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  1. Arkady

    -KAMIJO- Tour 2014 "The Death Parade Final" The Empire of Vampire etc. -VERSAILLES- Onegai Kanete Versailles reg. ed. (bought for supercheap because reasons) -KAMIJO- Sang Another Story reg. ed. -KAMIJO- Royal Blood, Revival Best reg. ed. 💕 -KAMIJO- Nosferatu
  2. Arkady

    My favorite from Kamijo's discography and one of my favorites in general.
  3. God, please give me the strengh to listen to this Kamijo x Hastume Miku collaboration single. 😥

    1. Arkady


      My final verdict:


    2. God


      Wait, what?  Weird combo.  🤔

  4. Arkady

    *It's not VK but flashbacks to* ("Cuore/Heart" is a classic of italian kids literature from 1800, full of edifying, priggish stories about children of the era. The juxtaposition is hilarious io one knows both)
  5. Damn, I disappear for only two days and I almost miss a sockpuppet drama like it was still 2005.

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    2. Gesu


      As you said in that recent thread: #WeWillAlwaysRememberSilverEspeon

      Honestly, that hashtag needs to become iconic here on MH.

    3. RaeDesu


      I'm SO curious XD

    4. Chi


      @WhirlingBlack WB...onegai

  6. Arkady

    Uuhm, I have something to tell you about like 70% of artists in any discipline, (exchange alcohol also with drugs/p**sy/money etc.)... If you seek the artist doing art only for the sake of Art alone you'll find a staggering 0% of "pure" artists, at least a degree of "pay attention to me!" is always there. Now if you want to avoid supporting the worst assholes in the bunch it's your prerogative (Me too I'm trying to do it), but if you are looking only for the purest of the pure I have bad news about the music world (and "ART" in general). I'm pretty sure you are still very young so don't take this as a scolding, but as a little tip about the subject of arts and people.
  7. Arkady

    I'd carry my lazy ass to the cinema and pay all 8,5 euro of the ticket to watch it.
  8. Arkady

  9. Arkady

    Benvenuta! Happy to see VK is still kicking in Italy.
  10. Arkady

    The darkest of brown.
  11. Arkady

    4 words: Kamijo shaves his head.
  12. Arkady

    It's a fusion between Trap music and Country music.
  13. I heard that If you stay till the end of the credits, there will be a bonus scene with Yoshiki playing the entire new X-Japan album with a melodica.
  14. Arkady

    Welcome! I'm happy you joined here.
  15. May someone knowing japanese tell me what this word/s mean, please?



    1. inartistic


      購入者特典 = kounyuusha tokuten = purchaser [of JUBILEE] privilege

    2. Shmilly


      To elaborate, it's a free comment CD that was given to people who bought JUBILEE from the shop Like an Edison.

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