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  1. I'm sure everything will go back to normal by July. People in America can't pay attention to something for very long; look at Occupy. 

  2. secret_no_03

    http://deviloof.jp looks very nice.
  3. secret_no_03

    So much easier than Facebook, nice to see a storefront.
  4. secret_no_03

    Very wise words. On a side note, he always looks immaculate. 🖤
  5. secret_no_03

  6. secret_no_03

    So fucking hyped for this!
  7. The SO and I have discovered a new past time. DQ here opens at 2pm on Sundays. We got here early (forgot about it opening so late) and have been sitting in the parking lot and now people think they're open. There have been nearly 15 cars coming in and going to the drive thru when there's a giant neon sign that says "Sundays Open 2PM" by the road. 😂

  8. secret_no_03

  9. This is going to make me have a stroke especially at 2x speed. 


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    2. Himeaimichu


      @Ikna I always wondered why a lot of fans of Japanese goth absolutely despise Vkei and refuse to acknowledge any connection. Like, you can't tell me Madame Edwarda and G-Schmitt did not influence early Vkei

    3. Ikna


      @Himeaimichu The only explanation I have is that goth in itself is so heavily misunderstood and our subculture was often mistaken for a lot of things that have barely anything to do with it. The scene has kinda developed a disdain to be linked to anything vaguely non-post-punk and it's very anal about categorizations. For the same reason it's become impossible to bring up "proper" gothic metal á la Type O Negative to the table. You will be shutdown quite fast for these people will "educate" you how bands like type o are 100% metal and metal isn't goff. It doesn't matter that Type O's sound is heavily influenced by post-punk or that a gothic metal band like Paradise Lost straight covered a bunch of goth rock bands like the Sisters of Mercy.


      I guess it's the same with VK. Goths don't want to be confused with/linked to VK fandom and japanese heavy rock music. I remember that tension already existed way back in 2007, when some goth people I knew were very pissed off by the fact that Moi dix Mois were playing at WGT. (the irony here is, that a  lot of music at the WGT festival isn't even goth, but EBM, Metal…). Their argument was that this new invasion of japanese "faux-goth" will muddle the scene. Believe me, I tried educating some friends about the links between early Vk and post-Punk, but they keep insisting, that VK, because of its Metal influences nowadays, is a blight on the scene andhas no connection.

    4. secret_no_03


      I can understand that they want their own identity and history and to not be lumped with vk. I'm sure Japanese goth probably came to Japan due to the import of German goth, much like how Japanese hip hop came from importing from the US in the 80's.

  10. I have had so much trouble finding rings and bracelets since I'm a size 5 on my ring finger and my wrist is 6 inches at the thickest part. #skinnyguyproblems 🥺

  11. secret_no_03

    Sony will be having an hour long Playstation 5 event next Thursday.
  12. secret_no_03

    6XT7 - LOVERS (Singles Collection) (Official Store) Singles - Goth Star, Unbroken, Die for You (iTunes) (I really want to support this group if you can't tell lol) Sho Kotani - GOTHIC STAR (iTunes) PLASTICZOOMS - Chronic Offender (iTunes)
  13. Happy 47th birthday Közi! 

    1. Gaz


      Holy shit he’s fucking ancient. But still sexy tho 

    2. Total Saikou
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