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  1. It's a comment DVD that contains a video of their drinking party. I only got the like an edison one.... have to watch it today! I think I was totally right with full blown Depression. That's sad, but I hope he got some support and he is online again, so that's good! Unfortunately it's chronic and japanese mental health care sucks big time. I hope he gets meds and psychotherapy. :(( and I really hope he realizes that it's not him, but just biology and environmenatl influences. tweet him ganbatte! He will be happy people still think of him!
  2. Hahaha, don't forget the "oh, it's back" announcement! 😂 They are such shit noodles, but in a more easygoing way than e.g. Tensai! But I also loved their twitter clip where Jewly was doing a parody on Tanu-kei band ZigZag!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  3. Masato

    But they are sooooo artistic!!! He would never do that! Koichi will stick to his principles even when he is 80-90!!! So his children can ask him about his amazing English skills! PS: 99% of their fans who follow the above logic would not have given them a look, if they had started out with their current project.
  4. Masato

    They can charm him and form a trio, so these two are not "so alone" 😎🌈😎 Maria the rainbow Koichi the purple unicorn Genki the rapper
  5. Masato

    I think no one even expected them to stick around together for that long
  6. Masato

    Well, I guess Tsu and Koichi proposed a new direction for Mejibray, what they "really" wanted to do (assuming 8p-sb is their love child) And their label/Mia/Meto were not really fans of that? And they were bitter about it? And Koichi got his tattoo and they released this? And now they are happy? But their label hates them for it?
  7. Masato

    Shall we open another rumor thread for these guys right next to Satsuki? 🤔 Well, we will see how successful they are with this little stunt! Being banned from VK venues well... they will probably become irrelevant to the fandom as time progresses and they gain more K-Pop fans Ps: going through the first posts before this was released is hillarious! 😂
  8. Masato

    Can't they become yoyogi park street performers?
  9. Masato

    Finally the love-song these two deserve!
  10. Masato

    Can someone explain the appeal of this bamd to me? I watched a live DVD and while I did like some PVs on Youtube, the live sounded so generic... But that's probably how you appeal to the masses.... any live recommendations to convince me otherwise? I watched the dvd with the naked girl on it.
  11. This is slightly worse than dadaroma.... Also i thought kirin should be abused even more... but well... that would have upped the R18...
  12. I was a bit surprised by the Johnny's background, too. But Masato posted pictures of himself with Tegoshi and then some gya posted more "official" photos of him in the comments. So I looked it up. Hahaha Then all the janiwota songs made sense! Masato does share some true personal data mixed in with made up data sometimes. Like all VK. I think he is actually self-confident enough to do so. Which is for me, what this band is all about! Confident in themselves, so that they don't have to care about others opinions and can do their own thing! Zowi sharded like lots and lots of personal things on twitter. Stuff about his family, even a video of his grandmother! They are different.
  13. You can get some basic data and again the kanji of his name here in french https://www.nautiljon.com/people/kosaka+masato.html They won't! Trust me! 😂😂😂😂😂 They are idiots and they like being in a band. Plus there has been so many member changes already.... i think they can survive it. The only thing that could cause a problem in my opinion are the cease and desist orders.... if they spend too much money on awesome stuff, but have to trash it again. Here we have to have faith in their mitsu! 😚🧚‍♀️ Do you have their twitter now? Also try "papagao" as translation app. It is really good!
  14. I heard these songs at his accoustic live. He does not even need a guitar, his voice is really loud. But at least he can sing, kinda rare in VK. Even though he is not with union entertainment anymore, he is still allowed to use these Promotion materials somehow.... 😏 Finally released the full MV after a year......
  15. Ehhhhh? Really???? How old are they supposed to be???? 3X matches Masato's Johnny's birthday at least. But yeah, officially they are all enternally 19.... 🧛‍♂️ Ps: Depression is just my guess... but if you are interested in Neurotransmitter you are likely either professionally involved (like me), or you are affected... Nothing confirmed though. But a lot of hints point in that direction.