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  1. secret_no_03

    I think they're progressing. I wonder what the secret song is.
  2. secret_no_03

    I discovered him through DM, and can't wait to go back and listen to this band and TRIGGAH. I'm wondering if his favorite Pokémon is Gengar as mine is tied with Gengar and Haunter lol. It just feels like how you'd say it if that's not the case.
  3. secret_no_03

    New single and MV at the end of the month.
  4. secret_no_03

    Oh okay, yeah I usually see within 7-14. Added you on Twitter btw. I'm more into Lüstzöe now, and own all of the singles, so I'll get this eventually.
  5. secret_no_03

    Working on a new single and video for the end of the month. Looks like Lüstzöe will be the focus until May when DĂLLE have their next show.
  6. secret_no_03

    Woah it's on backorder for 2-4 weeks.
  7. secret_no_03

    The hell? Lol I know you can get it at Amazon JP and ship to America and it's not that high. I'll look into CD. My points expired a few days ago x.x
  8. secret_no_03

    Set list for yesterday's show and announcements for their next show in May. No singles announced or released, but I see them doing something by then, unless they'll just keep with what they have while Lüstzöe moves into full force. Also, I totally fan boyed when Atsushi followed me back on his Twitter xD
  9. Did you get it? It sucks that you didn't get to go like you had planned!
  10. secret_no_03

    Here's the full version. I'm excited for more.
  11. secret_no_03

    They're now turning their radio show into a YouTube gaming stream, playing some very obscure stuff.
  12. secret_no_03

    Also, here is a longer version of the video.
  13. secret_no_03

    Atsushi posted a note about why he chose who he did for the band, his reason for making it and his history with Blankey Jet City, and DEEP. A rough translation is still very interesting, but a more thorough one would be awesome. https://note.mu/valentinexxx/n/n9c3c2b6a89ab
  14. secret_no_03

    It wasn't what I thought it'd be with the people involved, but a very nice wintery ballad I suppose.
  15. secret_no_03

    I expect DĂLLE to be less active this year since Atsushi has now formed a band with Hiroki Katayama on vocals, YU-$UKE from SiCX on guitar and Atsushi on bass.
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