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  1. Up! Added Lareine's The Last of Romance limited edition.
  2. Arkady

    Oh no, I'm not french. I was one of those other envious european weeaboos. The maximum I was able to score at the time were two overpriced (still MUUUCH cheaper than importing originals from Japan) taiwanese bootlegs with X-Japan and Lareine PVs from my comic book shop. It was before the Youtube era and PVs were not so easy to find and download. When in 2004 I discovered Cdjapan I recuperated all I could from Lareine discography (adding M10M to), tho. The fact that around 2007/8 some bands did get EU editions you could actually find in music stores blew all our 1st-wave minds. It was a surreal experience to go in a store and find them among other western music and at the same price (true story). Sorry mods for the OT, but my old ass didn't resist to tell when back in our days we got our VK uphill with 3 meters of snow on the ground.
  3. Arkady

    Back in my days (around 2001/2) if you wanted to follow the scene you either googled (band name) + mp3 and ended in some shady page with some songs if you were lucky, or you hoped someone was sharing some of them on some peer to peer program like WinMX, every song taking at least 30 minutes to download beacuse you had 56k internet and were paying every minute of it (my random Lareine 6-7 songs selfmade CD lasted me all 3 last years of high school). There was also the option to buy the CDs, but the chapest ones would cost 40-50€, if you didn't live in Paris (there was a fabled used Japanese bookstore that was all Europe weebs envy) or didn't have parents/friends working in Japan.
  4. Someone that bought from Puresound site in the last few months, may please confirm me if they still have free shipping fees for 5000+yen orders?

    1. ahnchc




      I've spent over ¥12000 and was never met with a free shipping offer, so probably not. It could be a location thing as well, though.

    2. Arkady


      @ahnchcThanks for the answer. Did you mean shipping fees inside Japan? Because I forgot to specify it.

    3. ahnchc


      No, I meant internationally.

  5. Arkady

    It's pretty clear IMO that Lareine's Goshujinsama no Tango is about Kamijo going out and getting some kinky D, even if he doesn't use any "vulgar" words and he sing about being a "neko"🙀. Going in a corner to cry because spotify doesn't have lareine discography and I cannot misc gems like this in my "work" playlist.
  6. I'm surprised Mana-sama didn't think to do it sooner. https://ec.volks.co.jp/item/4518992426174.html?__lang=en

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    2. Arkady


      @spockitty It's not even Mana fault Volks limited dolls cost an arm and a leg (the non limited one also aren't cheap).

    3. spockitty


      I'm vaguely aware that this kind of dolls are expensive but that expensive? jfc 🤨

    4. Gesu


      140k yen is about twice as much as you'd normally pay 😕

  7. I thought it would be easier to pretend to not give a f*ck about Yoshiki's last random socialite shenaningans if we collect them in one single topic (so we also don't spam the forum with a new thread for each appearance.) In the previous episodes our posponing antihero was spotted trying to strangle the Queen of England with his scarf And trying to marry into the royal family. Where will he go next and what will he do to not realease the new album he absolutely did complete (cross on his heart)?
  8. Arkady

    God I LOVE "Derry Girls". This second season didn't even have the first one problems, the writing was better and more consistent (First season started Great, dipped into boring and repetitive pretty early then returned good around the last 2 episodes). I wish it was around when I was a teen. As caricaturey the characters are, they are more genuine and realistic as teens portrait as the 30 years olds glamourous ones they sell you in US teen serials (like the one cited a few post above), I never liked teen dramas even when I was a teen. Next stop: season 2 of Mindhunters
  9. Chosing only one band in Vkei is pretty simple for me, since I listen to like less of 10 and half of them are Kamijo's... 😆 Band: Lareine Album: "Reine de fleur II" (yes it's a collection) from Lareine Song: I refuse to listen to only one song for the rest of my life, shoot me now and spare me the suffering. In general: Band: Rammstein (but was a REALLY close call with Muse) Album: "Electra Heart" from Marina and the Diamonds Song: Same as before, but if I REALLY was forced to it would be a really though choice between REM's "Losing my Religion" and the Cranberries' "Zombie". Honor mention to Queen's "Bicycle Race".
  10. Arkady

    I cannot help cringing every time I read this group name, because "cula" is a ridiculous word used as a homophobic slurs in north Italy. I like the photos though. I know what you did here, your mamma will give your an earful when I'll tell her you did say culo. 😆
  11. Arkady

    Limited Mc Yoshiki speciality at Mc Donald. I'm calling it.
  12. Arkady

    BaN: putting the V in V系. 😍 I love how extra she is with her looks.
  13. Arkady

    The 2 genders: the collector and the listener. 😆
  14. Arkady

    Bootlegs too did have obi tho (or at least some of them). I have one chinese bootleg Lareine DVD bought (knowingly) in my comic shop in like 2001/2 and it has an obi. The difference it's that is written in chinese and it's different from the original.
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