we oversea fans are able to hear this too! Vocals at 1:55 sound pretty goofy though lol
  12. I don't really have an adjective to talk about this lol Either way he was definitely not smoking the right stuff because it wasn't really helping that much with his creativity tbh I'm I dunno what the band should do at this point. While the nature of the japanese stance towards drugs and Lin's arrest are debatable (not here though, because this would break a rule when it comes to political discussion) the timing of this whole thing happening was absolutely awful for the plans of the band. I don't know, we have the example of Lynch's Akinori and how both the bassist and the band were able to overcome a similar episode, but I'm not sure a band that was already dealing with some complicated issues like NCBL was could handle the situation. Part of me wants the remaining guys close the NCBL chapter and start a new band, but it would be really hard for them simply ditch the whole "legacy" they were building with time. Hope they still overcome this in any way it's possible.
  13. kuyashii

    X China
  14. It's a fairly enjoyable mini. This is definitely not the best material they ever put out but it's cool to hear nonetheless. I agree that Lin's guitar playing isn't really that outstanding like Cazqui and Daichi's but he's competent at what he does. I definitely agree that the overall mood of the music feels lighter and save for "Thank You" and "Satanic Corner" there isn't much of all that heaviness of previous work. I swear I keep hearing a lot of Maximum the Hormone influence on some tracks, while they already put out some of those "quirkier" sounding songs before, I don't remember they going for something explicitly "weird" like those - but I kinda feel like some of these tracks are somewhat interchangeable to be honest. I'm gonna be the contrarian and say that the last track ("Shonenjidai"?) is pretty cool, more interesting than the three MtH-inspired tracks in my honest opinion (and is overall a better example of the "poppy song with heavy instrumentation" thing that many bands try and most of them fail). I'd honestly disagree with Wakarimashita and say they never sounded so "japanese" than now as I feel like the more explicit -core influences are kinda toned down on this release (save for "Thank You" and "Satanic Corner" again). It's definitely not their most focused effort and I admit I'm more into their heavier stuff (TY and SC were my favorite songs overall), but it's a good mini with enjoyable compositions and solid instrumental and vocal chops. I hope this doesn't mean a real change in sound and they're able to put out better music in the future because they are definitely a great band with lots of potential.
  15. kuyashii

    It's a pregnancy announcement.
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