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  1. Arkady

    La nostalgie de jardin is a cute song, maybe a bit too much heavy handed in the "plim plim" side (I don't know what instrument is it😛) IMHO, but enjoyable to listen to.
  2. Arkady

    Be warned tho that what FromJapan customer service answer you may be false. Till now I used it two times to ask about things (very simple, just 30 secs of checking from them kind of questions) and both times they gave me random answers that later will be proved wrong. But hey, at least they are fast responding.
  3. Arkady

    Never truth was truer, unfortunately.
  4. In this house we stan Kamijo since 1999/2000. Among the new scene I think Kizu are very good musically. I'm "old" so all that emoangst aesthetic doesn't take me very much, but their music is quality content.
  5. There was also a mini exhibition of MM posters (and flyers too I think) I don't know you all but I'm already smarting for a DVD and/or CD-
  6. Also taking money offers now. Don't be shy in requesting more photos, please.
  7. "Collector item. Very Good condition! CD priced over 50€" *goes to see the item photos and the jewel case is badly scratched and not even the original one*



  8. That moment when your old favorite bandoman from the old days™ is not lost in the Big Nothing of Anonymity, but is on Twitter and has a business selling trinkets!




      i have a strong feeling i know who you are talking about

    2. Arkady


      If yours start with "M" and ends with "achi", you are right. 👀



      yay bingo

  9. Arkady

    Thanks! The label name should be spelled "Veletta" with an E as the first vowel.
  10. Arkady

    May someone with the possibility to edit Labels create the "Veletta" one among them, please? (So I can add it to New Sodmy releases ) If someone would also be so kind as to add the few concerts dates from these mini flyers on the Biography timeline, please:
  11. 4:20 did they really referenced... 🤣
  12. Arkady

    How did I forget the "n*rchia svettante tra (?)rose" (fallic shape spiring among (?)roses) cover of Lareine's Deep Forest!?? For real, can someonetell me what it is supposed to really represent?
  13. Arkady

    Last week harvest (life is too short for good photos): -Malice Mizer - Memorie DX -Versailles - Noble (US ed.) -Kamijo - Castrato -Versailles - Lyrical Sympathy (Halloween lim. ed.) -Lareine - Vampire Scream About Vampire Scream I ALWAYS saw it without obi, can someone confirm it was originally sold that way, please?
  14. The two CDs arrived pretty fast and all packaged with care. Thank you for all!
  15. It's a Christmas miracle! Showing the receipts made the shopping service sight return!! 🤣


    1. Arkady


      [Summary: I bought stuff on Puresound during the Summer Sale, the shopping service charged me full price, when asked about it they say they didn't "find any information on the summer sale you mentioned" (cue to the giant banner still on PS home), and refunded me the difference only after I linked them to the Summer Sale rules part about online shopping]