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  1. Miku70

    Type A : 01.閃光  02.命日 DVD : 1. 閃光 (MV) 2. 閃光 (メイキング) Type B 01.閃光  02.命日 DVD : 1. 閃光 (マルチアングルMV) Type C : 01.閃光  02.命日  03.狂ィ  04.閃光(inst) Type D : 1. 閃光 2. 命日 3. 遊郭-再構築- 4. 閃光 (inst) 5. 命日 (inst) 6. 遊郭-再構築- (inst)
  2. Miku70

    Saga A9 (Alice Nine) Hiyori (Kiryu) Kanon (ex An Cafe)
  3. Miku70

    Nice look, I love it 😍
  4. Miku70

    VK Holic ask members and anybody don't know Gilles de Rais
  5. Okay, it's a parody of video games ? The song sound nice on audio. I don't know think of this 🤨.
  6. Miku70

    I don't follow them on Twitter, but it's possible. Maybe Yoshiatus is 27 or 28 or years old because he worked before his bands and his first band was in 2010. Maybe Takeshi is 25 or 26 years old because his first band was in 2011. Maybe Tomo is 27 years old because his first was in 2010. Maybe Yusuke is 28 years old because his first band was in 2009. Maybe is 22 years old beacuse his first band was in 2014. This are all hypotesis. Some are more old or some are more young.
  7. I love the music 😍. But the MV is strange 😮.
  8. I got to VK by animes and I discover GACKT, I don't like it. And I were 10 or 11 years old , I listen The GazettE , because my little sister like them in this time and I don't like them until 2010 🤣. I discover Miyavi, SuG and LM. c to. My really first band is An Cafe, and I discover them to read a rock magazine of my sister during the time the old computer start . This computer is really slow. This band represent many important things on my personnal life.
  9. Oh dammage 😥. I hope he resolve his problem come back later.
  10. Miku70

    I like TXT but I dont' why 😯
  11. Miku70

    Welcome here 😊
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