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  1. this is nitpicky but why does he hold the cat like that,,, in the selfies he took it literally looks like he’s choking it LMAo i love karma
  2. “my art is worthless” angst art hoe queen
  3. visvasrit

    deluhi, jiluka and leda's solo stuff are available on american spotify now 🤍
  4. visvasrit

    in that case, wouldn’t it be better to set their music worldwide so they get more plays? this is about bands already on spotify of course, like DELUHI. i also saw JILUKA is on spotify but they’re blocked outside japan too. it’s just disheartening since apple music is so bad imo but most bands are there i play 蘭図 on repeat all the time just for that reason you said of them getting payed LOL
  5. visvasrit

    why do these even exist. do the bands set them or spotify?
  6. visvasrit

    why am i literally psychic 😔👊
  7. visvasrit

    hoooly shit, i fucking called it. this is surreal. im glad to see sujk doing activity again, but wow...
  8. the farthest by deluhi. it’s completely in english. juri's english is pretty good.
  9. visvasrit

    i like the white medical eyepatches. i’ve always wanted one but i only find cloth ones online, not actual plastic ones like bandomen use. karma should bring back the eyepatch fr fr
  10. i cried like a baby near the end, aaaaa. also, i wanna see all those comments. i’m assuming they’re from CDs so i’m kinda sad cus i stream due to shipping costs. __(:3 z K)__
  11. did someone record the streams? seems they’re both gone now
  12. i woke up at 2 am for this and it was so worth it. i am full of emotion right now. them getting into their phalaenopsis outfits for the second part just took my heart. man, takuya is so fucking talented... but also my heart broke seeing his face, i know he was probably in pain. ;; i was surprised: 4 cameras? i felt like i was watching a live dvd rather a livestream... it was great! karma was dramatic as usual, i loved it. and it was amazing to see how it all goes down live, makoto’s switch from bass to synth was nice. i just couldn’t take seeing takuya cry. ;; oh mannn... i loved it. also my dream of seeing lolita played live was accomplished somehow, lol. thank you rands 🥺 now to see what the heck happens now
  13. i'd buy 😔✌️
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