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  1. Arkady

    I'm enjoying both covers VERY much (I'm lying, I'm LITTERALLY obessed with the MM one) and I'm praying baby Jesus with all my heart that the third and final one would be anything from Lareine. That or Cage from DeG just to teach Kyo who is the real alpha.
  2. Arkady

    When the cover (the singing part at least) is even better than the already beautiful original...
  3. Arkady

    I hope they don't miss the golden opportunity to call their last live inTheEnd.
  4. Arkady

    Maybe if this time he'd step by accident on the Pope toe?!
  5. Arkady

    My favorite thing is that the first comment I read when I opened the Instagram post was a laconic "mentiroso". And suddenly we were all in a south american telenovelas.
  6. Some stuff gone, added new stuff and some lot sales.
  7. Thank you! Reading it right now.
  8. Arkady

    Here they announced a tentative start of opening things up for May 4. People will be able to go see their relative and significant others (not casual relationships) that live in the same region. Cue to all the memes about police checking if the relationship is enough significant for the law or not. "But do you truly love her or do you just fuck?"
  9. Arkady

    A bit of "new" music to play during quarantine. KAMIJO - Temple Blood sucking for praying lim ed. KAMIJO - Documentary of Epic Rock Orchestra (promo cd) KAMIJO - Castrato lim. ed. KAMIJO - Kamijo World Tour 2015 LAREINE - Fleur (pink & blue disc) Bonus Raphael and Gackt singles I'm keeping because I like both editions and the songs too. Various Versailles promo message DVDs
  10. Arkady

    Last time I checked my 13k inhabitants town had 30.
  11. Arkady

    I wish everyone of you could understand italian, this one is a masterpiece. (This one is the "flame thrower" comment polician that got viral a few weeks ago) his Coronavirus speeches are a mix of wisdom and pure testily madness.
  12. Arkady

    Meanwhile in Italy
  13. What are some of your own country favorite "old" songs (pre 1985)? Any genre is welcome (folk, pop, etc.) as both very popular or niche. I would like for this thread to focus manly in non US/UK music (but if one is posted once in a while it's not a big deal, especially if it's something a bit niche), because usually classics from there are pretty know around the world and everyone and their pets has at least an idea of US/UK contemporary music history. I'll start with some of my favorites from Italy:
  14. Arkady

    Here's the link for the ones not finding the original tweet [you must have a premium account to access this data]
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