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  1. Shadowtear

    no aka-murasaki tho
  2. Shadowtear

    This poll is invalid without Parasite
  3. [2020.05.27] ラストスターサイン https://linkco.re/E6Rz8HpB?lang=en
  4. Shadowtear

    Could always use fullwidth ";" in tags
  5. Shadowtear

    Rip @Cantavanda
  6. Shadowtear

    Can't say theres anything in vk that i would care to ban, even as a joke, but that would probally have to do with my shitty music taste. If only we could ban all the overseas fanatics that can only talk about their bando-legshots of male members and 24/7 drama discussions though. (On a side note, i do love me some engrish)
  7. Shadowtear

    CD's arrived good & good communication Recommended for future purchases.
  8. For the first time ever, a 10% Discount on all items in the melostore starting 25 december for orders of 2 or more items from the webshop.


    So if you didnt want to buy anything cause you had rips thus 5 euro was too much, nows the time! http://www.melokei.com/p/store.html

  9. Dear MH users, A friendly reminder to let you know how you sound when trying to sing vk covers:


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    2. anadentone


      that sounds like my drunk aunt trying to sing Finnish Christmas Carols lol

    3. Himeaimichu


      I just sound like a bastardised cross between Ai from Gulu Gulu and Saki from Cuartet lmao

    4. anadentone


      still better than anything Maria Cross has put out.

  10. Shadowtear

  11. Newly added items: Added: 2019.11.09 - CHAINGANG - X-RATED (Cassette) - DAMN SPYLOSS - Ring/Junction - La Profecia - EL REZO DE LOS QUE SOBRAN (Cassette) - Nocturne - HELL BOUND TRAIN (Cassette) - Rosetta Stone (UK) - Rosetta Stone (Cassette) - unknown release... - グランギニョール・スパゲッチ (GURANGINYOORU SUPAGECCHI) - 戦慄のEgoist.. (Cassette) Visit the excel sheet for detailed information and prices
  12. Newly added items: Added: 2019.11.09 - feathers-blue - BE FREE (Cassette) - Marmalade - トースト(マーマレード付き)~material fighter~ - Nigrante - Scriptures (doujin) - Nigrante - Elysha (doujin) - Nigrante - 極楽蝶の舞う丘で (doujin) - Siltone - カルディメア (doujin) - 【ネラーでつが】かげっチャソ【何か?】 (【Neraa Detsuga】Kagetsu Chaso【Nanika?】) - 脳内恋愛妄想マンセー 、W∀・ノ{マンセー) - 【ネラーでつが】かげっチャソ【何か?】 (【Neraa Detsuga】Kagetsu Chaso【Nanika?】) - 脳内恋愛妄想マンセー W ω・`*{大好ち❤) Visit the excel sheet for detailed information and prices
  13. Newly added items: Added: 2019.10.09 - 東京ミカエル。 (Tokyo Michael.) - ブレンド - 機械人形歌劇団カラクリ (Kikai Ningyou Kagekidan Karakuri) - 阿片 - 華族 (Kazoku) - demo cdr 1 (signed) - 華族 (Kazoku) - demo cdr 2 (signed) - 華族 (Kazoku) - さよならブーゲ - 華族 (Kazoku) - 暁 - 華族 (Kazoku) - 1st demo tape - 華族 (Kazoku) - 2nd demo tape - 華族 (Kazoku) - 3rd demo tape Visit the excel sheet for detailed information and prices
  14. Shadowtear

    Forgot to include some stuff i already put away, and have no idea what it was anymore. So heres the content i still had to put away on my shelf Most of these are for sale as usual
  15. Newly added items: Added: 2019.10.04 - ファジログ (Fuzylog.) - Funky Punky Pez Dance! - ファジログ (Fuzylog.) - OUT TO LUNCH TIME. - ファジログ (Fuzylog.) - pArAn0iA. - ファジログ (Fuzylog.) - コナマイキアドベンチャー - ファジログ (Fuzylog.) - リセットガールヒョウ柄テリー / .qoMuMop. - マルル (MARARU) - 色彩キ調 ~虹色~ - みるふぃね (Milphinne) - sweet candy - めてぃびる。 (METIBILL) - 君とアンドロメダを一緒に - 彩冷える (ayabie) - FAINT/トパーズ - 彩冷える (ayabie) - ロマンサー/変態最終頁 Visit the excel sheet for detailed information and prices
  16. Shadowtear

    Dungeon Keeper 1 is easily one, if not my favorite game ever and pretty much finished it more then 20 times throughout childhood till now. I've also finished Dungeon Keeper 2 roughly 1 or 2 times, and it was fine but it has never been as memorable and great as DK1 to me. If you liked DK1, i would urge you to try the game War for the Overworld, its seen as a spiritual successor to Dungeon keeper made by indie developers and also has the same overworld voice guy hired for it , it manages the same feeling of DK1 unlike other games that has spawned over the years by bigger companys but do not capture the idea/feeling of dungeon keeper (dungeons 1,2,3 etc) You should also check out TCRF, i've added a page for this game which contains a lot of interesting bugs/glitches and information about this game: https://tcrf.net/Dungeon_Keeper https://tcrf.net/Bugs:Dungeon_Keeper Had to buy the big box as well and strategy guide 😆
  17. Newly added items: Added: 2019.09.24 - ヴィドール (VIDOLL) - 一人斬りのクリ××ス - ウェンズデー (Wedday) - 国歌 - ガイズファミリー (Guy's Family) - Final Party - ぐりむ (Grimm) - magical snow - ケミカルピクチャーズ (CHEMICAL PICTURES) - Goodbye to My old avarice - ナイトメア (NIGHTMARE) - Varuna - パノラマ虚構ゼノン (XENON) - 心像 - バビロン (BABYLON) - Garnet Children - バビロン (BABYLON) - BABYLON~四~ - バビロン (BABYLON) - 月凛花 Please visit the excel sheet for detailed information and price.
  18. Newly added items: Added: 2019.09.13 - LUNA SEA - gravity - LUNA SEA - TONIGHT - Mist of Rouge - 刻/艶 - plu'to - Drink Bar - plu'to - 「道」 - Shulla - 「夜桜」 - Sinkro - エトセトラ - ヴィドール (VIDOLL) - If・・・レボトミン(Y LV25)475mg - ヴィドール (VIDOLL) - Message Card - ヴィドール (VIDOLL) - リマインドストーリー Please visit the excel sheet for detailed information and price.
  19. Shadowtear

    no, plz
  20. Shadowtear

    U can ask the man himself @shiroihana
  21. https://vk.gy/releases/mid-night/23867/le-miroir-noir/
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