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  1. Shadowtear

    Maria cross in 2003
  2. Shadowtear

    Yes i did, someone in this awesome discord group gave it to me. I'll share it through dm's~
  3. Shadowtear

    First band: Maria Cross How i got into them: i was looking for specific questionable videos online that i cant show my mom
  4. Shadowtear

    Could just buy the one thats on auction.
  5. Note: Be aware the excel sheet has more then 1 tab, which includes free goodies. Alternativly i'd also like to mention i still offer cassette digitization services. Newly added items: Added: 2019.05.05 - Az:Madius - GENESIS - LAID - PROMISE TIME (Cassette) - Layarch - be disorder - Layarch - i/D - Layarch - 無双華 - Lunetia - Lunetia - NEO SONIC ARTS - NEO SONIC ARTS (2-track: aqua girl / In the Life) (Cassette) - NEO SONIC ARTS - NEO SONIC ARTS (2-track: Anemone / How to kill?~How to Love?) (Cassette) - Perpetual Dreamer - Perpetual Dreamer (Album) - 裏Dorado (EllDorado) - AURORA [URA-0001] (Cassette)(SEALED) - 裏Dorado (EllDorado) - ALUA [URA-0002] (Cassette)(SEALED) - 裏Dorado (EllDorado) - LOVE SONG [URA-0003] (Cassette)(SEALED) - 裏Dorado (EllDorado) - Birthday [URA-0004] (Cassette)(SEALED) - 裏Dorado (EllDorado) - JEEZ❤ [URA-0005] (Cassette)(SEALED) Please visit the excel sheet for detailed information and price. Search terms: Ura-Dorado, ElDorado, Laypüa, Laypua, Rayarch
  6. Shadowtear

  7. Shadowtear

    Nice ones, wonder where u got them from ;o
  8. Shadowtear

  9. We now have over 200 members and growing. Come join if you want to communicate in a group mostly aimed at visual kei.
  10. Hi! Thanks so much for the follow :love:Followed you back~

  11. Shadowtear

  12. My VK tape is for sale soon and will be limited to only 10 copies. (or less)

    The opening track is by @Cantavanda, and is quite lovely.

    Stay tuned


    Some pre-cassette pictures:



    Warning alert though, this is a very amateuristic project that is overal very indie sounding with melodic church-like instrumental, so its probally only for those selected few that like this kind of stuff.

    1. IGM_Oficial


      Will there be samples?

    2. Shadowtear




      I will eventually upload a small piece on my website.

      Most likely here: http://www.melokei.com/p/downloads.html


      Also on youtube probally.

    3. Paraph
  13. Shadowtear

    But ripping is the best part! that moment when u pop a cd in, and that wonderfull unexpected sound comes out ❤️
  14. Newly added items: Added: 2019.02.21 Crack brain - 緊縛依存症 (Cassette) Dir en grey - MISSA Dir en grey - ―I’ll― Dir en grey - JEALOUS Dir en grey - 一九九九年十二月十八日大阪城ホール (LIVE-DVD - 2 hours) Dir en grey - MACABRE Dir en grey - ain’t afraid to die Dir en grey - 改‐KAI‐ Dir en grey - VULGAR Dir en grey - THE FINAL Dir en grey - 朔 Dir en grey - 激しさと、この胸の中で絡み付いた灼熱の闇 the GazettE - LEECH 黒夢 (Kuroyume) - 1997 10.31 LIVE AT 新宿LOFT (LIVE-DVD) Please visit the excel sheet for detailed information and price. Search terms: hizaki, kyo, RUKI, れいた (Reita)
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