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  1. FOSCOR70

    Hm...i couldn't get into this band cuz they were and are not edgy enough.
  2. FOSCOR70

    anybody know how many dir en grey songs are about abortion? for some reason whenever im going to through the comment sections of dir en grey songs on YouTube i always come across at least one comment which reads how the above song is about abortion. From what i know only one of their song is about abortion which was 'mazohyst of decadence'.
  3. FOSCOR70

    God bless this band.
  4. FOSCOR70

    Ive found such a thing related to dir en grey that will make all of this Bands fandom to go nuts but I'm not going to share it cuz it's only mine. And before anybody asks, No.it's not kyo's or any other diru bandmember's underwear or their used tissues or any other bodily fluid you sick fan girls! Sho! sho! go away!!!
  5. FOSCOR70

    I believe majority of the known vk guys are around 30-40 years old. They join in their teens and get noticed when they reach middle age.
  6. FOSCOR70

    could someone make a mixtape of this guy jin?
  7. FOSCOR70

    anybody have instrumental version of 'Grotesque' or can make one...somehow?
  8. FOSCOR70

    Holy moly!!! I just want to grab and hug them all!! These tiny balls of love ah...
  9. FOSCOR70

    I dislike dogs, actually i kinda hate them. Mostly because how loud they are, and how society accepts them as man's best friend even though they can be Just as dangerous as any other wild animal plus 99% of the dog owners I've met in real don't take care of them seriously. I like small cats and rodents. So far I have petted rabbits, parrots, sparrows, cats, puppies, chicks, goats and turtles though currently i only own a medium sized fish tanks with 6 different kind of fishes.
  10. I'll give it 2.5/5 Merry go round was 5/5 for me and tick tack was 3/5. Haven't listened to his rest of discography more than twice so can't say much about it other than it didn't caught my attention in first listen like merry go round did.
  11. FOSCOR70

    These guys are good. Count on me, they are worth supporting. Will be looking forward to this release.
  12. Merry go round was quite enjoyable unlike his rest of the stuff. Lets see what he got this time.
  13. FOSCOR70

    maximum the hormone and thats it.
  14. FOSCOR70

    Send dick pics to whoever is insulting you. You might get banned but hey! It's fun and your leaving anyway.
  15. FOSCOR70

    ya everything people say about yohio is true as people never lie on internet.
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