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  1. secret_no_03

    I'm not a fan of Starbucks, but I love their pumpkin spice coffee creamer.
  2. secret_no_03

    Lupin The Third.
  3. secret_no_03

    I bought tips to put on them so they fit better and stay more secure. I've discovered one ear canal is bigger than the other through these things as well. 🤷‍♂️
  4. secret_no_03

    Airpods are pretty great.
  5. secret_no_03

    KENZI is just nuts.
  6. secret_no_03

    I hate wireless charging, the slowness that things charge just to not have cords is not worth it, plus it created the rise of glass phones that break easy as fuck. On a side note I bought an ipod the other day and I'm going to see if I can use earpods and if they fit or some alternative works and they won't fall out of my ears I'll get Airpods.
  7. secret_no_03

  8. secret_no_03

  9. secret_no_03

  10. secret_no_03

    Feels like a cash grab. https://mayhem.buyshop.jp/items/23701301
  11. secret_no_03

    Just watched "Hail Satan?" and it's such a well done documentary and really humanizes the group. It's really interesting and very much harkens back to LaVeyan Satanism. It's on Hulu if anyone is interested, a tad too much stereotypical in their services, but yeah.
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