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  1. Now until Feb 9th everything that is more than $10 is now $10. I have a special for 10 random CDs for $30(2 of them will be rare CDs not listed) and will only be selling 5 quantities. I have more than 1000 CDs and vast collection ranging from the 80s til now. So you will never know what you will get!
  2. マジゲイ誤算

    I might get flack for this, but what's the point of spending $10 on a CD only for them to upload a lyric video for free... Let me clarify. It's like I just sold you a one song disc for xxx amount of dollars. Then you get it, then I go upload it on YouTube.
  3. Fan club gets first dibs on tickets. And it ended on that date of January 29th. Interesting to see a PV collection. I wonder if 春ノ夜ノ夢 would be included since Subaru hates the fuck out of that PV. I'm gonna buy both types I guess, just because No Fate alone for Type-B.
  4. マジゲイ誤算

    Okay. If this was not released in some sort of format that isn't Youtube, I'm gonna riot.
  5. Rinrin is in this band? Okay, I have to check them out. He is a really nice person irl.
  6. They shouldn't have photoshopped them so pale. You can obviously see their tanned skin in the reflection of the window. I was about to say contouring has gotten out of hands these days. Also didn't realize they moved from Sapporo to Tokyo.
  7. マジゲイ誤算

    Countdown to maybe their full reveal of their new look? Or maybe they signed to PUNCH RECORDS? Hopefully good news!
  8. マジゲイ誤算

    http://xn--v-995c.com/ V系ジャンル・系統別 / 活動中V系バンド ← Visual bands by Visual Genre(*gasp* visual kei is considered a genre in Japan) that are currently active. It's the most useful for finding bands and disbanded bands for me.
  9. マジゲイ誤算

    オーダーメイド would be translated to Order Made.
  10. Bumpity Bump. Updated with a few more things.
  11. マジゲイ誤算

    I was hoping Kohsuke would convince akito to come back as a vocalist. I was listening to the chorus and akito has a distinct nasally pitch, and he usually hits all the right notes, but this guy sounds like he recorded his vocals on his Mac desktop with audacity.
  12. マジゲイ誤算

    There's only one ロゼ I know, and that's the koteosa kei band with ex.Kewpie members. Also Meiku sounds awfully familiar, like the singer from Anzel☆Stripper【AKR】 they kinda have the same facial structure too.
  13. マジゲイ誤算

    Tenten is going to announce his new band My CHEMICAL HEAT IsLAND RE:PICTURES KuRt はなむけ my way.co.isthebomb.com
  14. マジゲイ誤算

    SHiSHi - 僕のアンチヒーローズ SHiSHi - 病みうさぎ モンダイジ!! - チャイニーズドラゴニックランデヴー!! xTRiPx - cryベィビィ (2012 配布) チェリー - 無料配布音源集 チェリー - お別れ記念日 チェリー - ばに○ジャンキー チェリー - 告別 チェリー - チェリーメモリアルアルバム チェリー - 錯乱暴同窓会 Digital Purchases: 8P-SB - Snowman TRNTY D:CODE - No.6 TRNTY D:CODE - Gravity (Another Version)
  15. Cradle I thought was okay; didn't really like Starku, but ShiShi knocks them out of the water. I'm really digging their sound.