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    Yeah, I happened to translate 無害ヘラヘラガール (Mugai hera hera girl) and I was kinda sold. Can't wait for their parody on 溺れる魚 by Dadaroma!
  2. Hi! About the part you missed, 全開 means "completely open" which, of course, refers to the zipper, but it may also mean "to be exposed" as if the singer had his guard down and so he's wide open to the bangya's eyes. If you wish to keep the joke, I think you have no choice but to force a bit the translation, but it could be something like this: "Right now I'm wide open just like my zipper" Just a suggestion anyway. Hope I've been of help!
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    Hi everyone, 22 years old italian fan here! I'm a Japanese culture and language research student and a VK fan since around 2010. I recently started thinking that I'd like to write my bachelor thesis on Visual Kei, with a particular focus on lyrics, so I'm currently gathering material from any source possible to see if I can find something with "academic value" to show to some grumpy university professor. I'll mainly ghost around the lyrics request/translation area and help when needed. As for tastes, the two bands on top of my list right now are Dadaroma and Kiryu, but I tend to listen to many many other artists. Hope to help the community, see you around, bye!