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  1. Miku70

    Welcome here😊.
  2. Miku70

    This look is old and not knew 😶. But he's official now.
  3. Miku70

    I like this song , thanks you for this share 😊.
  4. Miku70

    Oh dammage 😞.
  5. Miku70

    I like their song but I don't know to think. Maybe I have another opinion of them later 😥. But they interested me 😊. Thanks you for this topic 😊.
  6. Miku70

    1. An Cafe 2. A9 (Alice Nine) 3. Codomo Dragon 4.Zonbi 5.Kiryu 6.Golden Bomber 7.Zero[Hz] 8. The GazettE 9. Mamireta 10. SHIN (ex ViViD)/ Tensai.
  7. Miku70

    This drawing are cool 😍.
  8. Yes Golden Bomber Lost a member a long Time ago, it's a Guy who play drums. Zonbi Lost two members (a singer and a drummer). I hope Codomo Dragon don't disband but I am sad of departure of Kana. Maybe a Hiatus. Disband or Hiatus for Kiryu because the health of Mahiro is not good.