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  1. Thanks you for information 💕. The first MV me bring one their old song ...but I don't know 😣 . Okay this a digital single so that why I know this song .
  2. Happy birthday and I Hope you have a nice day ☺️.

  3. Not really new they have a new name. All old MV and Furis is here. And this channel exist since 2016 (I found it on YouTube of this new channel, so it's not really new) and not 2019. But I hope to their are vacations , but after this single they new one-man tour ☹️.
  4. Yes but Babykingdom they get vack their old channel YouTube .
  5. So Yesterday , Miku announced the date of 6th january 2020 is already sold-out. After this, the demand of this is really large. After that, Miku announced a new performance at the 7th january 2020 in the same stage. Source :Visualive
  6. Miku70

    Nice setlist ☺️
  7. Miku70

    The band has a new look on their Twitter, but maybe this a look for Halloween , I don't know .Their last single Kakumei Kaika -Revolutionnary Blooming- is out. And a new DVD live for january 2020. Shou create a new Twitter account , Youtube Channel and website for beauty for men, Yesterday. Currently the band is in tour.
  8. I like the music very much 😍. The MV is beautiful .
  9. てんさい。is really disband ? Because they continue lives 🤔.


    Source Official Website

    1. suji


      they're breaking up in December

  10. Miku70

    Done 😃
  11. I like this preview, it's really interessing 😊
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