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    Well... I Respect your opinions and points of view... It's Interesting read a guy to make a ranking list of the Diru's albums... This is my Ranking From Best To Worst: 01-UROBOROS [Remastered & Expanded] 02-DUM SPIRO SPERO 03-ARCHE 04-The Insulated World 05-THE MARROW OF A BONE 06-Kisou 07-Macabre 08-VULGAR 09-Withering To Death 10-GAUZE
  2. ZudokatoKuroO

    Well is very Interesting read a little review for a person about Mucc Discography, well... I Discover Mucc a few years and right now i take the time to listen their whole discography, in fact thanks for the realese of their new album: Kowareta Piano To Living Dead. So after listen and listen and listen all their albums from start to finish here is my TOP 15 Of Mucc Albums: 01-Kowareta Piano To Living Dead (Most equilibrate and balance Allbum to date, Heavy, Mellow, Epic, Alternative, The Past with a piano, this is the reason that i've become a TRUE MUCC fan) 02-Kuchiki No Tou (I know for some persons is predicible but not guilt me xD! this a fucking Masterpiece) 03-Shin Homura Uta (I listen the Shin Version first and later the original and in my personal opinion I preffer the Re-Record Ver) 04-Myakuhaku (Very Experimental with ALL In One... This Allbum was Fucking Fantastic) 05-Shion (I LOVE IT) 06-Kyutai 07-Zekuu 08-T.R.E.N.D.Y -Paradise From 1997- 09-The End Of The World 10-Gokusai 11-Shin Tsuzetsu 12-Shangri-La 13-Karma 14-Houyoku 15-6 This is my personal opinion, I respect a lot the all Mucc Fanbase top and opinions so it's okay if is different.
  3. Very Interesting this article...
  4. I Love the Visual Kei Era too, Actually I Love All DIR EN GREY Music.... I don't care the visual looks i just enjoy the art....I have 5 Years since become a fan and just absorb Everything of this band.... But always we gonna love more an albums than others... ¿What do you think of the Album @Seelentau ?
  5. Not for VINUSHKA, for THE BLOSOMING BEELZEBUB but actually Vinushka is my favorite song.... Anyone has a CD-Rip for the DISC 2 OF The Insulated World?
  6. I like the new album, it's not my favorite of them but i like it... My Personal Top DIR EN GREY Albums: 01-UROBOROS [Remastered & Expanded] 02-DUM SPIRO SPERO 03-The Insulated World 04-ARCHE 05-THE MARROW OF A BONE 06-Withering to death. 07-Kisou 08-VULGAR 09-MACABRE 10-GAUZE And for now this is my TIW TOP TRACKS: 01-Zetsuentai 02-Keigaku No Yoku 03-Aka 04-Celebrate Empty Howls 05-Followers 06-Downfall 07-Ranunculus 08-Utafumi 09-Ningen Wo Kaburu 10-Keibetsu To Hajimari 11-Values Of Madness 12-Devote My Life 13-Rubbish Heap PD: I LOVE ALL REMAKES, SPECIALLY The Deeper Vilness.
  7. ZudokatoKuroO

    Meanwhile, telle me your opinion... Which UROBOROS you prefer: UROBOROS (2008) VS UROBOROS [Remastered & Expanded] (2012) ?
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