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  1. Miku70

    Welcome here 😊.
  2. Miku70

    Welcome here 😊.
  3. I like TESTAMENT song and the MV is really nice 😊. I wait this album ...and I don't know if possible to command during the quarantine 😔
  4. Nice music and Nice MV. I love it 😍.
  5. Miku70

    Covers for Hydra : Limited Edition Type A : Limited Edition Type B: Regular Type C :
  6. Covers and tracklist : Limited Edition Type A : 1. 忍☆すぱいちゅ 2. 忍び忍ぶべし DVD: 「忍☆すぱいちゅ」MV/メイキング Limited Edition Type B: 1. 忍☆すぱいちゅ 2. 忍び忍ぶべし DVD : 「忍☆すぱいちゅ」マルチアングルMV Regular Edition Type C : 1. 忍☆すぱいちゅ 2. 忍び忍ぶべし 3. 月夜のシンデレラ 4. 忍☆すぱいちゅ (inst) 5. 忍び忍ぶべし (inst) 6. 月夜のシンデレラ (inst) Regular Edition Type D : 1. 忍☆すぱいちゅ 2. 忍び忍ぶべし 3. マワリマワッテ 4. 忍☆すぱいちゅ (inst) 5. 忍び忍ぶべし (inst) 6. マワリマワッテ (inst)
  7. I don't know really 😕 . The operation of one eye of Mitsuki is a success. Mitsuki is recovering. So I am not underdanst japenese and corrections are welcome : Their performances are cancelled due to the coronavirus and they postpone dates for more later. Corrections are welcome too ☺️. Source :Official Website
  8. Another MV : Covers and Tracklist: Type A : 1.ワンナイト彼氏 2.君のタイミング DVD : 1.ワンナイト彼氏 MV 2.MAKING Type B: 1.ワンナイト彼氏 2.君のタイミング DVD : 2020.1.30 マイナビBLITZ赤坂 ライブ映像 Vol.1 Type C : 1.ワンナイト彼氏 2.君のタイミング DVD : 2020.1.30 マイナビBLITZ赤坂ライブ映像 Vol.2 Type D : 1.ワンナイト彼氏 2.君のタイミング 3.羨望マスカレイド Type E : 1.ワンナイト彼氏 2.君のタイミング
  9. Covers : Limited Edition Type A : Limited Edition Type B: Regular Edition type C :
  10. I love this music 🥰. But they are to many lights 😟
  11. Mitsuki doesn't to participate for band activities because he's has a problem with on eye. He suffers and it's a retinal detachment. So he's take a break of the band. He's treatment is urgent and this take 5 weeks. His rest are necessary. Mistuki return mid-april in the band and this depends on his medical position. The band continue their activities with four members. I am not understand japanese, corrections are welcome. Source :Official Website
  12. Miku70

    Covers and tracklist : Limited Edition Type A : 1.DAYDREAM 2.Stargazer DVD : 「DAYDREAM」MV・メイキング Limited Edition Type B: 1.DAYDREAM 2.Stargazer DVD : 「DAYDREAM」マルチアングルMV Type C : 1.DAYDREAM 2.Stargazer 3.東京プラトニック 4.DAYDREAM(inst) 5.Stargazer(inst) 6.東京プラトニック(inst) Type D : 1.DAYDREAM 2.Stargazer 3.-REAL- 4.DAYDREAM(inst) 5.Stargazer(inst) 6.-REAL-(inst)
  13. Mee too, it's too expensive for this 😰
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