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  1. secret_no_03

    Just hit me, THE LAST DANCE is the EX-ANS song they covered on ALL ALL END SEX with EX-ANS covering Asphalt. So, the first is an intro, おぼれるRIOT is new, 終わる世界とさよならヘヴンリー is said to be different, maybe longer maybe remastered, BRIGHT NEU STARS is new, NOT IN LOVE is probably remastered, 呼吸するLOST AND LUST is probably longer or remastered. I already mentioned THE LAST DANCE, and I wouldn't be surprised if CHILDREN RUINS GARDEN is an instrumental outro.
  2. secret_no_03

    6 new songs that aren't singles. NOT IN LOVE, Lost and Lust, 終わる世界とさよならヘヴンリー are singles. Still, should be great!
  3. secret_no_03

    Atsushi teasing a new song.
  4. secret_no_03

    December 15th is DĂLLE DESTROYED TO DISCORD. AND THE REASON 2nd album.
  5. secret_no_03

    I loved CHOKE1, but have reservations about CHOKE2 if they're all in the same vein as f*ck it.
  6. secret_no_03

    Thanks to the person who decided to take my update and make it its own topic, a shame there's no video or track list yet though.
  7. Okay, been gone for a bit, but there's huge news. The new album has been announced, it'll be called Destroyed to Discord and the Reason. They also have new oversized parkas and dolman shirts as well as having launched a new web store.
  8. secret_no_03

    Such a shame, Seijiro is a very good vocalist, hopefully he'll come back better than ever, Kyo suffered through throat and vocal chord problems so many times.
  9. Mine came today along with the two singles I ordered and man do you get a lot of stuff lol
  10. secret_no_03

    After being delayed for over a week I got my second order of DĂLLE stuff from Dorothy&Co. DĂLLE - NOT IN LOVE (Single) DĂLLE - BREATHE LOST AND LUST (Single) DĂLLE - This iz Beautiful Brutalizm 2016-2018 (Music Video collection DVD) It also came with a photo book they gave out at the Christmas show last year, a photo book made for the DVD, a ticket (which shocked me quite frankly; their tickets always look so cool.) and a flyer for upcoming events.
  11. Apparently they're doing this thing where if you send a review of the DVD they'll send you stuff. You have to send a review via DM on Twitter. I don't know if they accept English or any other language though.
  12. It does seem however that everything else isn't shipping anytime soon. I got mine from dejapan so they never notify you when it ships, just when they get to the warehouse.
  13. I think he's actually saying that you'll get an email today or tomorrow if yours is shipping soon.
  14. Well this sucks, it appears there has been an issue with orders and if I read that right it says that if you got an email saying yours is on the way, then you're fine, but if not then you won't receive it?
  15. He just says that they'll put on Dorothy & Co. when they're sold out I guess.