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  1. Lol, or absence because of his mitsu girlfriend giving birth 🤣
  2. Masato

    So.... he seems to get away with it.... again.... 😡
  3. Masato

    Is anyone attending these events? Preferably wearing a Naruto headband?
  4. Masato

    Here you go: https://imgur.com/a/NPrl4mk
  5. It's the chorus I think. Some part of the song. Like A melo, B Melo, sabi But i mix them up sometimes.
  6. Masato

    Or fightibg each other to the death
  7. Masato

    I guess so, I mean they also have a 20+ live...
  8. Well, it's about bandomen live house experience. Lol Like "The Wifi name of Meguro Rockmeikan is Rock01, Rock02, Rock03 - So cooooool!" Or at some venues the guys might overhear the bangya talking etc. Some venues being in the love hotel quater etc. Anyway, no time for a real translation. If someone can transcribe the kanji or get me the romanji it's easier.
  9. Well... ruimaru from vivarush is following them..... maybe the new neta band with 0 followers???
  10. I know, that's why they will not break up. But the no release drama is a thing with their fans.....
  11. Masato

    I can't decide if they will really be spooky or if pink unicorns that fart glitter will be the background dancers.....
  12. I think Lack-co will go on as long as Tenten has to keep his "bandomen" status for his mitsu-girlfriend to sponsor him. It's his hobby band now I feel, only Milk and San have to "BL" whore themselves out for the band.... It's more likely the fans giving up on them since they deliver too little... music whise
  13. If Kisaki sponsors it....
  14. Yeah! Damn.... seems like a interesting VK subculture song again.... but again! Real life! I am too busy....
  15. Why is so much VK music just so bad and hurts my ears nowadays?

    Bad vocals, bad songs... just random noise...