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  1. Arkady

    Trust me, don't bother unless you find it for cheap. I bought only Kamijo's because it was very expensive for what it gave even thought at the time I usually bought all variations of Versailles releases. I didn't regret it. The perfume is very small and the necklace and DVD don't add much to make the price. I'd love to own all that sweet fanclub only material Lareine released at the time, plus the demos. But they are usually out of my budget when I see them.
  2. Added new Versailles+Lareine stuff for sale in the marketplace. 🌺

  3. Up with new stuff added.
  4. Arkady

    I'm not sure if it was Lareine in 2000/01 after I found on an anime fanzine a very short section (with a little photo) about their Bara wa Utsukushikuchiru cover and fallen immediately in love with the visual part (and few months later using my 56k pay-for-the-minute internet to download the whole 6/7 songs I was able to find and confirming my first positive reaction), or if I started to listen to X-Japan a short time before them, after I liked their Forever Love used as a final theme song in X-1999.
  5. Arkady

    There are some names in your list I like very much. I think kizu may interest you too. They are popular in the VK scene bul also good. And if I can reccomend a western name try early Muse (there is plenty of good stuff in their late discography too, even if more "commercial" oriented tho)
  6. I did a trade with Mizumi and all ran smoothly. I reccomend dealing with her.
  7. Arkady

    Oh yes, my name is Chrismas tree. KAMIJO (for Lareine)- Lyrics genius Translation: *Vocative* *affirmation*, those who raised me were so gracious to give me the legal name of Abies alba or maybe Picea abies. Alternative translation: Yes, my parents were d*cks. Alternative translation n° 2: I'm stoned as f*ck.
  8. Maybe you can have your favorite bandoman be your fake boyfriend for a whole day as a "free" privilege? For real tho, if someone here buys it please let we know if there was some secret add on and/or some luxurious casing to at least justify this kind of price or if all those money simply ended up paying for Mana new swimming pool o similar. (If it's not clear I'm salty. I wanted to buy it but not 130€ plus shipping and custom taxes kind of want)
  9. Arkady

    I think it's more linked to the mondial decrease of the physical media market and closing of many physical shop (amazon giving the deathblow) than a mere VK endemic thing (Japan lasted very long, in Italy the "music shop apocalypse" started more than a decade ago and it already got to the point that big chains too closed part of their stores), VK scene being small and losing in popularity makes it so VK specialized stores are among the first ones bearing the brunt of it, but it's not the sole cause. Although it also mean VK (and VK music stores) need to learn to evolve fast if it wants to survive, since it's very connected with the physical media market to make their ¥¥¥ (some changes since early 00's are already noticeable tho, so finger crossed the scene survives even if small)
  10. Arkady

    There is some of their stuff on Spotify EU. (Maybe with a good proxy program you'll b able to access it? I just noticed you are writing from US, sorry)
  11. Arkady

    Kamijo- Rose Croix magazine 5-7 Lareine- Lillie Charlotte lim. ed. (hopefully) Lareine- Yasashii Hana-tachi no Kyousou Lareine- TOUR-Fleur 1998 Kamijo- 20th Anniversary All Time Best (reg. ed.) Kamijo - Live of Moshijo (type Kamijo- Moshijo the Next Lareine- Knight Versailles- Descendant of the Rose 0-2 Versailles- Rose 5th anniversary box bonus DVD (Like an Edison) Versailles-???Rose??? bonus DVD (Like an Edison) Versailles- various bonus postcards/photos Kamijo- various postcards/photos Kamijo- pin+ various stickers
  12. Arkady

    Watch me reading ALL bands names as they were italian words. 😎 Upside is that japanese and Italian work similar in pronunciations so if the band has a japanese name it usually doesn't end too much f*cken up.
  13. I'm in love. They are all I dreamed since I was a teen (female lead visual kei band + late 90's/early 00's visual kei sound + elegant gothic aestetic).
  14. Arkady

    The first two from the top of my head: Versailles- Serenade kizu- Uramibushi
  15. Anyone knows what shop is this brand, and can help me, please? (sorting a bit among my bandomen postcards) 


    1. Alkaloid


      I believe it's Jishuban Club (自主盤倶楽部).

    2. Masato


      I agree.

    3. Arkady


      Thanks to both! There was no way I was able to find it out by myself.

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