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  1. ゼロ(*´з`)

    aaa, please, before they disband, someone please help me get my hands on their merch. __(:'3 z L)__
  2. ゼロ(*´з`)

    by the way, jrocknews translated everyone's comments here. spoilered in case you don't wanna go to the website: Keita: Leda: Яyu: Sujk:
  3. ゼロ(*´з`)

    i know, the /s meant it was sarcasm... i don’t have english as my native, i’m not good at showing it was a joke sorry, haha!
  4. ゼロ(*´з`)

    this boy really out here calling himself pipi,,,,
  5. ゼロ(*´з`)

    yes during his comment at the april 19th live he said he didn’t like VK anymore. which can be easily resolved, bring back DELUHI just not with the snazzy costumes lol /s edit: my english is not native oof the “/s” means it’s sarcasm sorry!
  6. ゼロ(*´з`)

    just hope that leda and sujk do something else, and hope it’s together. i cant handle trying to follow three bands at the same time. (?) (i was fine with FED and BH cus i love deluhi too much, but sujk and leda separate in other projects would be too much) oof... like i say yes and no cus deluhi means a lot to me and someone else wouldn’t feel like deluhi. but then i also think, gdi aggy suck it up and make up with leda LOL. i wonder if deluhi came back with another bassist how it'd go down... to continue OT: leda's the only one who’s said something on twitter. oof... hope it’s not too rough that it seems his projects always die __(:3 z L)__ i also hope keita does something else cus i came to love his vocals!
  7. far east dizain breaking up just makes me cry, since i know that juri and aggy are really content with breakin' holiday and thus there's no chance of deluhi coming back.

    i just hope sujk and leda keep working, i don't want them to disappear from the music scene.

  8. ゼロ(*´з`)

    i wouldn't keep my fingers crossed for a DELUHI comeback. at their april 19th live, they said it would be the last (i was there). and it also seems aggy and leda don't get along.
  9. ゼロ(*´з`)

    i want to cry. i love them so much... oh my god. please, i hope leda and sujk make another project. i don’t want then to drop off the face of the music scene...
  10. ゼロ(*´з`)

    i don't listen to the ~must know~ bands like dir en grey, malice mizer, x japan... and i'm fine like that, but i worry being seen as a "fake" v-kei fan.
  11. ゼロ(*´з`)

    lol, finally.
  12. ゼロ(*´з`)

    from what we’ve seen, i love it. definitely following them.
  13. we talked about this in a discord group but they just look like a k pop band now minpha oppa saranghae LMAO /shot
  14. ゼロ(*´з`)

    reviving this thread to give a commentary of their april 19th revival live at tsutaya o-east in shibuya. i was lucky enough to score a ticket and go, and aaa, too many feels... ~ setlist ~ 1. hybrid truth 2. rebel sicks shadow six 3. freedom 4. flow snow 5. wake up 6. shade 7. ivory and irony 8. the farthest 9. no salvation 10. follow the future 11. g.a.l.d. 12. revolver blast 13. frontier 14. skapegoat 15. baby play 16. f.t.o. 17. departure ~ encore ~ 18. remember the rain 19. vivid place 20. coda 21. orion once again 22. two hurt
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