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  1. Miku70

    Oh it's really sad 😢. I like many post of you. Good break 😊 And I wait you're return.
  2. Miku70

    Yes their are new and two member are ex Wanna One members ☺️.
  3. Miku70

    Same thing for me :). Online is more easier to discuss VK than irl .
  4. Miku70

    News MVs : I like this song :). Before drug's scandal : Others MVs : MVs from today The title of this MV is really funny 🤣. The song is nice. I love this MV and this song very much 😍. This is really interessing. I love the ending from the MV 😍.
  5. Miku70

    I have a one friend who listen visual kei but no the sames bands and like metal bands. My other friends listen variety. They don't listen kpop or visual kei. Kpop is most listen by younger people than me in general. Visual kei is a trend during 2000's and since 2012 who Kpop become popular in Europe.
  6. Miku70

    For me ,fan service don't disappear but he's not filming. For exemple A9 have many fans services on theirs lives but this is not filmed and other things are sometimes really ambiguous. And I know the homosexuality at Japan is really a taboo.
  7. Miku70

    Welcome here 😊.
  8. I like this new song very much 😍.
  9. Miku70

    Ok it's real and he's not big change. But Mahiro he's happy after the operation .
  10. Miku70

    Welcome here 😊.
  11. Miku70

    And this anime, in another episode , you can see a poster of Codomo Dragon, but I don't remember which episode exactly 😔.
  12. Miku70


  13. Miku70


    Welcome here 😊
  14. Miku70

    I discover An Cafe by my sister's rock magazine, because the old family is really slow to start. Maybe it's 2006 or 2007, and Bou was in the band. I was 12 or 13 years old don't know visual kei and I convinced Bou was a women 😥. My little sister explained me Bou was a guy. And more later , I watch their MV on Youtube. My third pseudonym is Miku70, because I am great fan of Miku of An Cafe and 70, because it's the number of my French department . An Cafe is my first band of visual kei and I love them rapidily. I am a very shy, I bougth their album in 2008 and their old more laters. I have not best of or singles releases. ( and one cd made by my little sister and this not legal, but were very young and this his a birthday present). I have some lives DVD. This band bring me so much during my teenage years and after for my difficult times. I have not them in live because , I am not live at the capital and others difficulty. Their disband is a shook for me, but now I feel beter because their music live with me and nobody is dead. I have not command their last DVD because it's sold-out and I am not sure in the same time. Goodbye are very sad. 2019 is for me the year of disbandments 😔. For me, the death is more sad than a disbandement. I hope the ex members of An Cafe their are happy for their new projects ☺️.
  15. Miku70

    Nice look 😍. I hope their new single are interresing 😊.
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