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  1. hyuugaxxx

    Issei has already given strike the ROPPU KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK MEU DEUS Did they really strike? O.O 😮
  2. hyuugaxxx

    In fact it is missing 3 tracks, which are: 5.「茨の海」 9.「麗酷」 16.「終わりの未来」 Hi, Marlon
  3. hyuugaxxx

    DIMLIM is the best thing, SHO is a magnificent artist, Retsu has a fucking vision! Welcome, man!
  4. hyuugaxxx

    I love your comments HAHAHA
  5. hyuugaxxx

    This band is very good, the singer is very good too. But Issei is a fucking motherfucker. He only thinks about making Limited Releases, only for Japanese fans (which is not wrong), but not fair, they have people who like the band, who do not live in Japan, just look at MV's comments on YouTube. This lack of consideration of him pisses me off. Here comes Uta talking shit on twitter, bro, if I was a fan I would have told him to fuck himself a long time. NAZARE HAS A FUTURE (Only if Issei's coarse one leaves).
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