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  1. Please lets not forget the grandad of it all: Yoshiki and his 90's "Nude" photobook
  2. Arkady

    @LilieCharlotteI don't know if you already saw my thread, if not please check it out, I have a few things you may be interested in  .
  3. I'd check Yutaka Ozaki too he has many beautiful songs. My favorite is 15 no Yoru it's upbeat but yet so melanchonic. It even has the "classic 80's sax solo" without resulting stale.
  4. Arkady

    Loud music tend to damage eardrums, so I don't find it strange at all for people that work in the industry to get problem there. I bet at least half of those problems are bad tinnitus.
  5. I wish Discogs let people mute certain sellers notifications (I'm looking at you scalper putting the same stuff on again and again spamming my alerts with your 10x overpriced stuff).

    1. Laurence02


      Ah yes, Kupiku and magius, the cancer of Discogs. I share your sentiments!

    2. Arkady


      @Laurence02Especially the former one you mentioned. The latter doesn't SPAM EVERY SINGLE DAY the same stuff he was selling the days before at least (NOW with a random currency so you don't know at first glance if the price is inflated by x10 or x11).

  6. Cheapest option is: 4€ under 100grams, 5,70€ 100-250g, and 6,50€ 250-350g (NOT counting the discount in case of 45€ purchase) I might accept trades too in case you have something I'm looking for from any period of Kamijo's career.
  7. I can put stuff on hold for a week in case you'd need it.😉
  8. Selling a few spares from my collection to someone whom can give some love to them. Kamijo solo project: -LOUIS normal ed. + handsigned autograph + insert 15€ -LOUIS limited ed. type B + handsigned autograph + insert + trading card 22€ LAREINE: -Métamorphose (NO OBI) 5€ -Fuyu Tokyo first press + insert 10€ Versailles: -knees high socks (never taken out of their original wrapping) 25€ -2008 tour towel (like new) 15€ I also have some BBC Sherlock DVDs and stuff for cheap if anyone was interested. All prices do not include shipping fees. If you spend 45€ or above I will discount 5€ from the resulting shipping fees OR include Métamorphose as a gift (your choice) Feel free to contact me with any questions. I may be open for trading depending on where are you located and what do you offer.
  9. Finally understood how to visually distinguish the first press of Lareine's Fuyu Tokyo from the (rarer?) reprint with the same code and almost same cover.


    *Insert "I'm a fucking wizard!" caption*



      Oh! Maybe you have scans of first press?..^^' 

    2. Shadowtear
    3. Arkady


      @CELESTIAL CIEL the "first press" is the one that is litterally everywhere I noticed. The reprint has the SAME cover but cut a little closer and is much rarer to see around because sites usually use the former as a preview (and usually don't distinguish the two because same code, etc. 😢).
      If you are looking for scans of the booklet I can try do them with my shitty scannner tho.

  10. Thank you person on the interwebZ for reminding me about "Oh yes, my name is Christmas Tree" after all this years.




      I can't stop laughing just because when I was lareine fangirl (aah... 10 years ago??) I thought this phrase was my sick imagination or something

    2. Gesu



      Also, I love how obviously this video was made in Windows Movie Maker.

  11. Arkady

    The fruits of a little trade off done with another collector from my country: -Rose Croix n°9 (Kamijo Fanclub magazine) -Versailles postard set from the 2016 hexibition at Shibuya Marui
  12. *Singing passionately "with Kamijo" even though it's past midnight*


  13. I came to reccomend Rammstein too, but I see you already know them.🤣 I'm not a metal expert but I'd reccomend trying something of System of a Down too.
  14. Arkady