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  1. Interesting collaboration, those Puro mascot things are very cute though
  2. Mike Pence is a die hard Christian who has always been pushing for these types of things. Very old school guy who doesn't want the schools to teach about safe sex for example and encouraged abstinence instead. Donald Trump himself not a religious enthusiast as he proclaims himself to be, he couldn't even say a single verse in the bible. This is the work of Donald Trumps Vice President Mike Pence for sure. Mike Pence is the same guy who made a speech in front Congress where he questioned the credibility of Evolution and argued for Creationism (biblical interpretation of life) instead. I don't believe public schools should be teaching the bible imo, not everyone believes in the bible. What if school began teaching Buddhism, the Quran, hinduism, etc. It will be a big mess 😕 I don't mean to offend anyone but this is just my opinion
  3. Syu singing voice in his song Cacotopia is actually not bad. I didnt know he could sing. The drums I believe are programmed. I guess Fumiya was too busy since he was in a lot of bands. I think collaboration projects featuring multiple singers like this are great, more interesting than just another instrumental album. I am glad to see Syu inviting Vkei and NonVkei artists too
  4. I am familiar and fond of San ever since I found Nega. Though I have not kept up with his new band Lack-co because I did not enjoy the vocals. What is Tentens history in the VK scene? I am not too familiar with him. I am still a VK noob 😅 Also I have noticed San was promoting BL stuff, I didnt know he resorted to these types of things. Edit: Nvm I just googled his history.
  5. ChimeraKei

    I havent took the time to listen to Ringo Sheena, I have heard her name floating around from some time. I only recognize Dir En Grey and DimLim from the list above 😧 My Shuffled Playlist: (1) Exist Trace - Resonance (2) Jupiter - Theory of Evolution (3) Abingdon Boys School - Howling (4) Diaura - Lost November (5) Unlucky Morpheus - Phantom Blood (6) Magistina Saga - Fate Gear (7) Diaura - Trigger (8) Mamireta - Ojamashimasu (9) The Gazette - Nakigahara (10) Band Maid - Thrill Songs like Lost November is nostalgic and Ojamashimasu is very catchy. Though I have decided on the song Phantom Blood for its epic neoclassical power metal style and operatic vibrato. The title track is probably a reference to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure knowing the bands interests in anime. ☺
  6. ChimeraKei

    A cool hard rock style from a band that usually plays Metal or Touhou related music.
  7. ChimeraKei

    Supercar - Lucky Phantasmagoria - Gensoukyoku Eternal Silence Malice Mixer - Au Revoir I haven't looked up the English translation but the vocals and tone established in these songs invokes emotions of sadness for me
  8. ChimeraKei

    I love this guy Kisamake. His channel focuses on makeup tutorials covering various themes and has done many visual kei makeup tutorials as well. (His channel isn't really Vkei focuses though, occasional VKei tutorials) His style of humor can seem odd but I find it amusing. He looks like Mana-sama He has other VKei makeup tutorials of Dadaroma, Mejibray, Minpha etc.