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  1. Arkady

    (premise: my Vk collection and the MUCH smaller western musicians one are separated) I divide them by artist/band's name THEN I order each artist's disks by cronological order, from the oldest to the newer (from left to right).
  2. Arkady

    I have only 1 cheki, but I store it in a cute cheki photo album I use to store Kamijo's stickers too. There are pretty cheap ones on ebay. This (photo stolen from ebay) v
  3. Arkady

    Maybe it's something very deep and meta and they mean his creativity vein got infertile, as his creative juices don't flow like the good old 80's days? 👀 I mean it could happen to old artists, look at Yoshiki.
  4. Arkady

    OH SH*T! OH GAWD! OH C*ZZO! I got it this time too. (Last time it was the Mc Donald collaboration) Follow my *mumbles something intelligible* for more foresights over Yoshiki's future money/attentiongrabs!!
  5. Arkady

    So? What was this EXCITING announcement?
  6. Sparkling water is the devil's beverage. It hurts my nose without the other carbonated drinks perks. I voted Sprite, but if the poll was about favorite any-colour soda drinks my vote would have gone to Chinotto. It looks like coke but it tastes bittersweet (more bitter or sweet depending of the brand)
  7. Arkady

    I feel "someone" heard about Kpop stans feats and now want to end World hunger o something with his own synchronized army of stans.
  8. Arkady

    Gackt's Vanilla PV borrowed part of the aesthetic, even though you can still see the 90's here and there. I feel like Tonight PV by Luna Sea would have liked to use the aesthetic too (at least for the parts with the band playing inside the "futuristic" room) but the director/post production didn't received the memo (they didn't even put the omnipresent cold blue filter). OT: For the ones that don't know whats Y2K aesthetic is, basically the 2 biggest cultural spreader (and large scale influencer?) were Matrix and Bjork "All is full of love video" video, if my memory doesn't fail me. Good to know it has a name now, at that time I liked to call it the "aseptic futurism"
  9. Arkady

    Who will win the "Tardy" race? -Our favorite Queenslayer Scarf Lady OR -Our favorite YT ASMR Queen ??? STAY TUNED!
  10. Arkady

    Signature fashion collection.
  11. I wish musically they did something that would draw my mind/attention as much as their aestethic does. (I don't think their music is bad, but it's not particularly interesting either, at least for what I'm used to like)
  12. Hello!

    May I send you a short PM to ask you about a TGioM related thing, please? (messager tells me you cannot receive messages, maybe your messager is full?)

    1. crucifiction




      Sure thing! I made some space there so feel free to send me a PM : )

  13. Arkady

    Per quanto riguarda me, credo di no. Frequentavo un forum italiano, ma si trattava di qulacosa di più antico, parliamo di 15/20 anni fa😆 (mi pare si chiamasse J-Rock Italia, ma non ne sono sicura al 100%)
  14. Arkady

    Ci sono anche io. Salve a tutte!
  15. Arkady

    AT LONG LAST I RECEIVED THEM! The Ghost inside of Me- photobook The Ghost inside of Me/Crucifixion-Behind the Masquerade I The Ghost inside of Me/Crucifixion-Behind the Masquerade II (autographed with dedication<3)
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