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  1. Arkady

    No extra info except a 20 y.o. long certainty from within my pure heart and some small (or not so small) clues scattered in his projects (song lyrics etc.), plus bandomen members wishing him an happy birthday using a pretty unmistakable sequence of emoji. I don't know, he doesn't really seems to care too much to hide it, even though he isn't out and proud to the public either. My (maybe limited) understanding is that he may be pretty much out with the people working in the field and prefer to withhold the information to the public for a cultural matter and because it's better for selling that romantic vampire boyfriend fantasy to japanese (and overseas) young ladies, but if the information would start to spread he wouldn't care very much.
  2. Arkady

    I was always curious over what was/is K****o's official stance (I don't know japanese so I cannot follow all the original stuff there). He doesn't seem to hide it much even though he isn't really out either (I think?). Or did I miss some huge stuff?
  3. Arkady

    I'm doing it. Not sue if question 4 is asking about my favorite artist or band tho. (I put both, just to be sure)
  4. Arkady

    💕💕 How someone can be so right and yet creating Art with a simple sentence? The only thing I'm not sure is if the mangaka dropping it were the cause or instead also an effect of a big cultural switch.
  5. Arkady

    Send Ru Paul Drag Race back in time, when rock music and Japan were the cool kids, and make Kaya win it. Profit. 😎
  6. Arkady

    Kamijo will continue to be as fabulous as he already is. The Ghost inside of Me will gain more popularity. Still no X-Japan new album realease, but Yoshiki will be photographed in the vicinity of the Pope.
  7. Arkady

    Kamijo- Mouline Rouge- lim. ed. A Kamijo- Castrato- Tower Rekord ed. LAREINE- Vampire Romance- reg. ed. plus a random Lareine bromide
  8. Put some of the remaining stuff for sale 'till Christmas.
  9. Arkady

    They added a partial LAREINE discography too!! (At least on Spotify EU)
  10. LAREINE ON SPOTIFY (EU), I repeat, LAREINE on Spotify!!



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    2. suji


      So cool! I can access it and I'm from the US! :D

    3. Arkady


      I'm filled with so much emotions, there is also "Oh yes my name is Christmas Tree". This december Kamijo will make The Big Money from me! 💰💰💰



    4. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      It seems like only their apple sauce records stuff, but still good to hear!

  11. Arkady

    Chilling out with his "dear friend" Obama in San Francisco.
  12. OH NO, I love it! 😨😭


  13. Arkady

    I don't know. But knowing VK relation with english I'd say Weawolf is a typo and not some kind of pun. (maybe a little disclaimer with both may be useful?)
  14. Arkady

    I found this useful list of lives dates and stuff in one of my NEW SODMY pamphlets. I don't know japanese so I'd need a kind (japanese speaking) volunteer to add the new ones in New Sodmy database (please).
  15. Does it start with J and end with R? The video is hilarious and it should be titled "VK after 30s"
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