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    Got into this band after hearing 'crucify my love'. The lead singer's voice is like it was finely crafted to sing only ballads. Going to dig out more of their stuff ^•^
  2. FOSCOR70

    OK so... -After branching out of from diru, fellow diru fans and myself of the past makes me cringe. -i find Fan service disturbing. peace~
  3. FOSCOR70

    Mmm...Let's see what they have done this time.
  4. FOSCOR70

    FK no way. it's all bullshit o.0
  5. FOSCOR70

    They are my go-to go band whenever I'm feeling the itch to headbang. Easily one of the Grooviest metal band I've ever come across, Love em!
  6. FOSCOR70

    Diru's 'arche' has many songs with kyo's great falsetto in them like soshaku and you can also check out his sukekiyo band.
  7. FOSCOR70

    Dir en grey D.i.d. (personal favourite) Dimlim Anathema Tk for ling toshe toshire Fear and loathing in Vegas Majority of power metal, glam metal, traditional heavy metal and symphonic metal band vocalists uses falsetto a lot too, for example rob halford, king diamond etc Also Google search for 'singers who sing like girls'. You'll get awesome results, no joke.
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    title says it all. which is the oldest vk orientated music video or the oldest you are aware of? Sprinkle all the info you have about this topic in this thread. Peace~
  9. FOSCOR70

    Weird ass band. I like it.
  10. FOSCOR70

    Could someone make a mixtape of this band please?
  11. FOSCOR70

    This issei guy sure is something. I wonder if he practice Alchemy...
  12. FOSCOR70

    First of all will somebody mind throwing a brick at whoever came with this band's name? Cuz its a pain in the ass to search anything regarding this band cuz of its crappy name. Anyway can anyone please provide me download links to this band's discography? Edit - nvm i got it after searching 'd.i.d. until the day i die visual kei rar' I actually downloaded the mix tape for this band from the official mixtape thread on j music general forums. Thank you mamo for uploaded the mixtape and d gotta say i was not expecting much from this band but boy....was i wrong Q_Q I'm finally discovering the monstrous side of vk. This band sounds legendary. Kinda Like the father version of dimlim (Like how nazare sounds like the offspring of dimlim ;p) Loving every single song so far.
  13. FOSCOR70

    Damn i mixed up the names, i was talking about 'Keigaku no Yoku' being the best track from the album not 'Zetsuentai'. Keigaku no Yoku is the only track which got stuck in my head after first listen, other one is ranunculus. All the other tracks sounds all over the place.
  14. FOSCOR70

    Good tunes,my kind of music. i like their atmospheric dusky sound.
  15. FOSCOR70

    That macabre song just doesn't grow on matter how much i listen to it, sounds boring. Oh and if were talking about vocal range than there are tons and literally tons of people who can compete with kyo and might even leave him behind. I did extensive research finding such monsters. Heres my thread that may interest a some people. https://rateyourmusic.com/board_message?message_id=6931637&board_id=1&find=7198616&x=m#msg7198616
  16. His clean vocals were amazing in his recent stuff, kind of operatic. I hope the magic continues in this too.
  17. FOSCOR70

    I can't find this band on YouTube or Spotify, someone please provide a link or something. I wanna check them out.
  18. FOSCOR70

    That i can't agree more. It's my most played song from this album. Sounds so deviously majestic.
  19. FOSCOR70

    As the title says. Tired of harsh stuff, looking for sweet calm clean voices to sooth my ears. Thank you.
  20. title says it all. I think it would be a great idea to have a separate section/subforums for non Japanese music artists like there is one for japanese music artists. What do you think?
  21. FOSCOR70

    Woah i never really thought of that... Solid point.
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    Judy wondering but was dir en grey the first vk band to add gore in their music videos? Or what's the oldest vk music video with gore in it?
  23. FOSCOR70

    Wtf is happening man... When did vk become so good at the heavy stuff °-° This is sick!
  24. FOSCOR70

    Then what are you waiting for bud! Link it to me ASAP~
  25. FOSCOR70

    Looking for some good vk bands/vocalists who use a little high pitched voice in singing or naturally have a high pitched voice. I'm looking for clean vocals obviously with minimal or no screaming but it's not a must. Thank you.