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  1. Miku70

    If you interested The last project of BondS France is to thanks you of the band or your pics with CDs, DVDs or lives This Tweets put togother here :Caffeko Memorial And I don't know for their last DVD, and it's only their last live and not Miku Birthday . Source :An Cafe Staff.
  2. Individual look : ハヤト : ゆめ : meN-meN : チャム :
  3. Finally !!! This a good news 😊. And I love their new look.
  4. Oh this a good news 😊 because I am not go their last live 😞😢. I buy this of course .
  5. Miku70

    Mayoi ,apologized for not coming at the live. But I have no find explanations And he appereas for wishes of the New Year and lives informations :
  6. Miku70

    Welcome here 😊
  7. I think it's Mamireta and not Manireta 😊.
  8. Miku70

    Welcome here 🤗.
  9. They are so many looks 😯.