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  1. How much will the Tickets be.... hmmmm
  2. He watched too much Drag Race... He should pair up with Kaya to get a good outfit next time.... nothing halv assed. Lol
  3. I don't think it's a parody. It's just a goofy song.
  4. Masato

    I totally agree! I went to LMFAO in Stockholm and was in the front and there was also lots of pushing, hitting and violence going on. I could not enjoy the LIVE and was just furious at the other "fans" being such asses. My friend was pushed back from front to 5th row. And they even had an age restriction 18+ there..... so yeah, they don't have to be teens. People in their 20s can also be assholes. Unfortunately one or two years don't make such a big difference behaviour-whise
  5. Masato

    Who cares about other fans? 🙄 Don't you have better things to do with your life? Like going to the 8P-SB artist thread????? 😏
  6. Masato

    R-shitei Totally
  7. It's super hot and sexy, right? I am considering flying to latvia or russia or wherever this event was promoted to see the king of ninjas in person performing the ninja-rap of my life! But this is actually OT, So back to Gene Wong, who is nowhere near the golrious Satsuki-Ninja-sama! Nin Nin!
  8. So.... who the hell is Gene Wong with his dong? Some youtube-garage-PV celebrity with 2 followers?
  9. Masato

    Maybe beacause no one currrs anymore? Same as no one saying "Our man Gackt speaks some English "
  10. Masato

    Preview was interesting, but they lost me with this clip....
  11. Masato

    San from Lack-co speaks some English
  12. Masato

    Wtf..... I died
  13. Masato

    Lol, Masato from Kaitou Sentai is 30. Rame (ex vidoll) probably 35-40 Kisaki 40+ But yeah, 30-40 seems right for most established bands. The young guys are in the do-do-do minor bands