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  1. secret_no_03

    Crazy, just realized that it's a 56 minute long video compiling his entire career.
  2. secret_no_03

  3. secret_no_03

    Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of England has tested positive. He's asymptomatic and self-isolating for the time being.
  4. secret_no_03

  5. Everything's going to be just fine, a few gaijin on twitter won't mess things up, even if they were crazy enough to protest when they came to Europe or America for a show, but by the time they could do such a thing they'll have moved on to the next injustice. Why westerns expect Japanese, a country of homogeneity with a history of pretty much deleting history from their text books to be as woke as those with too much time on their hands or are using it in less efficient ways (that twitter energy could go to actually helping people in person.) never ceases to amaze me. Seriously, what will it take for you to learn that the Japanese are far different from the rest of the world. That being said, it sounds pretty good and it can only get better, they should cover SLTS for a B-Side now.
  6. No idea who Brave Girls are, but someone just uploaded like 10 live DVDs of footage over on JPS. Not a K-Pop fan, but someone may be.

  7. secret_no_03

  8. secret_no_03

    Japan was reporting cases earlier than the US, and you have to remember how close China is to Japan economically. Japan is the #2 international travel destination for Chinese people, and Tokyo has the 2nd largest number of travelers from Wuhan of anywhere in the world. Osaka was also in the top 10. I wouldn't be surprised if it was here in Japan in December 2019. Japan, Thailand and Korea should all basically be on the same timeline, and quite a few weeks/a month ahead of Europe and North America. If Japan's cases really were growing exponentially in the world's oldest-skewed population, we wouldn't be talking about a couple thousand excess deaths given that the virus showed up in Japan earlier than most other places outside China. There would be tens of thousands of excess deaths hitting now, in March. On average, they have about 100,000 deaths a month (well, probably higher in the dead of winter and the height of summer and lower in other seasons). We'd notice if there were instead 150,000 deaths.
  9. secret_no_03

    I think they'll find a bassist between now and September.
  10. secret_no_03

    Always bizarre when the singer isn't the figurehead of the band, but it's pretty good regardless and haku is the most experienced, just hoping it doesn't turn into something Kisaki-esque.
  11. secret_no_03

    That's an American thing, Japan is pretty much back to business as usual, honestly it never really changed much. They're seemingly dealing with covid19 very well, probably because Japanese people don't touch each other and everyone already wear masks when they're sick.
  12. secret_no_03

    Just discovered this, was out of the loop for a bit since DÄLLE have cut back on releases and saw this. Not sure how or why, but they're back. Check out 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔥𝔞𝔱𝔢 𝔥𝔬𝔫𝔢𝔶 (@THEHATEHONEY_jp): https://twitter.com/THEHATEHONEY_jp [announcement] 2020年5月31日(sun) 新宿LOFT drug store cowboy 20th anniversary gig "The world is not ending" special guest THE HATE HONEY supported by 新宿LOFT OPEN 17:30 START 18:00 ADV ¥4,400 DOOR ¥4,950 ⚠︎TICKET 2.15(sat) Lawson先行発売開始 https://t.co/M1jjWEeq59
  13. secret_no_03

    Awesome, just my own list of everything we've found so far.
  14. secret_no_03

    I have tried to get back into these guys, but I will always consider Utsusemi as their best and I'm far more interested in Ryutaro's solo these days. That being said, this album is shaping up to be pretty good.
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