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    Shadowtear got a reaction from shane in 卍-Aesthetics Bands Showdown   
    This poll is invalid without Parasite
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    Shadowtear got a reaction from Total Saikou in 卍-Aesthetics Bands Showdown   
    This poll is invalid without Parasite
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    Shadowtear got a reaction from secret_no_03 in 卍-Aesthetics Bands Showdown   
    This poll is invalid without Parasite
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    Shadowtear got a reaction from fruitfork in 卍-Aesthetics Bands Showdown   
    This poll is invalid without Parasite
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    Shadowtear reacted to ghostpepper in {mid:night} tabs   
    As some people enjoyed our works and shared the album in the downloads as well, here are 2 tabs from the album in guitar pro format if you are interested.
    I do not use guitar pro for writing so these are just from the midi files and then guitar and bass written out.
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    Shadowtear reacted to nekkichi in i will confirm alot of abuse messages and comments towards me everytime i post   
    I wonder how many of you realize that not engaging with internet people you find grating is completely free???
    I can testify that using this approach on here worked fabulously for me, my brain no longer registers the very existence of shitheads I used to waste my energy on in the past.
    you're the one doin' the most keeping it going
    I actually think if that was the case you wouldn't been occupied on here consequently shitposting in someone else's threads in a thematical music corner which you now obviously see as some sort of an unofficial competition over attention, responses and kiis and therefore you're trying to one-up OP who's already getting more local talk with their music, regardless of its quality or professionalism.
    there's a very clear line between someone actually being confident in their musicianship and offering their advice in a presentable, constructive manner, and someone getting a kick out of their softly disguised insults of an amateur who doesn't meet your own personalized criteria of being good enough to present Their Craft,
    and generally speaking your comments read in a very one-sided manner, you aren't interested in anyone else's creative development whatsoever no matter how many coats you wrap your offensive mental vomit into.
    brainworms luv
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    Shadowtear reacted to Kabukichoatmidnight in i will confirm alot of abuse messages and comments towards me everytime i post   
    I second this as she's just stirring drama.
    I'm sure most of what she's saying above is related to posts I and others made in another thread which is all being over-dramatised. + I wont include the contents but she has also sent me a personal message as well which was not necessary and just said more weird things in, again, missing the point of the comments in the thread and turning it into some massive drama as she can't handle the criticisms. Let me put it this way, in the previous thread I made a point that she needs to re-figure out how she's conducting herself as she's annoying a lot of people (who she is claiming are friends of mine I have told to bad mouth and give her a hard time on here, hands up anyone here who I have told to do that. lol) and the fact of the matter is, the way she is conducting herself and the weird posts she keeps making is just going to keep stirring up the other members who are already getting tired of it or are simply giving their honest opinions about her work which she asked for in the first place because when people talk negatively about her music, she gets weird about it..... So as far as I can see this going, this is going to keep going around in circles by the looks of it. Unless we all decide to collectively lie and make this girl out to be a musical genius and that everything she makes is amazing and nobody in the world could posisbly dislike it, which of course, is silly and unrealistic so whatever. Personally, I have no desire to be involved in any immature internet drama and was merely voicing an honest opinion devoid of abuse and tried to offer realistic advice as I am a musician with a reasonable amount of success in the scene I am involved in. I am not interested in her projects so have no desire to check on her constant threads about it let alone post in them. She posted one thread where she asked for opinions (which also happened to be the first thread of hers I saw which piqued an interest as of course if any of you guys are making music I am interested in hearing what you're doing ), so that's what she got. Simple.
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    Shadowtear got a reaction from suji in i will confirm alot of abuse messages and comments towards me everytime i post   
    Why does anyone even bother to reply here, anyone with actual legitimate issues goes to a moderator about it and discusses it with both parties, not posting their issues on a forum publicly. (or going full caps on twitter showing the same image 3 times within 24 hours)
    One second looking at this makes it clear any kind of reaction is not worth the effort.
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  10. Yikes
    Shadowtear reacted to Zeus in i will confirm alot of abuse messages and comments towards me everytime i post   
    If you are experiencing any type of unwarranted verbal abuse, please use the report function and a moderator will take care of it. Note that constructive criticism is not the same thing as verbal abuse.
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    Shadowtear reacted to Seelentau in i will confirm alot of abuse messages and comments towards me everytime i post   
    W... why is this in Updates?
    Edit: well
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    Shadowtear reacted to lichtlune in i will confirm alot of abuse messages and comments towards me everytime i post   
    Should just save her the embarrassment and yeet her from the site as she's just spamming threads with nonsense anyway. 
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    Shadowtear reacted to Gaz in random thoughts thread   
    yoshiki is very kawaii 
    Shadowtear reacted to Gaz in An exclusive interview with Astaroth   
    thanks for the interview! 
    though i do get a feeling that only MISAKI is seriously engaged into this band but for other members it is just a playground to get some new skills : /
  16. LOVE!
    Shadowtear reacted to crucifiction in Your last music-related buy!   
    Se'ikspia - "SWEET PAIN"
    Blut-Rose - ~始まりの鼓動~
    Javelin - 桜に散り行く恋心 (+ band photo)
    Javelin - 桜

