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  1. Sounds a little...different
  2. Avalon_vkei

    Juka comes back 😟
  3. I think he is Zansuh from Darian Marian. I think that because he is following 4 people on instagram, from which 2 are Darian Marian members, and also he kinda looks like Zansuh. Can anyone confirm if I am right or wrong?
  4. Did the drummer evaporate? 😨 Did I miss something?
  5. Avalon_vkei

    The singer looks so familiar to me. I swear I've seen him somewhere 😶
  6. Avalon_vkei

    NOOOOOO T_T I liked him
  7. Avalon_vkei

    When I saw "Zin" I thought it was the band Zin...
  8. Avalon_vkei

  9. Avalon_vkei

    Did I miss anything on Naru? can anyone educate me on what Naru did?
  10. Avalon_vkei

    Loki getting his head shaved had me shocked
  11. Avalon_vkei

    Ui deleted his twitter..
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