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    Mostly into indie visual/oshare kei bands from around 2000-2010. Also really into matina bands and other kote kei 90s-early 00s stuff. I like some of the newer vk stuff but not much. 🙍🏻

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    4 songs by DERAIL, love the 1st the most.
  5. vkboytotransgirl

    Nostalgiaaaa incoming, I'm greek and this brings back so many memories!
  6. vkboytotransgirl

    @Bear No, not in that way, that's your biggest wish, will never happen. I watched some Korean horror movie Sector 7 which was meh. Watched 2 japanese horrors 1 named Death water, that one was pretty good and creepy if you're into weird japanese movies, second was so shit cant even remember the name.
  7. vkboytotransgirl

    Fuck u 🖕
  8. vkboytotransgirl

    Last movie I watched was Veronica (2017). Meh, it was okay-ish, nothing special. Seems like I've seen every good horror movie already. I'm really into horror but I've watched 300+ movies already. Nothing below the year 2000 because that is boring to me. Hope anyone has suggestions.
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    Wtf, this is fucked up..
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    Wish they could come back. </3
  14. vkboytotransgirl

    I miss this band too, they were amazing.
  15. vkboytotransgirl

    Ugh missed this