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  1. Liking the song and the video seems unpopular but hot dang, that was a fun watch! (´⌣`ʃƪ)☆
  2. IchiHiroya

    CRIM is coming for 8PSB's wigsssssss 😂
  3. Did they make any sort of announcement/post about his departure? O_O
  4. They're missing a member. Where's the other guitarist?
  5. IchiHiroya

    Kill me now, please. Before all my of my stan bands disband, kill me now, dammit. //Archemi and DIMLIM, I fucking swear-- //clings like a mthrfkr//
  6. IchiHiroya

    Koyomi- who? O_O
  7. Holy shit. Goosebumps at 0:50. 😍
  8. IchiHiroya

    Noah legit looks like a 35-year-old creep with those wrinkles and sunken smile lines. They should look for another makeup artist because gurl, those nose contours got me thinking that they got three-inch-wide nose bridges. #thankyounext
  9. IchiHiroya

    I was really holding onto that tiny glimmer of hope that Mejibray would come back but after hearing this album and seeing that MiA had changed his IG username (he's no longer mejibraymia), I'm just gonna let go of that hope and go away while I can still remember Tsuzuku when he was still Tsuzuku and not this... this... monstrosity. //sighs
  10. IchiHiroya

    2018 is the year of unfortunate band names. They should do a two-man with CHICBOY. 😂
  11. IchiHiroya

    Plot twist: It's Cazqui and Daichi from Nokubura. 😂
  12. Uhmmm.... No. https://twitter.com/pentagon_atsuki/status/1066310795556904963795556904963
  13. IchiHiroya

    Please tell me that I am not the only one who thinks this band is a downgrade from Killaneth. (ノへ ̄、)
  14. IchiHiroya

    If Koichi does that to Genki, then, he can go burn in hell with his abhorrent back tattoo.