    The Ghost inside of Me - -THE ME INSIDE OF ME- (interview)
    The Ghost inside of Me - -unplugged nocturne-
    The Ghost inside of Me - Museum
    The Ghost inside of Me - DOLL~惜別の夢に眠れる愛しき影~
    The Ghost inside of Me - CAGE
    The Ghost inside of Me - -Scénario Soirée-

    AZALEA - 滅びの庭
    Lavender - Refrain
    LAYBIAL - visage
    Eze:quL x LAYBIAL - 蝶乃舞

    La'veil MizeriA's T-shirt 
  17. 悲しい
    Shadowtear got a reaction from Cantavanda in CANTA will disband   
    Rip @Cantavanda
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    Shadowtear got a reaction from ShTon in Which visual kei trope would you ban?   
    Can't say theres anything in vk that i would care to ban, even as a joke, but that would probally have to do with my shitty music taste.
    If only we could ban all the overseas fanatics that can only talk about their bando-legshots of male members and 24/7 drama discussions though.

    (On a side note, i do love me some engrish)
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    Shadowtear reacted to JRD in UNDER FALL JUSTICE to pause + 崇拝教團 JUSTICE KING limited revival   
    Thank you starwave for murdering songs I use to love when I stanned this Justice King. Starwave killing bands since when Kiwamu was able to throw chairs at fans. 
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    Shadowtear reacted to crucifiction in Favourite bands?   
    Considering the spelling, I take it that you mean the Drabikowski's version of the band - if so, kudos! Attending any of the upcoming shows?
    Great taste overall - Drab Majesty is definitely among my favourites as well ^^
    I'll post my list later!
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    Shadowtear got a reaction from carddass in Confirming the legitimacy of X JAPAN demo tapes and leaks   
    Let me start of by saying that i know there has probally been many debates regarding this topic.
    However, i wish to bring forward this topic in question again to make the information more clear and less confusion.
    There are a pletra of cassettes for sale on yahoo, puresound and other locations claiming to be X demo tapes.
    These tapes are mainly released under the headline "SEXY SCANDAL LOVE VIOLENCE" and "PSYCEDELIC VIOLENCE CRIME OF VISUAL SHOCK" followed by the live stage w/ date.
    Its safe to claim that most if not all of these them are straight up fake, ripped from live performances recordings, vhs recordings and other means.
    However, it is not unlikely to assume that they have had live-distributed cassettes, which isn't uncommon.

    Determine the legitimacy of releases?
    Obviously a hard task, we are speaking of a time frame mid 1982 to 1989.
    We can only really determin if its real or fake, based on what information is officially written down, or even listening to the cassette in question, to hear its quality or with spectral analysers.
    The only other method would be to ask members of the band, which has proven unsuccessvol.
    The Goal
    Making a list of all cassettes confirmed to be actually released, and not fake bootlegs.
    I would like to dig more into this with other members on this forum that has information or oppinions regarding this.
    And please. refrain from claiming wiki information as legit.
    Known legit cassette releases:
    [1994.12.30] Longing ~跡切れたmelody~ (TOKYO DOME 1994 DEC, 30/31)  
    Possible legit tape releases but not fully confirmed: (could be leaks or fake)
    I'll KILL YOU ('84, '85 released? possible 2 legit tapes.) X LIVE Endless Dream  
    Leaks, but not officially released:
    ART OF LIFE (early demo leak) (27:41 minutes instrumental studio recording track) Jun's Tape (4 tracks, studio recording, title is not confirmed accurate) feel me tonight (2/3 tracks, studio recordings, title is not confirmed accurate)  
    Other releases, unknown legitimacy:
    INSTALL (live recording) Steal Your Heart (live recording) (supposed bootleg tape: [1985.10.04] SEXY SCANDAL LOVE VIOLENCE 神楽坂EXPLOSION)  
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    Shadowtear got a reaction from yurameki24 in La'Vistier has begun and ended a new era + new unit {mid:night} has formed --> will disband   
  23. LOVE!
    Shadowtear got a reaction from BrenGun in Dungeon Keeper (game)   
    Dungeon Keeper 1 is easily one, if not my favorite game ever and pretty much finished it more then 20 times throughout childhood till now.
    I've also finished Dungeon Keeper 2 roughly 1 or 2 times, and it was fine but it has never been as memorable and great as DK1 to me.
    If you liked DK1, i would urge you to try the game War for the Overworld, its seen as a spiritual successor to Dungeon keeper made by indie developers and also has the same overworld voice guy hired for it , it manages the same feeling of DK1 unlike other games that has spawned over the years by bigger companys but do not capture the idea/feeling of dungeon keeper (dungeons 1,2,3 etc)
    You should also check out TCRF, i've added a page for this game which contains a lot of interesting bugs/glitches and information about this game:
    Had to buy the big box as well and strategy guide 😆

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    Shadowtear got a reaction from VESSMIER in Your last music-related buy!   
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    Shadowtear reacted to lichtlune in Your last music-related buy!   
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