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  1. Str1pped

    Dir en Grey dropped the bomb...
  2. Str1pped

    This all reminds me of Jimmy Savile scandal...
  3. Str1pped

    Early Iggy Pop at the top of my head
  4. Str1pped

    Totally agree and I think that Time Trip Loving would be a classic!
  5. Str1pped

    Gotcha! I don't mind any vkei, oldschool or modern it doesn't mind, if it's good it's good, but me personally prefer older sound more just like non vkei music I also listen to oldschool stuff more from 60s-00s it's just me I might be wrong but I just have a feeling like it was more honest, had more heart, more emotional and was pushing the boundaries much more (talking about rock/punk/metal music mostly) and I feel it's like that in vkei too! But as I said it's individual and everybody has its own opinion as long as vkei is not dead I am happy! ^^
  6. Str1pped

    Oh yes of course! Stuff like Stop Bloody Rain, Kill The Violence, Lady In Tears and many more and ofc Saver Tiger stuff as well! What X/X Japan songs are your favourite?
  7. Str1pped

    @Laurence02 Hi! You mean something like After Image, L,DEAR, Vierge etc.? @DavidB.Rockin Hey, thank you, same! @K-x-H It just depends what musical background you have I would guess and what kind of sound appeal to you the most. Thank you!
  8. Str1pped

    Hi everyone. I've been into vkei for a long time now but just found out about this awesome forum. It has been my little secret world so I haven't researched that much about different communities/forums or even talk to people about it (at least not alot). Other than vkei I also listen to alot of different music and music genres and always open for exploring something new. First time I was introduced with vkei was when I was 11 years old when I first seen Hide - Light My Fire cover on youtube (that exact video from 2006 is still up on yt) and since I am from small EU country I've never seen anything like that so I was very curious what is that all about and why is that guy wearing weird fashion and rest is history which changed my life forever. I am not a big fan of modern vk but I don't hate it and I listen to it a bit. I am mostly fan of 90s-00s stuff like Pierrot, Kuroyume, Luna Sea, Piass,Baiser and my favourite X-Japan and then later bands like Kagrra, Gazette, Mucc, D'espairsRay, Plastic tree, Nightmare (which is heavily underrated imo) etc... From newer bands I really dig Jiluka,Archemi, the Raid. and many more. Don't know what else to say, thank you for reading this squeezed and messy text, looking forward in meeting some new people here! (and sorry if I posted this in wrong part of the forum im still trying to learn how things work here ><)