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  1. Arkady

    Sadly I don't speak japanese, but I think I found out what privilege DVD it should be. It should be from YesAsia for Philia. Here a screen shot (with the Philia era costumes).
  2. Arkady

    Thanks, I was pretty sure i was legit because the person that sold it to me few months ago was honest and sold me a bunch of juicy stuff too, but I thought it was better to ask around (it's the first promo of this kind I have bought) and maybe someone will even be able to give me precise info on the disc if I'm lucky (like in what occasion was gifted to the fans etc.)
  3. Arkady

    I know it contains a video message from the band, but I was wondering if it was some random homemade copy/bootleg or some legit (last minute) promo coming this way from the band. Thanks
  4. No € don't sink just today that I'm buying stuff in dollars!😨

  5. Arkady

    I'm not crying it's only onions raining in my eyes. Back then I knew Lareine weren't very big in Japan, but I didn't know they struggled so much, and had so much passion for what they did (And that we could have had them still if someone would have responded to those ads! 😡) Now I'm even more glad I started to stan them so early and spent so much money on their new releases when I started to be able to buy original stuff (I know that they got only a minimal fraction of the ¥¥, but still), before they disbanded. Thanks for sharing this and fighting the good battle versus the Kamijo haters, for us too (non japanese speaking western fans). Luckily here in Europe I don't remember much negative reactions at the news of the birth of Versailles and its members. On the contrary.
  6. Arkady

    Just to clear things a bit for me after (my) hyatus. Is this still the same new album they announced some years ago after the reunion and was never out?
  7. IF ONLY! (about the demo)😆 No, my collection is much smaller because even though I collect Lareine material since like around 2005, I'm on a budget and I did not have direct access to the japanese second hand market till now, so I needed to be VERY patient to wait for the right occasions (=sales with NOT too overinflated prices). The list is full of errors because I don't speak japanese, so I must rely on cross-checked informations from different western sources sadly (When I find different dates for the same item I put two differen versions when I'm not sure it's an error or they are speaking about two different prints), but I'm always open to corrections. I don't lie to myself thinking I'll be able to complete it (not with my budget), but I like to see what I have and what I still need looking for, and I like that sensation when I mark down some more difficult to find item. Congratulations over your collection! I know it was very hard work for you.
  8. Hello! During all this years I accumulated a few spares that now I'd like to trade for stuff I'm looking for (instead of leaving them forgotten on a shelf). What I have up for trade: Kamijo - “Louis” single reg. edition first press (with obi, card and autograph card) almost mint condition Kamijo - “Louis“ single limited ed. type B first press (with obi, card and autograph card) almost mint condition -Versailles group postcard from CDJapan -Lareine “Metamorphose“ (missing obi) gently used condition -Lareine “Reine de Fleur II“ (with obi) very good/almost mint condition What I'm looking for: All the stuff NOT underscored in purple on my Google doc plus: flyers, cards, postcards, fanclub magazines, buttons etc. If you have something you don't see mentioned in the document feel free to ask anyway because I might be looking for it and don't know/forgot. I'd prefer to swap inside Europe, but might consider overseas offers depending on the case. FEEL FREE TO REQUEST MORE PHOTOS if you need them.
  9. Arkady

    Started to add stuff to Lareine's discography (at the moment only the 3 promo singles I scanned myself for discogs). Can I have artists edit too, please?
  10. Is it me or Yahoo auctions is no longer so used in Japan? I see much less stuff and less varied than in the past.

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    2. Shadowtear


      500 yen per item up to 2500 yen, not the best rate if u cant combine buy.

    3. Arkady


      No ok it wasn't me, the majority of private people selling the rare stuff did migrate on Mercari, I got a peek and WOAH, all the promos/fanclub only etc. It's like being on Yahoo Auction in 2007.



    4. Shadowtear


      I still dont see it, since mercari just indexes sold items, where yahoo removes the pages.

      And from the perspective of what you say, i see allot of rare shit moreso popup on yahoo auctions.

      BUt im looking at other content so.

  11. Arkady

    This I think was (partially?) thanks to the fact that in those day Lareine wasn't one of the cool bands to stan (too pop-rock and kitsch), so pretentious *ssholes stayed away and in the fanbase there was people enjoyin them and very happy to see someone else doing it, since there was not very much of us around. Or at least this is the impression i got from the italian VK fanbase pre band disbanding.
  12. Arkady

    You don't happen to be italian, right? I know that the "friend" thing is more likely to be a friendly thing, but I know people that like the illustrator in your avatar and since it's not a very famous artist in the western fandom, I thought better to check if you might be someone I know/knew for real. 😆
  13. Arkady

    In their site they say that 300yen are per item not per order though. (If you subscribe now they give you 300yen coupon) Does FromJapan accept to write a lower value on the package? I searched on their site and they say nothing against it, so I'm hopeful.
  14. Arkady

    I'd like to have an account there but every time I try to register the registration page returns to the home page like 2 seconds after I opened it (I'm not so fast to fill all my data in that short of time). Is it only me? I have Firefox as a browser.
  15. Arkady

    I forgot about Lareine's Etude and its blurry selflove hymn cover.