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  1. FOSCOR70

    Something similar to 'rijin' (DIMLIM) https://rateyourmusic.com/release/single/dimlim/離人/
  2. FOSCOR70

    why are they not on spotify damit.
  3. FOSCOR70

    Poor man's Deviloof.
  4. FOSCOR70

    When is their new album going to release? I saw people talking about it on youtube.
  5. FOSCOR70

    He looks too cool. im fking jealous. As for music i really enjoyed the part where he raps in harsh vocals.
  6. FOSCOR70

    Generalizations are awful most of the time but this thread asked for it and i gave it in as simple and basic way as possible and i think it perfectly fits the bill. Though if anybody want an explanation of my original response i'd be happy to give and you might pple even enjoy it lol. Nowhere did i said gossip is bad in fact i totally agree with you and prefer to gossip whenever possible except on internet as i dont socialize much on internet ^ ^
  7. FOSCOR70

    Who's the richest fuck in visual kei at this moment and in all of its history? I guessing its either the x japan or L'Arc-en-Ciel members....though i dont really know. what do you think? And if theres a similar thread like this then link it or merge.
  8. FOSCOR70

    dont like horror movies though recently watched the shining for the first time and was kinda disappointed. didnt lived up to its hype.
  9. FOSCOR70

    Loving their new album so far. His screaming and clean singing have significantly improved. Im getting some serious infant annihilator vibes from there new album which is one my fav band. They have 13643 Spotify monthly listens which i guess is a great number for these newer vk bands. I mean fucking dir en grey only have 35k monthly listens... I think these guys are going to get big.
  10. FOSCOR70

    Females are all 'kyaa!' 'kyaa!' and they like to gossip. Most males seems bi so they all are also 'kyaa!' 'kyaa!' and they like to gossip. the few straight ones we have likes to listens to heavy bands and keep silent while laughing at the peeps who participate in the vk drama that actually only involves the western fangirls and bi's destroying their keyboards.
  11. FOSCOR70

    spotify u no? i'l buy physical copies of my fav albums when i grow up!
  12. FOSCOR70

    all those fans who likes or discuss anything other than the music are creepy and annoying to me.
  13. FOSCOR70

    ah fuck. this was the only band that i looked up to after Dir en grey. i really hope they continue making eargasmic music.
  14. FOSCOR70

    From your description i really thought you were going to be some 50 or 60 year old grandma...smh. Anyway enjoy your stay. And i dimlim too, It's my 2nd fav band.
  15. FOSCOR70

    Anymore information? Like which mmorpg?
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