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  1. Apparantly I am not see the MV before tomorow 😶. It's just me or eveyone ? It's a new system of Youtube ??
  2. Thanks you for this information. They had 425 retweet for this tweet actually 😊.
  3. Miku70

    Tora seems get better and he has a good resolutions. English and French translation on his tweet :here.
  4. Miku70

    I Hope he's recovery well.
  5. I love this preview 😍. I can't wait for the DVD.
  6. Miku70

    You can find an english translation here.
  7. I like this song very much 😊. One part of this song remind me a opening of anime Kyoukai no Rinne ._.".
  8. Miku70

    I don't why I love this song more than their first release😊😍. Maybe I love generic sound. And this song is sad.
  9. Miku70

    I like this music 😍😍.
  10. I find a video who the translation is spanish and english. https://youtu.be/9IpOx-mAgoI I think this song appointed a dedicated to Kana but I am not sure.
  11. Thanks you so much for lyrics 😍. This song is so sad . I hope find a translation in english one day for understand everything.