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  1. Masato

    I need the 0.1g no ojayi icon to react to these news
  2. Masato

    They needed some money to sponsor hyde solo
  3. Plus even nowadays a lot of bandomen can be quite abusive...
  4. Masato

    Will Kaya "come", too?
  5. Dad aroma .... :panic:

  6. Masato

    The whole band's name is hinting at their preference for older gay men to take them: Dad aroma
  7. Yeah, they did not tell a specific date or that it would be a CD yet.... They have become more cautious. While the goldfish was announced as CD from the start....
  8. Yes, they just said that due to reasons they are not doing the MV and the parody. Even though some members have endorsed it.... but well, there is still management....
  9. Masato

    Well, depends on how serious/active you are? Are you just playing locally on the weekends? Do you tour? Festivals? Instores? Promotions? It can get hard time-wise and your job has to give you enough days off to do this in a flexible enough manner to coordinate with the other members. Do you have ambitions in your job? Wanna make a career?
  10. Masato

    Real life kicks in and they realize they can not do bands indefinetely. They decide to get a real job.
  11. Masato

    Together with Yoshiki
  12. Koichi and Genki are the cutest couple of vocaloid-VK! Kamijo with his solo act must be jealous...

  13. Masato

    No, it's Koichi and Tsu. Check out their new band and their lyrics and videos. Meto and Mia could not accept their new lifestyle, so to pursue their dreams and relationship they quit Mejibray to be together. Tsu is lovingly encouraging Koichi to be more open and develop as a vocal, too. It's the cutest story of VK! After they got together Tsu even overcame his depression and renamed himself Genki because of his relationship with Koichi. You should fully support their new project, too. It is so positive and lovely!
  14. Masato

    He lives with Maria Cross and had his AV debut together with him. Though at the time Yoshiatsu was still wearing a mask.