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  1. kuyashii

    I ran the japanese wikipedia article on Dum Spiro Spero on google translate ages ago. I know it's really far from reliable. but apparently "原曲" means "composition" or something and that is used quite consistently on the page? There is actually no external references backing up that info, but from what the page says, "Different Sense" is Kaoru's, "Dreambox" is Kyo's, "Shitataru Mourou" and "Akatsuki" are Toshiya's, "Lotus" and "Vanitas" are Die's. Not all compositions have individual credits like that though
  2. kuyashii

    Yeah, that totally makes sense! The intros are really similar.
  3. kuyashii

    So yeah Vanitas 2.0 without the screams? Pretty decent song, if somewhat fairly reminiscent of stuff they've already done. I agree with people who said the song feels a bit disjointed and I feel like the individual parts of the songs aren't really well connected. 0:43 was absolutely jaw-dropping for me but then that part was never revisited again Pretty neat guitar playing and goth gf Ryuya is bae ❤️ Those are my first impressions, I'm pretty sure it will grow on me with time
  4. kuyashii

    Sorry if I was supposed to take this as a sarcastic message (because I really suck at noticing sarcasm on written media) but from what I can hear the only real instrument there is the guitar riff (and from what I know, Kaoru was also involved with this recording so the guitar playing/sample might be his). Kyo has done a few remixes for DeG so I suppose he might be doing the audio manipulation though?
  5. kuyashii

    Yeah that's definitely one of my biggest issues with the majority of heavy vk bands but I think the "dark symphonic gothic" vibe fitted Nazare better than that, since IMO they've been doing that better than the other vibes they tried (the "big atmospheric" thing, the "rave party" and the poppy major key ones).
  6. kuyashii

    I don't really get this "br00tal dark verses, supermelodic major key chorus" thing tbh, it seems like they are trying to appease all audiences possible in the same song and I don't think they are suceeding. As an improvement, I like how Mio proved to be more tolerable when he's not singing so much outside his comfortable range, which is a great thing!
  7. kuyashii

    Was there an individual credits chart for Sukekiyo songs? You know, the "this one's Takumi's, this one 's Uta's, etc.". Was Kyo ever credited for any Sukekiyo song? I find really weird that someone who admit he couldn't play any instrument can be credited with songwriting (of course, he writes the melody lines as well as the lyrics, but I'm talking more specifically about instrumentation). I don't know about Sukekiyo, but Kyo said he wrote songs before by humming stuff to the instruments guys with DeG which seems plausible for relatively simple stuff like "TDFF" or "S" but it's rather hard to believe for something like "Dreambox" which is so intrincate and layered. Unless it's a kind of "who gets the first idea gets the final credit", which seems rather odd for me. Maybe he is messing around with samplers and programming stuff? I think it's actually possible for someone without any musical training to come up with a beat or something (you don't even need to be that theory savvy since there's a lot of things you can get by randomizing parameters and stuff on a DAW). Of course he might have learned a few things since stating his inability to play instruments, but considering it was just an improvisation thingy he might just picked the bass to make some noise with it and that's it. I know the point of those instrumental sessions is to create ambience rather than display any flashy musicianship so it kinda makes sense. His sampler messing and theremin playing work in that way too imo
  8. kuyashii

    Well, as someone who isn't really fond of Sukekiyo's music, I gotta say this isn't the absolutely unlistenable trainwreck I was expecting, but doesn't redeem them for me either. I feel like while it continues on the vein of Adoratio (which frankly I didn't like AT ALL) it plays way safer compared to it (even it still features the annoying overuse of synthetic instrumentation). I feel like a lot of the more out-there stuff is thrown on the songs to mask their lack of direction. Really get how some songs sound like they were recycled ideas ("Uso" wouldn't sound out of place on Immortalis). Track 7 was my favorite from the first listen. A couple of the softer songs may grow on me with time (even though they sound rather generic compared to other songs by them). Don't plan to listen to most of the songs again though.
  9. kuyashii

    Not expecting to like it at all but I'm morbidly curious. Gonna talk about my first listen impressions later
  10. kuyashii

    Not that bad. Nice to see they're trying to widen their range of sound with melodic and groovy elements as opposed to the all out aggression they used to did. Really dug how the guitarrist added his clean vocals to the song. He wasn't a part of the band when they did "Escape" right? This song implemented cleans way better than that one. I feel like the main vocalist screams sound rather weak though and while I'm all out for weird vocals I feel like he isn't implementing those very well on the music (they are often offbeat and it gives a rather sloppy feel to the music). That girl (not the little one) is really beautiful! The 7 string bass must be heavy af to carry though
  11. kuyashii

    Does anyone know how long the uncut song is? Is there that much else on it to warrant an edit?
  12. kuyashii

    I haven't heard all the songs and most of the songs I heard only once, but this EP feels much less "all over the place" stylistically than the album did, but strangely I think the "messiness" of the full-lenght gave it a bit of character that I feel like the songs I heard lacked. Of course hearing their music with better production is great (despite Issei's drumming still sounding a bit more robotic than I'd like - but I suppose since they recorded everything at his home he might record his parts on an electronic kit) and I'm glad they aren't cluttering the mix with lots of unnecessary bells and whistles but I feel like the songs feel more watered-down. Kinda bummed that Mio is doing much more inhales on this EP Don't really have much to say about his cleans since everyone pointed that already but I'm a tad bummed he's doing it that much (say what you want about it fitting stylistically but I don't really believe it's possible to use inhales that much without having negative effects on his throat). Kinda feel like his harsh vocals sound weaker than they did on the album due to the mixing). I agree they should stick with the more symphonic gothic thing, the "rave party metal" songs they've done are fairly bad. Issei could invest on some better-sounding orchestral VSTs though, the string sounds he is using sound pretty plastic.
  13. kuyashii

    I suppose the band name is a japanese onomatopoeia (probably for something edgy like fellatio) but I can't help but think of turkeys everytime I see their name lol PV song is kinda all over the place but they have potential. Glad to see Kazari still being active in the scene.
  14. kuyashii

    I'm the only one that prefered Immortalis to Adoratio? I know that they were fairly young as a band back then and they were still playing fairly safe as far as instrumentation and songwriting goes, but I didn't really enjoy Adoratio at all (I kinda liked "Anima" but I can't really say I've really been into anything they released after it). I get that Immortalis has a bit of a stylistic overlap with Dir en Grey and a few songs sound like they could actually fit DeG's repertoire ("Zephyr" could be in Withering to Death IMOand it was only with Adoratio that the stylistic distance between DeG and Sukekiyo really grew to a point you can actually see them as completely different entities. But Adoratio was too all-over-the-place for me and lacked the hooks that songs from Immortalis had, the only songs that I enjoyed were "Hakudaku" and "Kubitsuri Yuugu". One of the things I liked the most on the recently uploaded songs is how they have a stronger "organic" feel to it compared (even though "Waizatsu" have a lot of bleeps and bloops the instrumentation sounds more natural sounding as opposed to the heavily processed guitars and electronic drums). IIRC "Kisses" had a lot of electronics too, so I suppose they will try to find a middle ground between synthy and organic?
  15. kuyashii

    I dunno if it would be if you're looking specifically for the documentary footage, but the performances per se are absolutely glorious and they contain some of Kyo's best live singing to date (the "Rinkaku" performance is probably his best live performance if you ask me). He was absolutely on fire between late 2012 (after they returned from the little hiatus) and mid to late 2013. It's one of my favorite live releases by them.
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