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    My mother called me today and we talked about everything going on and she started to choke up and began to cry and said "Why is this happening? How is this happening? I don't understand and I'm scared. I'll come by tomorrow and we can talk about it and you can explain it to me." I was a bit taken aback and frowned and I gave her the only answer I could come up with. "This has been in the works for a long time." This is a nice, kind-hearted middle aged woman who grew up in a rural area and has been a lifelong God fearing liberal. Someone who grew up right after JFK, was 4 in the summer of 68, lived through Vietnam, the cold war and 9/11 and in my 30 years I've never seen/heard my mother literally afraid of the near future. I have to figure out how to maneuver this, part of me wants to just be brutality honest and tell her to buckle up, and the other to tell her that everything will be okay and back to normal, but that's a lie. 2020 is a year of change for better or worse. We'll be telling our grandchildren about these times in quiet rooms in secret when we're living in Oceania.
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    People have literally lost their minds. What's next? Washington will be renamed Starbucks? Indiana will be Native America and Florida will be Flo Rida. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/voraciously/wp/2020/06/22/flavortown-ohio-thousands-want-to-rename-columbus-to-honor-native-son-guy-fieri/
  4. Looks like pre-orders end at the end of June? Hopefully I can get one in the 30th, but probably not since it'll already be July 1st there 🥺
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    eternal shine from VAMQUET. I'm skeptical that this even exists honestly.
  6. Discovered Disgunder and Ryuketsu Blizzard today and going down a grind/hardcore/thrash rabbit hole and looking for bands like them.

    1. BrenGun


      just follow disgunder live schedule and you find lots of bands...


      Also disgunder will do a livestream via ikebukuro chop next month

    2. secret_no_03


      Chop is actually how I discovered them lol. Oh yeah, that might work with a lot of bands come to think of it.

  7. secret_no_03

    💔RIP to one of the greats 🙏
  8. Definitely going to look into getting this at some point, love the 80's vibes.
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    MEIN KAMPF are pretty much ROSENFELD at this point since HISAYOSHI is the vocalist now and DANGERZONE might as well be a mix of ROSENFELD, MEIN KAMPF, Aion and early X wrapped into one.
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    Am I missing any bands? Someone let me know and I'll add them.
  12. secret_no_03

    I used a manji sign with the swastika to the left as opposed to the right which the Nazis used, but the question still stands. I personally can't pick between ROSENFELD, MEIN KAMPF and DANGERZONE.
  13. secret_no_03

    So cool seeing Z and Hayato outside of M10M in a more hard rock/punky setting.
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    Date seems to be the most up to date, it's great that dix and some others still have active links.
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    +1 Thanks to @feliparI was on it when it first came out, but over time p2p died out.
  16. secret_no_03

    Looking here for NEUROTIC DOLL stuff before going through CDJ, etc. I'm looking for the original 1986 single, the 2018 remastered compilation (the boxed version) and their two live CDs Libellus I -1987.01.28 at 大阪EggPlant- and Libellus II -1988.01.06 at 新宿LOFT-. 🙏
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    I didn't know they literally shrink if you stop taking estrogen, might have decided they were too big for one reason or another (attention, the pain of finding bras that fit, back pain, etc). I mean I doubt it's a case of transitioning and changing your mind, if so it's horrifying if some things are missing. Most likely a case of getting breasts and slowly transitioning and staying pre-op for some time. Shit isn't cheap and once you cut them off you're not getting them back.
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    Going through the channel, which I must say is a crazy obsession with gundam and there's nothing wrong with that as a UC faithful, I am so confused. M to F or F to M? It does look like someone started transitioning and changed their mind or something. This is weird. 🌀🌀
  19. Trying to figure out the likelihood of actually receiving something on backorder on CDJ. I would hope they'd just mark something out of stock if they literally couldn't get any more.

  20. secret_no_03

    CHARGEEEEEE is such an epic drummer.
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