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  1. Masato

    So.... I am thinking about it. Any mothers around here? Seems so surreal to have a kid growing inside of you!
  2. Masato

    Rame of BFN, Vidoll I love his compositions!
  3. Masato

    How can he be back so soon? It's not even halloween yet.... #whenthetoothfarystrikesagain
  4. Masato

  5. When your bandomen has an official shitposting account, next to his official, official account and you enjoy every shitpost! 

    Damn, it's so awesome meta, I love this!

  6. Ok, so the "i'm very sorry for causing trouble, i will better myself " tweet sometime in the beginning of the year was apparently in response to the scandal. At the time I actually wondered what it was about. So there was an official sorry.
  7. Masato

    Maybe i should include 5 yen then as well! Lol So they really get the point! Message me and there will be more small change where that came from! 🤣 Who came up with Mitsu concept anyway? Bandomen all look so bad out of makeup and their real personalities would bore people to death "baito & practice & live & clean up their place & mitsu" and all over again.
  8. Masato

    Btw, does any of you include their cpntact details in a fan letter? I have never done that personally, but i was wondering if it is common practice? I think the bandmen know their usual fans from twitter already! So there is no need for it anyway.
  9. Go ahead! But since it's twitter and not tanuki, i think the translate function works ressonably well. It's the story of a mitsu told in 200+ posts! So if you have nothing to do, read it on the weekend. It's the full experience we always wonder about!
  10. Ok, so the pepepe twitter just distilled some stuff out of this HUGE MITSU report from the girl who took the recordings and was mitsu for him.... @ktopnoomoide https://twitter.com/ktopnoomoide?s=09 There are over 200 posts about their relationship.... @_@ I am not reading all of that now.... but the vibe is slightly different here... idk
  11. Off topic: The first place went to Gene for Sick2 for being ugly as a naked mole without make up and fucking his way through their Japan tour.
  12. I think you have to be realistic, too. People fuck around, people are mean (I guess you could get some kind of cursing of anyone, if you know their triggers), so yeah. Bad behaviour really not limited by VK only. If you insult someone's sports team long enough, you will get a similar reaction. Disappointed, but not surprised! The thing that's curious here is the twitter still liking and supporting some Kaitou tweets and tweets from fans that for example say "I love this and this song". Does it only want attention? Or are they still fans? It also said in the bio that the account doing the exposing is not related to the victim....?!? As always in the VK circle the event happening (DM dates 4/18) to the posting there is a 6 months difference. So things were not cut off immediately and the recording was done on purpose, too. Bangya waiting for things to go sour and then exposing people. VK is a bad power play, we all know it. And being meta about it, warning people in your songs about it, does not make you a better person.
  13. Ok! So here I have an exposure twitter account that did audio recordings of Pton being an asshole and spitting somewhere: (@pepepe_peton) https://twitter.com/pepepe_peton?s=09 So that's why they introduced the audio feature into Tanuki! *lol* He was voted to be the second biggest dumbass in 2018, because people feared that if he got in 1st place the band would make a song about it. Lol lol lol lol lol I don't know if it was S&M play or if he really treated someone randomly bad. You can't tell the circumstances from an recording. If it was non consentual, it's bad and this account is rightfully exposing him.
  14. Masato

    This sounds like their first single....
  15. Unpopular opinion: Some VK groups produce worse stuff 🤣
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