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  1. RIP RealDoll brothel opened less than a year ago in my (pretty little) city. We all knew it wouldn't last, but it was a good source of LOL. F

    1. BrenGun


      RealDoll's are still taboo.

      But it's not original from Japan, but France πŸ˜›Β  A guy in France started first with it...Β 

    2. Arkady


      The dude opening it didn't think it much trought, here its too much small and irrilevant (and provincial) of a city for it to end in a different way. RIP

  2. Arkady

    Kamijo and Machi had the best hats ever! 🀩
  3. Arkady

    "Me and my kawaii paper fetishism desu"
  4. Arkady

    I love obi. actually I have a whole ONE cd missing it in my collection and it bothers me constantly. (I'm too one of those that keeps all the stuff the cd came with, except the wrapper) It's at a point that my western cds seems shabby and incomplete, and I don't buy many of them.
  5. Arkady

    Not the kind of music I usually enjoy but I'm liking some of this italian artist stuff. (She sings about/parodyes the "Milano da bere/Milan to drink" culture of wealth, sex, hard drugs and wannabe internationality while being strongly (and sometimes ilariously) provincial (she alsosing/speak with a very thick Milan accent))
  6. Arkady

    If I don't misremember at the time it came out that he molested many of the boys that were in his groups or wanted in. It was a casting couch scandal but with pedos. (I always thought that the "contract" part of Golden Bomber video "Amore" obliquely referenced if not THAT scandal, at least the kind of "underwold" gravitating the Idols industry)
  7. Arkady

    Don't tell it to me. I'm completely avoiding FB because I saw a friend of mine having a complete ugly FB meltdown over it and now I'm afraid she'll start with me too in chat if she see me there. 😨 I know that if I'd say that I don't care it would not be received well, but I don't want to argue over the f*cking Little Mermaid nor silently submit to one hour rant about it and pretend I don't find all of it embarassing. So I'm ghosting FB and her untill things blow over and she regain a bit of sanity. It's not even fucking "Brave" by Jove! Meanwhile the real (HARD) Disney animation fangirl I have on the friendlist doesn't give a shit about it because she likes the story. (And at Disney they are rubbing their hands because it's a ton of free advertising) END OF MY RANT πŸ˜‚
  8. Arkady

    Have you ever heard about Daddy Issues? (I'm joking, you don't need D.I. to find someone older attractive.)
  9. Italian excellence:


  10. Arkady

    No one because my arms are weak and I'll end up hurting myself. Plus I hold no grunges among the groups I follow.
  11. Anyone knowing when/if Puresound summer sales will start on their site? (Last year I think it was the start of july, but maybe I remember wrong, since I see no notice there)

    1. JRD


      Usually late july/early august. It'll come around in a bit.

  12. Arkady

    Uhm... Not much on par with Italy current history, yes? PEACE AND LOVE TO ALL!😘😘😘 (the only "good" fascist is the one making my kokoro go doki-doki with playback vintage j-pop)
  13. Added the rest of the band since they absolutely wrote it all together. (Yes Gillian Anderson is taking Sugizo's place playing the guitar)
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