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  1. ajisaii052

    I stuck to this song: [PV] Kagrra, - Irodori no Sanka [彩の讃歌] https://youtu.be/6N-R71NcfRA
  2. ajisaii052

    I maybe like more 9GOATS this song more https://youtu.be/BMR07pRZBFE Sorry, my skills using these pages are not so good - yet.
  3. ajisaii052

    Oh yes, RES, and 9 GOATS BLACK OUT. I play almost always 9GOATS, when I feel down. Beautiful !!
  4. ajisaii052

    MUCC has talent to do emotional songs 😢
  5. ajisaii052

    First time I heard this band *shame* It's beautiful, but really from Jun 1, 2019?
  6. ajisaii052

    Yeah, certain mood needs certain kind of music. I love this virge's song very much.
  7. ajisaii052

    SCREW, oh yes, Alice Nine also, awww Daizy Stripper, Vidoll ^^But my top fav of this list is absolutely Kagrra, - 彩の讃歌 (Irodori no Sanka) 💕 I never get bored to listen Kagrra ~
  8. ajisaii052

    Moran - one band I miss very much.
  9. ajisaii052

    I liked that art cube's song - very emotional. Last band is also lovely Chloroform (?)
  10. ajisaii052

  11. It's hard to create an opinion. Gossip was my favourite band. So this NICHOLAS will surely also be 💕 I think they sound awesome *\^o^/* But it's my biased opinion. lol
  12. ajisaii052

    I love their sound ! Umh ... cute guys too 😛
  13. ajisaii052

    aika? Mmmhh, looks good ^o^
  14. ajisaii052

    Love the video and song also 😍
  15. ajisaii052

    I like them very much - according this song. And wish they shall stay 'in business' long time ❣️
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