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  1. he’s done glitter lips before, that’s probably why https://i.imgur.com/BF4xNPy.jpg
  2. the boy slit his wrists live, i don’t think he’s really gonna give a shit if a couple of gaijin are using google translate to tell him his hat is Bad ™️
  3. there’ll also be a live DVD which i am very upset i won’t be able to get JSJSJSJ
  4. he looks like a whole fucking snack in this video, i am LIVING. also idk if that’s the actual track playing but it sounds good.
  5. visvasrit

    got the dvd in yesterday, watching it right now, it’s great to relive this day. i never figured out what “fto” is supposed to stand for, to this day.
  6. for sure! i can’t figure it out on mobile right now so please DM me.
  7. i was on mobile so i guess i couldn't open it right, lol. ;; anywho! the one i have is silver hair.
  8. this virus thing is getting way too scary. that sucks the performance got cancelled.
  9. I saw you have Avelcain cheki but the photos are private. Do you have any of Karma? Also, I have a signed Ryu cheki but it’s from his Far East Dizain days. Are you interested?
  10. visvasrit

    does anyone have a physical copy of their CDs? do they come with a booklet or something? i'm in desperate need of kanji lyrics for “the kiss” and “lolita”, lol.
  11. visvasrit

    “MiA様(きょうのすけギャ男)“ i snorted
  12. visvasrit

    the problem is the person OP mentioned is the only one i’ve seen offer service for that certain band, so i think sometimes extreme circumstances call for going that route.
  13. visvasrit

    it’s still overseas, they’re just postponing it to november.
  14. visvasrit

    thanks for the review. it sucks the one person offering service for rands isn’t very good...
  15. visvasrit

    i loved what they had to offer, i hope they decide to do a full come back.
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