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  1. Arkady

    -Fleur (Lareine fanclub magazine) n° six, sept, huit -Versailles, Chateau de Versailles Special Talk Session (audio only) -Versailles, The Revenant Choir DVD -Lareine, Princess -Kamijo, Sang (normal edition) The fanclub magazines I wanted since they were still coming out, but the very few times I found them in the western market I was always outbidded or they where sold at scalper prices making me nope out faster than light, so I'm VERY happy I found 3 of them at a more than decent price.
  2. You know well Lareine never did have that kind of money for their videos, don't be cruel now (anyway it's missing the essential element for a Lareine's video: white people). 😆 Jokes apart for the first few second I was hoping the feet were Emiru's.
  3. Pity the cover of Yutaka Ozaki's is not 15 no Yoru, I could have bought it for that one cover alone (only if done well, of course).
  4. Arkady

    One of the two songs of Grimes I don't find boring (sorry Grimes fans).
  5. Arkady

    Depending on the exact misures you need I'd take a look at something like this or this. B4 format could be a good compromise between A4 and A3 if you can find sheets that format.
  6. Anyone that bought Versailles "Live Best" new (not used) here willing to answer one question, please?

  7. Was this... was this a real thing? A real official merch thing he put on the market? 😨



  8. *chooses "surface mail" for the package shipping from the Japanese proxy in honor of old times and because she is cheap. Tries to not think they'll likely come just in time for Christmas, or late november if very lucky*



  9. Arkady

    La nostalgie de jardin is a cute song, maybe a bit too much heavy handed in the "plim plim" side (I don't know what instrument is it😛) IMHO, but enjoyable to listen to.
  10. Arkady

    Be warned tho that what FromJapan customer service answer you may be false. Till now I used it two times to ask about things (very simple, just 30 secs of checking from them kind of questions) and both times they gave me random answers that later will be proved wrong. But hey, at least they are fast responding.
  11. Arkady

    Never truth was truer, unfortunately.
  12. In this house we stan Kamijo since 1999/2000. Among the new scene I think Kizu are very good musically. I'm "old" so all that emoangst aesthetic doesn't take me very much, but their music is quality content.
  13. There was also a mini exhibition of MM posters (and flyers too I think) I don't know you all but I'm already smarting for a DVD and/or CD-
  14. Also taking money offers now. Don't be shy in requesting more photos, please.