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  1. Then, I'll just use whichever available.
  2. Hmm... Mostly in Facebook since I don't tweet and my Instagram is partially dead. I personally think that either they have too much time, or they really like me a lot. (LOL) Those who Liked my Facebook posts more than once and whom I regularly chat with either via Facebook Messenger or Line: Toshiya Ito (ex. Sleep My Dear, Kyo-zon) Kentaro (The Dead Pop Stars) Joe Inada (G.D.Flickers) Noritaka (1.G.K) Ai-chan (Hershey) Tavume (ex. Mellow) Shinichi (Velvet Cherry) <- regularly stalking my Facebook, also gave me a nickname. Toki (Answer-ed) Osada Masayuki (ex. Concerto Moon) Ooishi Keita (Omega Dripp) Hiro (AWP) Tsubaki (8-eit) Kojirow (Backfire) Nobu (CORE) Kodera Nobuyuki (ex. Saber Tiger) Yosuke (Ancient Myth) Masaaki (LOVE) Hideki (Kazha) Tero (Trick) Non (Burst) Yusuke (Bandit Revolver) Shin (ex. Orochi) Shian (Scarlet Valse) Gunji (ex. The Fool) George (Antique Doll) <- silently stalking my Facebook Those who really reply comments (but I seldom comment on people's posts too) : Ryoji (GYZE) <- I didn't think he would reply. But when he did, I almost die of happiness. Um... I forgot who else... Those who send me personal Birthday greetings : Kazuma (ex. Merry Go Round) And all of the above mentioned. Those whom I occasionally chat with : Shintaro (THAT Shintaro) Kayte (Kaji) Ryota (Halo) Hiroshi (Creature Creature) <- King of one word answers Tomo Asaha B-five (CHOKE) <- Complaining about the cold weather during winter Yuu (The Soundbee HD) Shohei (Natural Born Gypsy) Yusuke (Geomatrium) <- Another King of one word answers Yuvica (Elupia) Hifumi (リジェーヌ) Some of them follow my partially dead Instagram too. That's all...
  3. Hi, I'm new here. Brief intro, my nick derive from always using the 3rd stall in the restroom. I am a bandman troll... As in, I always troll them with annoying stuffs. Actually I don't know if they get annoyed or not. I never got blocked by anyone so far. I hope I don't get blocked by them, else there's no more fun. Maybe, I'll post some screenshot of my trolling someday. Til then, have a good day everyone!