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  1. Nice news ☺️. I like this new look (*-*).
  2. Hiroto come to Los Angeles at January 15th for a special demonstration of guitar. FAKES STAR presents this event. This event starts at 7PM and finish at 9 PM. There are a Q&A Session . You have limited numbers of CDs and merchandises of Alice Nine will be sold during this event. The enter is free., but the space is limited. You can buy a ticket out-door for 10$ You can buy VIP tickets for 100$ : you have a photography of Hiroto and an autograph. More details :here
  3. What ? Miku scream in many songs of An Cafe . He's not scream in Lc5's songs .
  4. Yes and Yuuki is a special guest for the second show Photo : Kanon thanks to everyone Others photos : Miku thanks to everyone too :
  5. Takuya was a special guest for the first show ( Takuya has a normal life since he left An Cafe ). Photos : Miku thanks to everyone who support him
  6. New website :http://zerohz.tokyo/ New look in big : Individual looks : ROY : Rio : Leo : Gaga changes his pseudonym in TAIKA Colo changes his pseudonym in RYOGA
  7. Miku70

    Nice news ☺️
  8. That name buh ... 😐 The new look is nice 😊
  9. Miku70

    You have the reason why the bassist left the band here It's a translation in French and English for the official message of the band.
  10. Happy New Year Everyone 🥳🥳🤗 !

    1. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      Happy New Year!!

    2. Gesu


      Happy new year~! 🥳

  11. Happy Birthday 🥳🥳.  I Hope you have a nice day ☺️.

    1. monkeybanana4


      Ah, thank you so much~! ❤️ And I hope you have a Merry Christmas, too ^^

  12. This preview is really tempting for buy this DVD 😞.
  13. Individuals look Shogo : monyo Toramaru: Shiki
  14. I like this song , it's nice 😊
  15. And they have a new look for their Winter Oneman It's a self promotion because they not signed with a new label.
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