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  1. Nachtbringer

    As I said, I won't be buying anything until at least mid September. I'll take a look at everyone's stuff then. It would be bad to order something and have it sit on my doorstep for weeks. (If it somehow didn't get stolen)
  2. Sold to me, another very smooth transaction. I'm sure I'll be back. Thank you again!
  3. Nachtbringer

    Replied. ❤️
  4. Nachtbringer

    Okay I’d like 129, 143, 178, for sure. I’d also be interested in some of your Lin stuff. I’m a Riku fan.
  5. Nachtbringer

    Yes, I was also about to make an edit saying I want everything Dadaroma too if you have any of their stuff, CDs, merch, checki, or anything else.
  6. Nachtbringer

    I added some stuff and also I’m looking for cure magazines. ❤️
  7. Thank you for all of the CDs and DVDs. ❤️ I got everything quickly and safely and you were very easy and pleasant to deal with. I'll be back soon for more stuff. Also I will be showing off the subscription box once it comes in on my youtube channel.
  8. What would you like for everything, minus the anime stuff?
  9. Sold to me. ❤️ Thank you again! The transaction went very smoothly, everything was shipped quickly. I'll be back for more later on I'm sure. Also wanted to add that she threw in some VIVARUSH stuff in with the order and that was super cool. I wasn't expecting it and it really made my day. She must have looked at my favorite bands list and saw them and I appreciate the thoughtfulness. ❤️
  10. Nachtbringer

    Thank you! Yeah, I absolutely love VR. ^^
  11. I know it's a lot but are these still available and if so, what might you want for them? I'm in the USA, So I know shipping will be expensive. BIOSPHIA - 20150402 last Live DVD - two DVDs - perfect condition BIOSPHIA - Suisen - CD + DVD - Reki trading card - comes with obi - perfect condition D'espairsRay - MaVERiCK - one disc - perfect condition D'espairsRay - Love is Dead (limited edition) - CD + DVD - perfect condition - comes with obi D'espairsRay - Love is Dead (regular edition) - CD - perfect condition - comes with obi DIAURA - 2011.08.30 (Tue) Dictator DVD - one DVD - perfect condition Dio distraught overlord - Carry Dawn - CD + DVD - perfect condition MEJIBRAY - MESSIAH.bat (B-Type) - CD + DVD - small crack inside of the case, otherwise in perfect condition - comes with obi Mejibray - Emotional Karma - CD + DVD - comes with obi - perfect condition Mejibray - Slivers.exe - one disc - comes with obi - perfect condition Sadie - MASTER OF ROMANCE at Shibuya-AX 20090502 - DVD with booklet - perfect condition Unsraw - Guilty Mini Album - one disc - comes with obi - perfect condition Apocalyptica - Shadowmaker - one disc - perfect condition
  12. Nachtbringer

    Didn't realize the post was from a year ago because I only looked at the month. ^^;
  13. Nachtbringer

    Thanks! I sent them each a message. ❤️
  14. I’ll edit this later to make it pretty but for now I’m just looking for some random stuff, CDs, posters, odds and ends, etc. *On Hold Until Mid/Late October* I need to get the stuff I've reserved before I commit to buying more stuff. Thank you for your patience. I won't be This is a list of JRock/JPop/Visual Kei bands I like. I'm sure I'm missing a lot so I'll be updating it. I'll try and make it more neat and organized too. These bands I'm looking for all CDs and merch from them unless otherwise noted. I want all types of the albums and singles and will update with what I have and what I need. If no types are listed, I still need all types. Anything in yellow is priority, and just because I haven't listed a band doesn't mean I don't want their stuff. I will buy CD lots, and I prefer to do bulk sales if I'm ordering from overseas. I like VK bands from other countries as well and have listed a few here as I'm hoping to find their stuff. Always feel free to suggest bands to me, I love to hear new stuff. I will do deposits and/or payment plans if you'd like if we are doing a large sale, or if preferred I can pay it all at once but may need time to get the funds together. Bands Numbered/Symbols Bands - A Bands - B Bands - C Bands - D Bands - E Bands - F Bands - G Bands - H Bands - I Bands - J Bands - K Bands - L Bands - M Bands - N Bands - O Bands - P Bands - Q Bands - R Bands - S Bands - T Bands - U Bands - V Bands - W Bands - X Bands - Y Bands - Z Miscellaneous
  15. Nachtbringer

    I sent you a message.