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  1. TokyoBandGirl

    I personally think DEZERT is one of the most underrated bands ever. They are kinda underground but then they played at ZEPP TOKYO and had the opportunity to play at the BUDOKAN (thank you mucc) and in case you missed it that performance was mesmerizing. I feel like they have changed a lot over the last year and they have grown up (a bit at least...they are still kinda crazy haha) - especially Chiaki. Their lives are a lot of fun and if Chiaki is serious his voice is just incredible! I also really love how he always alters the lyrics to express his feelings. It's very similar to what Kyo does with his songs. In short I really, really love DEZERT ( ˇωˇ )♪
  2. TokyoBandGirl


    Hey (⌒‐⌒)/ I just saw that you like DEZERT so I wanted to introduce myself and say "Hi" I'm totally into DEZERT and I also really, really like Kiryu! Alex (⌒‐⌒)♪
  3. TokyoBandGirl

    Hello (⌒‐⌒)/ I'm Alex! Nice to meet you. I saw you like DEZERT! Nice, I love them, too! I hope you can make many new friends here (⌒‐⌒)♪
  4. TokyoBandGirl

    I'm so excited about this! I've been waiting for this announcement since I started liking DEZERT! I can't wait to hear their new songs. They improved so much over the last year! I think they will announce the tour final later during their summer tour! I'm also really looking forward to the tour! Yay ٩(*´ ꒳ `*)۶
  5. TokyoBandGirl

    Hello (⌒‐⌒)/ I’m Alex from Germany (Munich) but I’ve been living in Tokyo since 2015. In Germany I worked as an UX Designer for about 5 years but here in Japan I've been working as a teacher at a private conversation school. I have also just started a small business. I've been listening to Japanese rock music since 2004 or 2005 and I've been to countless concerts in Europe and here in Japan. My favorite band at the moment is DEZERT ( ˇωˇ )♡ but I love the music and lives of アルルカン, RAZOR, BORN, DIR EN GREY, MUCC, and DADAROMA...and many more. Besides music I'm totally into Japan and Japanese culture. In 2014 I have traveled through the whole country for about 6 months and nowadays I travel around to enjoy delicious local food and lives, of course! Alex (⌒‐⌒)♪