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  1. ChimeraKei

    A cool hard rock style from a band that usually plays Metal or Touhou related music.
  2. ChimeraKei

    Supercar - Lucky Phantasmagoria - Gensoukyoku Eternal Silence Malice Mixer - Au Revoir I haven't looked up the English translation but the vocals and tone established in these songs invokes emotions of sadness for me
  3. ChimeraKei

    I love this guy Kisamake. His channel focuses on makeup tutorials covering various themes and has done many visual kei makeup tutorials as well. (His channel isn't really Vkei focuses though, occasional VKei tutorials) His style of humor can seem odd but I find it amusing. He looks like Mana-sama He has other VKei makeup tutorials of Dadaroma, Mejibray, Minpha etc.