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  1. Newly added items: BARN - BARN chercher - vol. 1 (some Gackt wannabe singer) 駄菓子菓子 (Dagashi Kashi) - 抜け殻の愛情 Gu:Laymu - Gu:Laymu キュア (cure) - 独白・・・ feathers-blue - BE FREE Lagna - 道化師 (1998.11.01 寝屋川VINTAGE BAR) Little Vampire - 抱きたい×4 ヌルハチ - ヌルハチ PLASTIC - CLASH! CLASH!! CLASH!!! RAEL - Birth of Monsters Ray - tear relic - The Survival Game Shulla - 神罰と回帰線 Shulla - 「君から始まるAの唄」 A.C ver SISTER'S NO FUTURE SUPER DELUXE - LONG TIME NO SEE Six O'clock - It's gettin' wide. Sleep My Dear - CODE Promotional Sample Tape (1996) THE DEAD P☆P STARS - EVER FREE~虹の彼方へ~ / DAYDREAMDAY~3次元の白昼夢~ Zephyr - Plumeless Eyes ZETUAI - ZETUAI MEGAMIX 1992 NOTE: allot of items still have no prices, please contact me and ask/offer for a price for anything wanted.
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    Saying this is a "revival" isn't really what I would personally call it. If you look for it, there are a bunch of bands from early to late 2000's that sound 90's VK like, the only thing I’d say has changed is the fact that demand for them has shifted to the current mainstream style of music. Granted, There are currently more bands in the spotlight doing these styles more so then a couple of years ago, and i would assume that’s partly based on nostalgia which is quite common. This would also arguably push other bands to do the same.
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    Depence on wher eyou buy your stuff, if puresound the costs for shipping layed around 300 yen i believe. If you are asking how much money they ask per purchase for themselfs, that would be 500 yen per batch. I do not use fromjapan so i do not know if the exact details are still accurate as of today.
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    Send PM
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    Cancel it and use a proxy service. https://www.fromjapan.co.jp/en/ (or the like) Safe yourself unnececery troubles and issues.
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    Sue me.
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    I had some kind of daily contact with that one guy from ANUBIS/EMIRU, but our contact got suddenly stopped. I'd assume it had something to do with his arrest lol Frankly he messaged me again me again like a year later. Other then that, minor talk with IKUYA from TI+DEE, and some others i forgotten. Oh, and that yabuki guy He's quite cool tbh.
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  10. Newly added items: Angelique - Open the Fact CASSANDRA - ~EDGE OF SANITY~ C'yga-St.LAY - SEDUCTION/sister ギロチン道場 (Guillotine Dojo) - ? 苺69 - 君と僕の恋愛カテゴリー Neige - memory らせん (rasen) - 四人目ニ生マレタ精神分裂症ナル胎児ヘ Reve Personny - 風と共に Ring - Memorial (Full Live-DVD) 桜-SaKuRa- - 花開く~種子~ Shiver of Frontier - Hope of Eternity/Lost Tears V.E.N.U.S. - 女神聖誕 X JAPAN - Tears + some other items i added earlier NOTE: sales and sending of packages might be on hold for a small while in relation too lots of work in real life. Please communicate with me if there are items one wishes to put on hold.
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    I have some "old" music items aswell (plug cus person above did it too)
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