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  1. Masato

  2. Masato

    I think the takemasa thing was too recent to incorporate
  3. Hi, Here I have the japanese text and would like to request a translation. As I don't have so much time at the moment. 苦しいほどに子きすぎるの 好きすぎても この想いは ねぇ 悲しいほどわわない 届かない そうあなたは ママの事が一番 マザコン男 初デートにママが同席 貴方は嬉しそうに 笑ってたの その理由は ママが買ってくれた服 お店のメニューたくさんあって 決まらない貴方は優れ不断 そういう時はママに決めてもらう 穏やかで優しい そんな貴方は 私の理想のタイプのはずなのに 絶え間なくく 言葉は私への 甘い言葉 なんか じゃないママの自慢話だけ 頼んでもらったカルアミルク はしゃいでいる 貴方の笑顔は しいほどやるせない 壊せない この恋は 甘くなんかないわ モヒートのように 「ボクの理想のタイプはねぇ、 ママみたいな女性 (ひと) 」だなんて 勝ち目ない でもこのまま あきらめたくない 「ママと比べてはだいぶ母性が足りない」 だなんて おかしいじゃん 実の母よ?母性で比べるな 反抗期がない そんな貴方は 平和 主義 理想のタイプのはずなのに カルアミルク激しく 彼を酔わせてお願い ママじゃなくて 私だけを見ていてお願い 待ち受けがママ フォロワーもママ アイコンもママ 位置情報もママ いまだに持ち歩ないでほしいの もうやめてよ 肌 身離さずに 大事にしてる へその緒!!! 過去のひどい恋愛 忘れさせてくれたから 貴方は 私の 運命の人なのに 「ボクはマザコンをやめる ボクはママ離れをするよ 嬉しい! やっと私だけを見ていてくれるのね 安心してる私にこう貴方はそう 冷静に言うの 「ママじゃなくてこからはお姉ちゃんに 甘える」 マザコン改めシスコン男
  4. That's the big advantage when you are self-published! You can distribute your stuff anywhere you like.
  5. Masato

    And don't forget his other creepy antics like giving his fans parts of his hair and this ended up in people eating it.... And his pedo-antics.... 😖
  6. Masato

    He is doing this romance/vampire thing so much, and it's totally over the top..... it creeps me out sometimes.
  7. Lol, any of you old school VK stans interested in a huge Rame - Vidoll Cheki Collection? & Vidoll trading cards? 😂

  8. Masato

    Kaitou Sentai, cause everyone thinks they are a joke and a rip-off and insult their favourite band. 😍 But I stan their humor. Kamijo-fan here, too. Even I find his antics sometimes creepy, but well, his shows and music are fun.
  9. Masato

    I have a thing for smooth VK bellies.... So go belly-free everyone! 😏
  10. I wonder if they will post the second track of their new single on youtube, too.... 😅 So far almost their full disopgraphy is on youtube! I mean I still buy their CDs when I have the chance, but It's also nice to be able to listen to their stuff online without the annoying concept of 1 CD, 2 songs. Either repeat or change CD. Lol But you can probably buy it as a mp3 on amazone... i will check by the release date. that's where i got their album. https://www.amazon.de/s?k=Kaitosentai&i=digital-music&ref=dm_aw_ps_adp Seems like we will be lucky.
  11. No, actually I asked and it's "nusumu" from stealing and "-nja" from the sentai shows, think "ranger"
  12. Unfortunately they did not include that.... yet.... i do think except Kinoko, they wore it better! 😂
  13. Let's watch out for it! 😂 though I feel like it's not really a drama.... being married.... 🙄
  14. Masato

    Or hang out with Kisaki, trooling random bandomen.
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