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    I found this short video so far:
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    Nevermind! Oh thanks, I will check that video out. I don't know Concerto Moon either, I'm afraid ^_^" Any song you recommend?
  3. mizumi


    Where can I read about the different hyptheses? I would like to know more about that. As for your question, I wrote an answer a few days ago and thought it had been posted. Now I realized it didn't lol I meant that I like - not visual rock bands - visual rock bands that went major I didn't mean I dislike them before they went major XD On the contrary, for example Siam Shade, some of my favourites songs are their indies ones. (I don't know much about minor visual kei bands so I don't have an opinion about them)
  4. mizumi


    It's really nice! I enjoy lots of Japanese rock and pop. I don't know what X factor they have that makes it so different to Western music that makes me really like it. If any musician knows what X factor is that please let me know! It reminds me of other soft style rock bands like Mr Children or Spitz.
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    Hi! Thanks for the compliment w I haven't heard about Unicorn. Can you recommend me any songs?
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    Thank you!
  7. Hello! I have for sale a few Jrock items. Some of this items are difficult to find. * Open to trading for things I am interested in: Lareine goods (CDs, DVDs, merchandising) that I am looking for. * Shipping from Spain. You can see more photos for the details of each item here: https://ibb.co/album/dK3Adv Dir en Grey: Dir en Grey photos set: 25€ Janne Da Arc: Another Story CD Album: 15€ Luna Sea and Sugizo: Fanclub magazine nº58+59 (1 magazine) - 7€ Fanclub magazine nº60+61 (1 magazine) - 7€ Pamphlet announcing Sugizo's concert tour "The Voyage Home" (2016) / Versailles reunion concert at Budohkan 2017 / many more: 2€ Aquarius after Le Fou CD single (not for sale): 5€ Super Love single: 10€ Dear Life single: 10€ YMO (Yellow Magic Orchestra) Remixes Technopolis 2000-2001: There is one remix song by Sugizo 5€ Omnibus DANCETONOISE 004: There is a beautiful track with violin by Sugizo that only appears in this CD. 8€ Siam Shade: Siam Shade pamphlets (2016 last live at Budohkan: 2 Natchin's group 21grams + 1 Hideki solo concert): 10€ for the set (I can also include in the set the other 3 pamphlets that came along with them and appear in the photo in the 1st row if you also want them) Glacial Love CD single: 5€ Lareine: Blue Romance pamphlet: 10€ [sold] Fierte no umi to tomo ni kiyu CD Album (limited edition - includes poster and booklet): 12€ (I cannot find the photos right now so I will upload them later or tomorrow) Lillie Charlotte CD single + book (regular version): beautiful photos of Lareine - 12€ Like an Edison 2006 DVD: visual Kei Omnibus DVD with messages from different bands, including Lareine: 9€ Visual Kei magazine: 4€ EvoL'v vol.36
  8. mizumi


    Hello there! I am fairly new to the forum and have made a couple of posts. I am interested in many J-rock bands from the 90s (both visual rock bands and not visual kei bands that went major such as Glay, Luna Sea, X Japan, Siam Shade, L'arc-en-ciel, Lareine, Janne Da Arc and a few more) and Pop bands that don't really suit this forum such as SMAP or Spitz ^^". I like the sound of 80-00s Japanese music (either rock or pop). I am not into nowadays J-rock or visual kei groups except for Versailles but maybe from browsing through the forum I get to know new groups and get into new bands
  9. I have a Evol'v vol. 36 magazine (free visual kei magazine with minor bands) from last month when I was in Osaka. I also have 2 Luna Sea Official Fan Club magazines: vol. 58+59 and vol. 60+61.