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  1. secret_no_03

    MORRIE has changed over the years especially since Hardcore Reverie and his latest album and speaking of Kyo; Kyo from D'erlanger's voice has changed over time, I guess you could say MORRIE and Kyo's voices get better with age. Ruki's vocal style has changed and HYDE's been refining his vocals since he started VAMPS.
  2. The thread about vocalists that change got me thinking about vocalists and bands who stay the same for years or their entire career? I'd have to say Kiyoharu, he doesn't change or age, the pillows and Asian Kung Fu Generation have distinct sounds, TM Revolution is like Kiyoharu. Add BALZAC to that list as well as SUGIZO, you can tell his music instantly.
  3. Vocals - Kiyoharu, Kyo, Tsuzuku, Satsuki (at least from his RES days.), Ryutaro Arimura, hide Guitar - Kaoru, MiA, SUGIZO, Kiyoshi, Hitsugi Bass - Hitoki, Koichi, KenKen, FIRE Drums - Yoshiki, Meto, Yukihiro, Sakura, Kiyoshi Ijichi, Joe, Eno Masafumi Etc (keyboard, violin, mixers, etc.) SUGIZO, 39, MaZDA.
  4. secret_no_03

    Acid Black Cherry, 黒夢 (Black Dream), ∀NTI FEMINISM, plastic tree, DĂLLE, DatuRΛ, COЯE THE CHILD, dieS, Dio - distraught overload-, Dokusatsu TERRORIST (I thought they were so cool back in the day.), D'espairsRay, FxxK'THE N★MAL LIFE, THE DEAD P☆P STARS.
  5. Metal and metalcore, maybe hip hop, not entirely sure.
  6. secret_no_03

    Thanks for the info. Yeah, it seems as these guys get older they want to come here more. Maybe it's a bucket list thing.
  7. secret_no_03

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure this will be the first time Kiyoharu has performed overseas, or even been outside of Japan? I won't be surprised if he ever left for a trip/vacation or something, but I can't find anything to indicate that he's left Japan since his career began in 1986. I have no idea about before that and I doubt anyone does. There might be some evidence in his first biography, and maybe in this new one once it comes out. Just a thought.
  8. secret_no_03

    It'd be wonderful if K were still around.
  9. secret_no_03

    Are you sure you're not confusing the Mejibray fan base with that of 8P-SB?
  10. secret_no_03

    I'd have to agree with UnsraW and Sadie. I'm not a fan of what has become of the latter with The Thirteen.
  11. secret_no_03

    All music is subjective, but I personally love MEJIBRAY and Tsuzuku is a once in a decade talent, I hadn't seen such vocals since Kyo.
  12. secret_no_03

    I prefer Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, but TBP is beloved to many including my girlfriend so I totally understand where you're coming from lol.
  13. secret_no_03

    D'espairsRay, Morrigan (especially since Nihit joined and could have easily replaced Pitty.), Boom Boom Satellites and for Michiyuki to have never gotten cancer and died, deadman, MEJIBRAY(🤔) Girugamesh (even though they got worse over time.), PIERROT, Malice Mizer (the future is hopeful.). I can't think of anything else at the moment. If we're including non-Japanese I'd definitely say MCR and HIM.
  14. secret_no_03

    A fancy cabaret bar is far away from the usual VK venues in NYC. It should be a delight since everyone will be at tables/couches enjoying the performance over dinner and drinks rather than a bunch of screaming fan girls pressed up against the stage. A real refined affair (hopefully, I don't know much about how people reacted when Yoshiki did his sophisticated shows, hopefully they acted with restraint.) The only thing that I'm curious about is if they'll have a little table set up for merch somewhere. I'd love to get some Mardi Gras stuff.
  15. secret_no_03

    Definitely going to look out for this one, a chance to see Kiyoharu in his element in an intimate setting has to be a sight to behold.
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