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  1. Aries

    I don't actually have a "favourite"one. Plus concidering japanese laws are much more harder than in some other countries, it's not objective for me. In America Marilyn Manson can boast with taking drugs since Sakura almost made Laruku to quit. I think some of these cases are just a way to ruin someone's life, and rumors actually proves nothing.
  2. Aries

    Hi, I am looking for XIBALBA "Dark File" DVD. I know it's hyper rare, but I am still not giving up on it!
  3. Aries

    I like everything with less than 8 legs. And more than 8 actually Morrigan are very sore topic for me, I had no opportunity to visit their european tour and since they said "We will come back" I started making plans for next year. Then suddenly they announced their departure and I am still waiting someone to say "joke!" 🙁
  4. Aries

    Hi. I already made a few posts so I think it's required to say a few things about me. Aries is my zodiacal sign and easy to pronunciate and remember, I think it fits in forums and such places, that's why I choose it. I am a girl, painter, photographer and interior designer by education. Outside of this I am animal rights defender, activist, vegan, dog mom and some other beasts adopter. I like classic vehicles, Dodge Challenger '69, Chevy Camaro, Delorean and such old beauties. Love gardening, plants at all. Love sea and forest, private quiet evenings, loud music fests, scandinavian culture, asian culture, balcan culture, I like finding out more facts about more things, it's good to take good parts of different cultures to improve ourselves. I love wolves, owls, ravens. My favourite movie is The Crow. Love gothic culture and music. And chocolate! 😉
  5. Aries

    That pretty much explains everything I feel about kpop. Not my style, not my idea for music/vision/behaviour of the artists. They rely more on their vision than music, make performances for teen girls, which usually ship boy members together. I find it annoying and sad. I don't like the music, always been in hard rock and heavy metal. My thoughts ^
  6. Aries

    Mike Shinoda. No, I'm not kidding 😀 As a very young teen for the first time I saw him with tomatoe red hair and I thought it was impressive. Back at 90th it wasn't common thing to see men dying their hair, it was so cool and rebel, I loved it. From jrockers it's definitely Hyde. I love his style. If we avoid the fact he looks fantastic in everything he puts on, Hyde have great style, modern, rock and classic, and I love it. Uruha too, I spent months digging around finding boots like his, The Crow alike. I always liked heavy boots instead of heels or sneakers, and he helped me finish my current outfit. I also found pants like these, black, very provocative and bold. For the makeup I got inspired by Kuloe. I am not asian, can't copy his eye shape but I like the contrast eyes-lips he make. I used it at last halloween, not exactly the same. I don't like copy the entire style of anybody, always change it to fit to my preferations. I am not posting pictures of me, I don't think they are needed, plus if I do it I will involve too much, for now I prefer not to
  7. Aries

    Kuloe have a brother. There are some old photos where they are together, and they are really alike. When someone got missing they always first connect to his parents, so I guess it's not the parents that got involved in that accident/misfortune. This word is also translated as "death" in japanese, so it could be even that. It explains why he wanted to stay alone, not shared with other band members. I don't know of any relationships of him, being married I mean, so I exclude the possibility to be a girlfriend. It's non of our business to dig, actually, I really hope this is not the reason for not having a sign of him after Morrigan departure. Kuloe is so tallented, and with natural performer skills, it was obvious he likes the attention of the camera and the fans. I can't imagine him staying at some borring office and doing paperwork.
  8. Aries

    1) Do you like X Japan? Yes and no. I never supported the bossy way Yoshiki acted toward others. This is a band, not solo project. Yes, it's his band, he started it, his heart, but other memebers give their efforts, put their soul in it. He almost throw away Toshi, kicked out Taiji, and if Hide wasn't dead he would kick him out too. Their music is epic, they did something huge for japanese music. But it wasn't just him, all members were involved. 2) Do you think they get a lot of undeserved hate around the VK community? Can't tell such thing. 3) Opinion on Yoshiki? Yoshiki is a good person, multi tallented, beautiful and with big heart. And absolute narcisist. He is doing great things and expect to be treated with adoration. Acting like a messiah. Private photosessions, deciding the future of the band alone, posing in front of private jett... This behaviour is not attractive to me, there are other successful musicians that are not exposing themselves like that. And they all has been through personal drama and pain in their life. 4) Do you think they are overrated? If so why? What happened with Hide is overrated. He was loved, he was great, but fans must let him rest in peace. Plus Taiji's death was much more tragic, he didn't kill himself, he was put in prison and murdered there, I am keep asking myself why nobody tried to make a big deal of this. People are still thinking he was crazy drunker and a rebel, it's sad, actually. 5) Is the love for X Japan deserved? Why or why not? The love for the band and members is absolutely deserved. They gave hope to people who ran out of it, inspiration, love... This is not my band but I know the feeling to be driven by idea that you support, and someone dare to speak it out loud. The fame and love they earned, it is all theirs. 6) Hide or Sugizo? It's like to ask a mother to pick among her children. None. Someone you loved cannot be replaced. And someone new should not be stained by the shadow of the dead.
  9. Aries

    I like them. Their music is kinda monotonous, I would like to hear more improvising with sound and instruments, but they are a good band.
  10. Aries

    There is an online shop that buy what you want and send it to you. It's called Japonica market, they work fast and not so expensive (depends on what are you buying). https://www.japonicamarket.com/smart-home.html If you never used the site you better first email them and ask your questions. They work with credit cards, paypal and other payment ways.
  11. Aries

    You are not a hater but you judge as people can't have problems. It turned out there was a misfortune in his family, eventually death. Things doesn't end with good look and fashion outfit, they are human beings, like all of us. You should respect those people more, if not support them at least quit your ignorance and hate.
  12. Aries

    Hi all. I was looking for "Black file" Xibalba album and I came here. I am mourning Morrigan too, but Aryu san just opened his first Twitter account a couple of days ago, he is performing with Nihit in Russia and said there is a chance band to be resurrected. It's pretty brave of him to play out of Japan, artists with years of experience like Hyde hardly play somewhere else than Asia and USA for years, and Russia is a big deal. What I noticed was that he is keep posting old stuff, he surely miss the good old days. I have no idea what happened to make them split, but Aryu still have picture of him and Setsuna on his laptop, and at 28th he uploaded photo of their last concert. Which makes me think... Where is Kuloe? Not a sign from him. Pitty willingly left, but Kuloe was in the band till the end. He was the one who always made them laugh and stuff, they were friends since childhood... At least I want to be sure all of them are healthy and doing fine. I can't call Morrigan the most popular band of Japan, but for me their music have personal meaning. Even now I am doing artwork, street art, uploading their old stuff, created fan page and etc... I really hope "we will see them again one day", as the nameless song from XISS says. They are too young and tallented to quit now.
  13. Hi guys. I tried to find "Moshimo koroi tsubasa ga haetanara" single lyrics everywhere, I didn't succeed. Tried almost every app for music recognition, all the spotify/itunes/youtube/google/facebook/ accounts you can think of and I found nothing. Is there still a place I didn't look for or can you find those lyrics for me, please? Thank you.
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