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  1. Talagand

    Finland, here I come Kamijo is always a must-go! Sry Dir en grey, but I think I'll pass this time xD
  2. Today I have a special treat for the community. I sell a Sanshin (traditional Shamisen from Okinawa) which I never really played, because I don't have the financial possibilities to learn it. So I thought, I could sell it. Some pictures: Sadly the Snake Leather in the front is a bit damaged, which doesn't affect the sound at all. As you can see, at the moment the sanshin has only two strings, but there are fresh strings, a second bridge and the traditional pick made from some kind of horn I think. Price: 400, but you can make an offer! You can pay with PayPal or bank transfer! I will send from Finland internationally! Greetings ^.^
  3. Talagand

    Unleash the Archers: AWAKENING Jeez, such a good song *_* and I love the powerful voice and the bass line
  4. Talagand

    I once wrote with Yama-B (ex-Galneryus, Gunbridge) about singing lessons. He is a very nice fellow
  5. Talagand

    One of the most disappointing concerts I've ever attended I saw Satsuki in May in Helsinki 2016 and gosh, was it bad. I really liked him in Rentrer en Soi, and even his first Solo stuff was good, but damn, his performance was straight not worth to mention even. Zero stage presence, bad vocals and my friend and I felt, he was very displeased with the crowd, which is a no-go for me....
  6. Heyho, I'm selling my used EDWARDS E-GEKI-TETSU electric guitar from TERU's (Versailles/Jupiter) Artist Series (http://www.espguitars.co.jp/artist/teru/). I have the guitar since 2014, but stopped playing it, because I changed to classical guitar. For the last 18 months it's just standing there and it would be sad to see such an awesome guitar to function as a dust collector. It's in excellent quality and comes with a ESP gigbag, orginal Versailles Teru picks, ESP guitar strings, a Fender Strap and Schaller Security Locks! I payed around 1250 Euro (around 1550 US-Dollar or 1100 British Pound) and would demand a price of around 800 Euro (1000 US-Dollar or 700 British Pound) for it. The guitar would be sent from Europe, Finland, and if you live in the EU, you don't have to pay any taxes. If anyone is interested, please write me a PM. For further questions or pictures, just write in the comments
  7. Talagand

    Dio - Don't talk to strangers I just love it (*_*)
  8. Talagand

    Hey, I don't know if you like Power Metal like J-Rock in general, but I would recommend to add Galneryus, Concerto Moon, Gunbridge, GYZE, Kelly Simonz's Blind Faith, Liv Moon, maybe Onmyōza and Yousei Teikoku to your list. Not every single band is pure Visual Kei, but the music is really good and worth listen to
  9. Talagand

    That's true xD it was awful...
  10. Talagand

    Hjärtligt tack! That's the only swedish I know xD
  11. Talagand

    I mean, he wrote one song for Jupiter (forgot which one) but I liked it. But without the writing of Hizaki or Teru, he is really not that interesting. Bold move, Zin, very bold move...
  12. Ok, for myself I'm a sucker for any kind of power metal and so I have to give a huge shout-out for JULIA from Cross Vein ♥ I mean, she is still very young and has a lot to learn regarding her singing technique, but damn, I just love her vocal colour *_* And she is really fitting with the band in general! \m/
  13. Talagand

    Heyho, thank you for your warm welcome 🐺 I'm originally from Germany, but live now in Finland and plan to move someday to France xD
  14. Talagand

    Hey Monochrome-Community, I'm a long time lurker and thought, why not joining. My own personal favourites are more the old classics, like X, Malice Mizer and Dead End. All of you, have a lovely evening
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