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  1. Arkady

    No credit cards. I like to see first hand how much money I'm spending. (here lately they are trying from above to push credit cards and similar non corporeal money, and I imagine that with time maybe they'll succeed, but us italian are culturally VERY attached to paper money) The only card (issued by our postal service) I have is a rechargable one where you cannot go in debt because you can only use the money you have in it, and I use it only for internet purchases.
  2. Arkady

    No one asked me but I'll continue to post and badly translate italian Corona memes. (the ones understandable to not italian people at least, sadly there are some truly hilarious ones that needs layers of italian cultural/pop knowledge one can have only by living here) "Pope Francesco, I came from the future, listen to me, there will be a pandemic you must alert the woooorld."
  3. Arkady

    First case confirmed in my small town today. Time to grow our own vegetables. (My father is 65 and my mother is very at risk) Meanwhile hordes of teens and not are thirsting over our prime minister. πŸ˜† "All will be alright, we will get through this together." (from his last discourse) "Today let's stay far apart, to hug more warmly and run faster tomorrow. We'll make it all together." (still from his last discourse) Source Sorry for the shitty english.
  4. Real queens patronage the arts.
  5. The other illustrations were beautiful too, but this one is my favorite hands-down. Curious to hear the songs too.
  6. I still DEEPLY regret I didn't buy Kamijo black facemask with a vampire mouth saying "Bonjour" that he did in collaboration with Melcafe last year. I would have been the coolest one wearing it while raiding my local supermarket.
  7. I concur, I love it. It reminds me very much of Lareine songs around "Never Cage" era.
  8. Time to go on Spotify and give the queen some cents in AD revenue before I buy the single. EDIT: first impression is πŸ‘ His engRish is as better as it gonna get. πŸ’•The trick is NOT being english mothertongue, so you usually barely diifferentiate it from japanese and when it happens it's a cute jibberish.
  9. Who would have know that one day I would unironically love a country singer's songs and aesthetics.

  10. Arkady

    5€ on he really got inspired by Salvia IRL look (but was enough original himself to reprocess and personalize it). It's the very first thing I though too, when I saw the photo on twitter.
  11. They asked the fans to suggest a new piece to add to their name and the group would choose the best one, after a unknown Versailles from the west (was it US?) threated to sue them for "copying" their band name ad stealing all their thunder. In the end it was pretty evident that the -Philharmonic Quintet- idea came from within the band and all the "ask the fans" was a bit of a publicity stunt, since no one bragged about being "the chosen one" (at least not in the gentlemen circles I was in).
  12. Shhh, they choose the best among ALL the fans suggestions on Myspace after a fair LEGIT duel. It did NOT come from within the band themselves. πŸ˜‰
  13. Arkady

    Same energy, but switching the primitive aestethic with Goth ChicΒ©.
  14. Arkady

    No extra info except a 20 y.o. long certainty from within my pure heart and some small (or not so small) clues scattered in his projects (song lyrics etc.), plus bandomen members wishing him an happy birthday using a pretty unmistakable sequence of emoji. I don't know, he doesn't really seems to care too much to hide it, even though he isn't out and proud to the public either. My (maybe limited) understanding is that he may be pretty much out with the people working in the field and prefer to withhold the information to the public for a cultural matter and because it's better for selling that romantic vampire boyfriend fantasy to japanese (and overseas) young ladies, but if the information would start to spread he wouldn't care very much.
  15. Arkady

    I was always curious over what was/is K****o's official stance (I don't know japanese so I cannot follow all the original stuff there). He doesn't seem to hide it much even though he isn't really out either (I think?). Or did I miss some huge stuff?
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