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  1. Masato

    Anyone that attended the event?
  2. Masato

    Check out my profile pic, it's Kisaki. Santa.... 🤣
  3. The first Album was still from Kaitou Sentai -A- and Kaitou Shounen. That's when they did an idol and then a golden bomber air band parody. So while there is a tendency to write a bit about VK fans, it's still tame, and mostly lamenting about life like GB. It's when they transitioned to Nusumumja that they started to be more "explicit" and clearly voiced tanuki topics, rumors, mitsu etc. And started with the parodies. Actually, I feel they are doing reasonably well, and have attracted more fans recently, so that is very cool. Also Masato wrote an original song about lying, cheating and money greedy bandomen lately. Basically what all people who were involved with bandomen report. Lol
  4. Bandomen, dame! Zettai! "A song for all the stupid, delusional fans that want to hook up with that bandomen, that's just cool on stage." By Masato
  5. Masato

    I feel most of VK requires separating art from the artist as a lot of them have so much dirt, mitsu whatever bad treatment of tsunagari/mitsu going on... And sooner or later the tea will be spilled...
  6. Masato

    Yeah, let's wait for Kisaki drama 2k19 or 2k20 if the guy is careful. As of now he is just trolling other bandomen... in a even more douche fashion than Yoshiki
  7. Tanuki-parody-kei 😂 Half their releases get stopped by other labels, even though among babdmen they find it really funny. When they got the order from Sanrio, they actually posted it back then. 😂
  8. Masato

    He is gone now and can not do harm anymore! I really wonder if akb is any better....
  9. Masato

    He died today at the age of 87. He was basically the founder of the japanese male idol groups incl. SMAP, Arashi, Kat-tun and many more. RIP. https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20190709/p2g/00m/0et/089000c
  10. It was, also already with Merveilles there were enough instances in which dancing was more important than playing Instruments. I know they can play instruments! Just with Malice there were also enough live performances where that was not the key point of the performance.
  11. I am so confused by them playing actually Instruments and performing a live without dancing...
  12. Masato

    Are they on a break? Did they ban all their fans for attending a Mathilda live?
  13. Masato

    Then you have a lot in common with the British, who also had no idea what was going on. 😂 Unfortunately, now they have to deal with reality and that's more complicated than slogans on a bus. 🤡 Watch the John Oliver video I posted! It actually raises some good points in a very understandable way. Also the downfall of May is a disaster in my opinion as the follow up guys now have even less solutions to the problems occurring... The British have voted "No" on 8 alternatives! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 With no one proposing a good solution. It's such a mess. The problem is, no one knew back then what "leave" really meant and nowadays they still have no clue what exactly they want.
  14. Masato

    You are such a movie/youtube victim! LOL Why wait for a movie when it's going on live before your eyes?
  15. Masato

    If anything it's about the lies and campains before the vote. Which is probably also very interesting, but the real shit began AFTER the vote and is continuing to this day!
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