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  1. LEY

    What a lovely middle finger to international fans. Come through cash grab
  2. LEY

    I know there are more important things going on right now but I'm a bit surprised that there was no mention of the live concert-less concert they just put on🤔🤔 "The Insulated World" never seemed more appropriate.
  3. Can they NOT. Seriously leave the perfection that is Cow boy Bebop ALONE.
  4. LEY

    What is this a "POWER POINT " presentation? 🤣🤣
  5. LEY

    Here's to hoping that kaoru holds up that offer because I doubt Kyo would. Although he did seem like he enjoyed touring the U.S. a few years back especially when they performed at the House Of Blues. Side note: there is a performance of Rasetsukoku on YT and the commentary at the end is random and hilarious AF
  6. LEY

    What makes you think that there will be a U.S. tour🤨
  7. LEY

    Hasn't "looking awful" kinda been his "thing" for the past 4 years? I was under the impression that was what he was going for😶. Then occasionally he tones it down
  8. Well I'm going to have to figure out how I'm going to get the same effect that I get in the car lol. It just sounds infinitely better on those speakers in comparison to every other device. I dont know how many people would be willing to go through this much trial and error especially new fans
  9. I doubt that you're the only one that feels that way. Even with changing listening devices and listening on different occasions, the longevity of this album is concerning.
  10. Ooo the mental visual. This kinda need to happen
  11. Well that was a hell of a spin on it. I mean out of all the things that could have put you off to that era the VK attire was it? Ok Good to know that there is support for D.E.G.'s older discography. On another note I recommend everyone who is currently on the fence about The Insulated World to give a listen in the car. For some reason it translates better for me (at least). The sound carries better and I found it easier to discern the rhythms especially for the first half of the album.
  12. Why do so many fans throw dust at "Kisou" and "MACABRE"? I Know it boils down to a difference of opinion and I get that its old and not D.E.G's current sound but dont tell me you cant play either album and get some good nostalgia out of them.
  13. Oof idk the second half (like so many have mentioned) is where this album shines. The first half is not only exhausting but melds together without having any outstanding stand out tracks. Honestly some of it is plain noise. With that being said I wouldn't say it's a bad album its surprisingly listenable all the way through. Perhaps it's the production that is throwing me off.
  14. LEY

    I personally enjoyed these extra "tidbits". Gor people interested in the band and maybe some of the reasons why they make certain decisions it can give you a clearer picture. For me this is "news" instead of just getting a mere setlist.
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