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  1. OH NO, I love it! 😨😭


  2. Arkady

    I don't know. But knowing VK relation with english I'd say Weawolf is a typo and not some kind of pun. (maybe a little disclaimer with both may be useful?)
  3. Arkady

    I found this useful list of lives dates and stuff in one of my NEW SODMY pamphlets. I don't know japanese so I'd need a kind (japanese speaking) volunteer to add the new ones in New Sodmy database (please).
  4. Does it start with J and end with R? The video is hilarious and it should be titled "VK after 30s"
  5. Petition to beg Kamijo to never take off the long hair extensions


    1. lichtlune


      It seems like he has been growing his hair out lately so at first I thought it really did get that long. 

    2. Arkady


      If only!

  6. Arkady

    Last 6 months of hunting was a New Sodmy bonanza. NEW SODMY- All(?) 4 pamphlets NEW SODMY- big sticker NEW SODMY- postcards set NEW SODMY- "Jealousy" cassette VERSAILLES- various bromides VERSAILLES- Nippon Bodukan pamphlet KAMIJO- Vampire Rockstar pamphlet + 2 postcards LAREINE- Fleurir mode estivale KAMIJO- La Vie en Rose DVD VERSAILLES- The Renevant Choir SHOXX ed. LAREINE- Lillie Charlotte within Métamorphose KAMIJO- Heart (normal ed.) LAREINE- Orgel Best KAMIJO- Heart bonus CD
  7. Arkady

    New X-Japan album in every Happy Meal! 😍
  8. Called it in July.


    1. Arkady


      I can read tarots, give lottery numbers and do customized horoscopes. Send rarez in DM. 😝

  9. Arkady

    The Ghost inside of Me's Museum cover is really beautiful.
  10. Arkady

    The Ghost Inside of Me - Museum The Ghost Inside of Me - Scénario Soirée The Ghost Inside of Me - Acoustic Oneman 「-unplugged nocturne-」~2018.4.6 Himitsu CLUB Anima Animus~ plus a random Kamijo's "Moulin Rouge" lim. ed. B
  11. Up! Added Lareine's The Last of Romance limited edition.
  12. Arkady

    Oh no, I'm not french. I was one of those other envious european weeaboos. The maximum I was able to score at the time were two overpriced (still MUUUCH cheaper than importing originals from Japan) taiwanese bootlegs with X-Japan and Lareine PVs from my comic book shop. It was before the Youtube era and PVs were not so easy to find and download. When in 2004 I discovered Cdjapan I recuperated all I could from Lareine discography (adding M10M to), tho. The fact that around 2007/8 some bands did get EU editions you could actually find in music stores blew all our 1st-wave minds. It was a surreal experience to go in a store and find them among other western music and at the same price (true story). Sorry mods for the OT, but my old ass didn't resist to tell when back in our days we got our VK uphill with 3 meters of snow on the ground.
  13. Arkady

    Back in my days (around 2001/2) if you wanted to follow the scene you either googled (band name) + mp3 and ended in some shady page with some songs if you were lucky, or you hoped someone was sharing some of them on some peer to peer program like WinMX, every song taking at least 30 minutes to download beacuse you had 56k internet and were paying every minute of it (my random Lareine 6-7 songs selfmade CD lasted me all 3 last years of high school). There was also the option to buy the CDs, but the chapest ones would cost 40-50€, if you didn't live in Paris (there was a fabled used Japanese bookstore that was all Europe weebs envy) or didn't have parents/friends working in Japan.
  14. Someone that bought from Puresound site in the last few months, may please confirm me if they still have free shipping fees for 5000+yen orders?

    1. ahnchc




      I've spent over ¥12000 and was never met with a free shipping offer, so probably not. It could be a location thing as well, though.

    2. Arkady


      @ahnchcThanks for the answer. Did you mean shipping fees inside Japan? Because I forgot to specify it.

    3. ahnchc


      No, I meant internationally.

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