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  1. RevengeBabyYeah

    Humiliate Me More Darlin’ by Fatima, never done it in karaoke but when I’m cooking love belting this one out.
  2. RevengeBabyYeah

    Will definitely be at London and looking into more. Honestly so grateful they remembered us
  3. RevengeBabyYeah

    Thanks for warm welcome. I remember you really well! You were hilarious.
  4. RevengeBabyYeah

    I'm so happy to see an active Dir en grey community. Anybody going to the europe tour? Wondering if anyone on here used to be active on Fukkatsu? So many good memories and discussions on there.
  5. RevengeBabyYeah

    I haven't been active in the fandom for years now but I recently tried to log in to Batsu and found it had died. Felt emotional, spent many happy hours on there with friends from all over the world. Might be for the best really, all those embarassing posts... Anybody from Fukkatsu, Batsu or jref on here? I'm glad to have found this site and to know the scene is still active. Can't wait to discover new music and rediscover old favourites. Love and peace x
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