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    Forgot to pre-order, like an idiot. Now my heart is broken, 2-4 weeks until CD Japan can ship it. I hope everyone else was smarter than me!! Excuse me while I go watch the Vanitas MV for the 100th time and cry. Ah, I cannot wait to hear it and to hear people's thoughts on it!!!
  2. NeverendingWorld

    Okay, so aside from agreeing with everything you said... I loved RAZOR from the moment I heard RED INVISIBLE. ギブミー 不気 味 completely blew me away and remains one of my favourite songs, well ever. Musically, with the exception of a few standard/medicore singles (which I still like!) their songs can be so creative an interesting and melodic just, I have nothing but love for this band. And live, they were better than I possibly could have imagined. Super tight, minimal use of tracks and honestly Ryoga's stage presence was unlike ANYTHING I have ever seen. He made other, perfectly great vocalists who were better technically pale after taking the stage that night (Yoshihatsu of DADAROMA was anticlimactic after Ryoga, and I love DADAROMA!). I have NEVER seen anyone work a crowd like that, or put so much of themself physically into a performance. It was so dynamic! In short, yeah they have some misses but check out their b-sides and if you have the chance to see them live, do!!! (And that's saying nothing about their aesthetic, which imo, is always on point!) As for their latest release, it came in the mail today! Along with a double sided plastic RAZOR folder of some kind, thanks for that random freebie CD Japan! Unsurprisingly, love the songs so much. I think 紅く散らばる華 is possibly their strongest single so far, and Sorrow Rain is going to be on repeat for days. (Not a detailed analysis but I have only listened once so far xD) I'd love hear what others think of this release! Sidenote: On every instagram post Ryoga seems to put "it's spring, isn't it?', does anyone know what this actually means? So curious.
  3. NeverendingWorld

    My... heart... <\3 Hopefully Yusuke will be okay!
  4. NeverendingWorld

    Hey!! Haha welcome to Monochrome Heaven Aww thank you, I'm glad you liked my introduction! Who's your fave? Also, ahh, I know right. Shohei is amazing. Plus I'm pretty sure there is video of him cooking on youtube, sexy and domesticated, plus those basslines, I can admire that xD
  5. NeverendingWorld

    Amazing list!! Arlequin is defintiely one of those bands that should not be judged on singles alone (even when their singles are killer!). All of these songs are great, I never realised how many of my favourites are b-sides etc. (lullaby is probably my all time favourite though!) Thanks for puttting it together, it was a fun read
  6. I wonder why Ryoga uses so many vocal effects?! His voice is great live and it has such nice tones, plus he has a great range. But wooow exciting song! Brb going to preorder this!
  7. NeverendingWorld

    Pre Vantias = complete indifference. I was wrong I was wrong oh this band, oh my gods, these last two songs have been unspeakably awesome!!!! The structure and the vocals an just EVERYTHING!! ❤️
  8. NeverendingWorld

    Honestly, I'm a little disappointed. Because of the production value visually versus the quality of the audio, and yeah it's a (imo) medicore pop song... But I'm mostly disappointed because after all those teasers I had money on Tzuzuku rapping, and he hasn't... yet. Really, I'm trying to reserve judgement until they release more. The manifesto was impressive, and like yay artistic freedom...
  9. NeverendingWorld

    No! Not at all! I've just been made fun of for liking them a lot xD Shohei is legitimately my favourite bassist in VK right now sound wise <3
  10. NeverendingWorld

    😮 I'm so jealous! That must have been amazing! Back when Pitty was around ❤️ My last concert was RAZOR, Xaa-Xaa, DADAROMA and Grimoire in Osaka, this May. It was my first visual kei live and I was honestly not disappointed. My expectations were low after so many negative live reports but... wow! RAZOR were spectacular (Ryoga was exceptionally physical and charismatic, also a great vocalist live which I was not expecting admittedly), Grimoire were good (but not my cup of tea), DADAROMA were having some really bad luck (techincal issues, Tomo seemed really mad but they pulled through!) and Xaa-Xaa... were a million times better than I expected them to be, honestly the highlight of the entire night. Every member of the band was musically on point, the singer's vocals were the best of the whole night and the songs were all fantastic. !00% converted.
  11. NeverendingWorld

    Totally generic title >> But I'm bad at titles. I mean, my attempts at choosing a username went so badly I settled for a lyric from my favourite cheesy MORRIGAN song. Anyway, hi! I'm Amy, a VK loving Australian who has been reading posts here for years and figured it's time to finally make an account! As for my music taste? I listen to a LOT of bands indiscriminately and am always looking for new bands and songs to listen to. Some favourite acts of mine are RAZOR, Kiryu, Xaa-Xaa, (since seeing them live, they totally blew me away), DADAROMA's early stuff, Arlequin (unironically), POIDOL (also unironically), DIMLIM (Vanitas sold me) and I still love a lot of songs and albums by the GazettE and MEJIBRAY, since they got me into this genre! There's so much to love about visual kei, from the music to the visuals it's great that there are communities celebrating it... and making fun of it, and all that good stuff. (Although apparently being 20 in the visual kei instagram community makes me a Bonafide Old Person... who would have thought...) Er, what else? I play the bass... and I like long walks on the beach AND I'm occasionally mediocre at both introductions and intentional comedy. That's about it! ^_^
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