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  1. マジゲイ誤算

    Oh goodness that wasn't what I was expecting. Maybe Koichi will grow into a better singer like Genki. I mean if you've heard Genki's clean vocals back then, they were pretty fucking terrible. Still, Starry Night bops.
  2. University math exams *wrist cut*

  3. マジゲイ誤算

    I finished my BUK BUK disco ❤️ I hope Awa releases more unreleased BUK BUK stuff since he's been performing their songs. BUK BUK - Shake a hand BUK BUK - 記憶 午前五時の殺意 - 午前五時の殺意 午前五時の殺意 - 独裁と愛
  4. マジゲイ誤算

    They’re actually not bad live. I like the cover fuck very better though...
  5. かる。has had the same haircut for 3 years with the same color. I'm looking forward to this. I'm just hoping they make enough copies for everyone to grab. I'm a completionist, so they're definitely making me buy all the types :/
  6. マジゲイ誤算

    After a whole year they decided to put out a lyric music video of my favorite song of theirs >.> Anyone knows where Shibuya got that pull-over??? I know he got one in grey as well, so it's definitely not custom made.
  7. マジゲイ誤算

    I don't think this ヒカル is the same person as the toon-factory ひかる。There's no mention of it on his twitter, nor they both sound the same. Also Toon-Factory ひかる was in a session called アトリエ in 2013, while this アトリエ disbanded in 2010, when Toon-Factory was active.
  8. マジゲイ誤算

    You're in band called RHYOLITE and Tomomi recruits you because you're kawii and breaks your band up one month into activity, or you're in a band called Lad and a somewhat already prominent band recruits you into their band, or you're in a band called Zoro and Tomomi puts you into another band of hers.
  9. Bump. Added a few more things.
  10. マジゲイ誤算

    MFW Genki's name had been Genki since るる until Mejibray.
  11. マジゲイ誤算

    Debut at #10 indies, Currently charting at 19. I'm just gonna sit back on watch this thread unfold cause it's been giving me life.
  12. マジゲイ誤算

    I don't get the hate. 8P-SB coming to an EDM festival near you. You guys wouldn't give up the chance to see them live. They're doing what they love and that's making music. Plus Starry Night is a bop. Sorry not sorry; I like 8P-SB.
  13. マジゲイ誤算

    I woke up to this and I'm pretty much happy. Waited a whole year for a release from them and it does not disappoint! Thank goodness for iTunes music, now I don't have to decide if I want to buy it or not(pretty much gonna buy it). Also hate the fact I won't have another Tall Case for their CD.
  14. マジゲイ誤算

    He's probably the guy that runs that Ameblo that talks about Visual Kei events he went to and what releases he bought e.t.c. If he is, I totally recommend him if you can read Japanese. He gives really fair critiques and not really harsh.
  15. マジゲイ誤算

    Well it is off season for RPDR. This is much needed drama to fill my needs and 0.1g never fails, even though I like their music, Yuu's shenanigans are legendary. I'm also fond of Mathilda as their コテオサ系 is a much needed breath of fresh air.