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  1. IchiHiroya

    Please enlighten me about what you "got". Edit: And I oop- Nevermind. I also got it. 😂
  2. IchiHiroya

    Hi. Hello. I'm just curious as to what you guys think of their latest release? I honestly think it's a bop and even Koichi's voice sounds pleasant(?). If anything, it kinda makes me look forward to their second album????
  3. Well, shit, karma is a bitch, I guess.
  4. Damn, Haku is slaying the visuals in this one.
  5. IchiHiroya

    The chorus is weak, Souma's cleans are weak, and for a band with two talented guitarists, I can't help but feel disappointed. 🙁
  6. Lucy/Rushi has done a very good job in KILLANETH and LARM was great in DEVIZE, too so I don't know what you're talking about.
  7. Hello! Has anyone seen this tweet? https://twitter.com/vpv_official/status/1157285865317470212?s=19
  8. IchiHiroya

    Kei slays me everytime. Damn.
  9. IchiHiroya

    I don't really mind the song but I also don't care much for it. I just hope their dancing will improve if they wanna make this a long-term thing. PS: Music aside, YU-TA's vocals and visuals are amazing (forget the terrible dancing lol). Is he from a band/project?
  10. IchiHiroya

    I agree that Tsubasa was probably better than Taishi. If only Tsubasa had kept it in his pants... 👀👀👀
  11. IchiHiroya

    Goodbye, indeed. 🙌🙌🙌
  12. IchiHiroya

    Honey, that's not how you do a nose contour. (p′︵‵。)
  13. IchiHiroya

    MiA is s h o o k e t h 😂
  14. IchiHiroya

    Is it weird that I like this Ryoga/Tsurugi "duet chorus" more than Keisuke/Ray in Dusky Vision? PS: Tsurugi's movement aesthetics got me replaying the chorus just for his bits. 👌👌👌
  15. IchiHiroya

    https://twitter.com/8psb_official/status/1143804374323384320?s=19 Matador, y'all.
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