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  1. hyuugaxxx

    My expectations are 0 for this new album! I say that because I really am a fan of DIMLIM. I follow their every step, every detail. But I confess that these latest events have made me very sad about the band. I don't know, what Retsu's doing sounds stupid and stupid, changing the band totally like that! It seems hasty. CHE DO ARA has worked so well, has been acclaimed by the vast majority, and why does he want to change this formula now? Why didn't he break up DIMLIM and start a band with this new style, since he wants them to see his real taste? THAT DOES NOT GET ME DOWN! I can not accept! Damn, I would never imagine in my life that DIMLIM would be compared to ONE OK ROCK. Maybe Retsu also wants to change his style to reach a wider fan range. But he forgets he's only there because the visual kei has brought DIMLIM there ... I'll wait for what this album will bring (ahh, not to mention that ridiculous cover even a child can do using Paint. They postponed the album to bring a shit cover like that?). I hope this "new phase" is just an experience and CHE DO ARA DIMLIM will be back ...
  2. hyuugaxxx

    He took DIMLIM to the pinnacle with CHEDOARA, now he's making the band get a lot of criticism over unnecessary bouts. I as DIMLIM FAN felt very offended when he said, "We don't want to hear anyone's opinion." Damn, doesn't even a fan have a say? If DIMLIM conquered any space, even small, it was because of the FANS! What are we to him? Money bills? We have no right to opine? I say this because I love Retsu, but even Issei didn't do this kind of thing he's doing!
  3. hyuugaxxx

    So I don't know why he said that ...
  4. hyuugaxxx

    I sincerely admire the Japanese culture and the way they treat piracy. But "fighting it" is wanting to be stressed for nothing unfortunately. You who live in Japan, I hope you know that visual kei is only known here because of online piracy, because before these digital platforms that we have today exist, visual kei HERE in the west was sustained and sustained with illegal downloads. (I'm not justifying the mistake), but it happens since the internet is internet. This happens to ALL ARTISTS IN THE WORLD. And not all visual kei bands are willing to debilitate their work on digital platforms. And how do you think they are known here? Yeah, piracy! Retsu getting annoyed by this is harmful to himself. Even though he is completely correct in his claims.
  5. hyuugaxxx

    Exactly, that's what he said.
  6. hyuugaxxx

    That's what I thought! But the theory came to me that it probably didn't sell out on August 17th and they are selling what's left in the "little shops" when the band does an event or show, I don't know ... I'm Brazilian, I never went to their show (unfortunately ). But that is the only explanation!
  7. hyuugaxxx

    Retsu contacted DM from my fanpage of the band "DIMLIM Brazil" on facebook. (He said it was from the record company, but I'm sure it was him.) He thanked the support and asked me to delete the Kidoairaku download link, and asked if it was I who leaked the content on the internet. Well, I deleted it and said it wasn't me! And then he kept asking me for some links from the Limited CD he had on the internet. Because I said I was "hindering sales." I did not understand anything, because for me the official sale had only been on CHEMOARA ONEMAN on the 17th. I felt bad, because I only put the link there because it was already on the entire network in blogs for download, but I deleted it anyway because it was wrong. I believe that his actions are also because of these "content leaks", he has started to freak out since Ryuya and Taishi left the band. My biggest fear is that the band will break up and I get no news from Sho, I really admire him, I would love to see his evolution in the visual kei scene as a vocalist ... But apparently if DIMLIM continues like this, it will be difficult! I sincerely hope that Retsu will change his mind about leaving VK.
  8. hyuugaxxx

    @sleepy coffee Please take the pictures lyric by lyric, so you can't see Kanji clearly... Please send me from the private
  9. hyuugaxxx

  10. hyuugaxxx

    I'm waiting! Thank you very much ❤
  11. hyuugaxxx

    Hi guys, does anyone out there have Kidoairaku Lyrics? No need to be transcribed, I do it myself! I am willing to translate them! Who has, can send me the photos by DM?
  12. hyuugaxxx

    DIMLIM CAN'T GET OUT OF THE VISUAL KEI! It's one of the few really good bands on the scene these days. It's my favorite band of my whole life. I love visual kei, and I love that my favorite band is from this scene, it can't happen! I'm very sad about this new "logo type". I look at him and give me the impression that everything to come will be really bad ... I'm not even so excited for this second album. I hope to be wrong. DIMLIM is everything to me! 😞
  13. hyuugaxxx

    Who was the animal that unzipped Kidoairaku with this rotten audio quality? Does anyone know if they already came out with better audio quality?
  14. hyuugaxxx

    Anyone else who noticed that Kidoairaku leaked with poor audio quality?
  15. hyuugaxxx

    Guys, is it my impression, or did the Kidoairaku songs that were posted have a little "squeaky" noise? It wasn't just me who realized ...
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