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  1. FOSCOR70

    From your description i really thought you were going to be some 50 or 60 year old grandma...smh. Anyway enjoy your stay. And i dimlim too, It's my 2nd fav band.
  2. FOSCOR70

    Anymore information? Like which mmorpg?
  3. FOSCOR70

    a bunch of vk bands had their songs selected for a lot of anime opening songs.
  4. Would love to become Issei's business partner. Guy surely makes gold. i might also be able to learn a thing or two from him in how to become a...
  5. FOSCOR70

    Just what do people even expect from the people who follow vk scene. I mean vk in a nutshell from what I've understood is- -A bunch of guys majority of them straight,playing music dressed up as girls, kissing other guys dressed up as girls on stage and fucking somewhat real girls after and back stage. And don't forgot guys dressed up as girls kissing other dudes dressed up as girl help somewhat other real girls to masturbate. Make whatever you want from this.
  6. FOSCOR70

    They say everything in sarcasm or irony.
  7. FOSCOR70

    'Kyoclone' Gonna blatantly rip off dir en grey if i ever started to make music ^_-
  8. FOSCOR70

    I was not around when this band despairay was active but can definately say it must have been huge. This is probably the most recommended band to me. Almost everybody recommended me this band at some point of time. He better make good use of this opportunity.
  9. FOSCOR70

    Just going to listen to them cuz of that hoodie guy, looking cool af. Gotta Google where to buy vk clothing.
  10. FOSCOR70

    The vocalist of sadie and the thirteen. He has gone under some crazy vocal mutation between these bands.
  11. FOSCOR70

    Grieva They seems to have been stuck in some time loop of vulgar/Withering to Death era. If you got what i mean.
  12. FOSCOR70

    You might wanna check out the date when i created this thread lol. i made this thread around 10 months ago when i was new and now im well versed with this site and the vk scene. Anyway, recommendations are always welcome so thanks
  13. FOSCOR70

    Dir en grey should get it's own sub forum already. A single puny artist thread won't do it compared to its ever-growing cult like fanbase.
  14. FOSCOR70

    DIMLIM sounds cool to me. It somehow also resonates with their music. Those thin child like vocals along with dark and dim atmosphere. Creepy... If talking about Western bands then I'll say, -Oceans ate Alaska Most badass band name period just like their music. Chilling vocals and the mixing of their tracks is phenomenal.
  15. FOSCOR70

    Wanted to hear songs with screaming after enjoying that little shriek that tk of ling toshire does on Tokyo ghoul opening song 'unravel' . I was not aware of metal genre or any other music genre heck didn't even knew that music even had genres. So anyway somebody recommended me dir en grey and there you have it.
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