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      Added new items in stock for the MeloStore

  2. Newly added items: Added: 2018.08.17 §CIS† (SCIST) 未完成 Mariposa MEXICOの朝 (Cassete) Mareydi†Creia’ Dual of psycho (Cassete) LAREINE Métamorphose 電脳オヴラアト (【denno:oblaat】) Music Collection Tape (Cassete) Syndrome Vogue (Cassete) NOTE: allot of items still have no prices, please contact me and offer a price.
  3. Shadowtear

    Loving that Nageki Shito, nice band.
  4. Shadowtear

    Yes, if you want it its yours. The question is, why do you know about it?
  5. Shadowtear

    Another small haul cause i own too little: (ignore my 4 posts in this page) 蒼-AO- Blessing of Blue Rose~蒼き薔薇に願いを込めて~ (rare Live-DVD) (全16曲) Mareydi†Creia’ Dual of psycho (Cassette) (全3曲) ??? - ??? (Cassette) BIBLE BLACK Abyss of Air BIBLE BLACK Abyss of Earth BIBLE BLACK Abyss of Fire BIBLE BLACK Abyss of Water BIBLE BLACK BIBLE BLACK CATGOD Warriors and Angels UNDER FALL JUSTICE 針千本飲め。 (DVD) Vallquar-ワルキューレ- fabled 【zɔ́ːdi̽æ̀k】 (zodiac) ZEUS 【zɔ́ːdi̽æ̀k】 (zodiac) 未来の未来 + 50 signed flyers (mainly: Matina, soleil ...) + 50 signed flyers (mainly: Matina, soleil ...) + 30 signed boards (Mainly: Matina, soleil ...) Some of the above items are soon for sale at: www.melokei.com More stuff ariving next week.
  6. Newly added items: Added: 2018.08.07 †SADIST† MARIA †SADIST† Requiem †SADIST† VENUS BLOOD USA LIVE 2003 (VHS) Christfer T.S.Lagna 4曲入り配布CD CRY≪MU≫ Best of CRY≪mu≫ (Cassete) CRY≪MU≫ CRY≪mu≫ (Cassete) CRY≪MU≫ SYM:BOL (Cassete) D・L・R学園探偵団 Velvet Moon DAZZLE DAZZLE (Cassete) I've I've (Cassete) L,DEAR Keep on my love (Cassete) L,DEAR 媚薬から伝説へ… La destin'ee can't say the words (Cassete) Makoto Myomi M.MYOMI SOUND ACT 1995 (VHS) MALICE MIZER 薔薇の聖堂 Misaruka 2015.09.22池袋CYBER Symphony of Roses Vol.8 (including 5 photocards) ROZARY CRYSTAL RAIN Veill 骸の残像 (Cassete) VIRTUE Promotion Tape 【非売品】 (Cassete) VIRTUE Visual Digit ~File No.1~ BONUS TRACK (Cassete) VIRTUE 月の破片 (Cassete) ギロチン道場 (Guillotine Dojo) Unknown title... (Cassete) ギロチン道場 (Guillotine Dojo) Unknown title... (Cassete) チェリー (Cherry) チェリー "桜色" 特典 マグヴェリー (Magverry) 横濱純情物語 華族 (Kazoku) Benefits CD 蜉蝣 (Kagerou) 特典 黒蝪蝶 (Kuroageha) KUROAGEHA ORIGINAL VIDEO (VHS) 黒蝪蝶 (Kuroageha) LIVE at ON AIR WEST (VHS) 黒蝪蝶 (Kuroageha) 仮面遊戯 (Cassete) 黒蝪蝶 (Kuroageha) 夜想曲 (VHS) NOTE: allot of items still have no prices, please contact me and offer a price. ------------------------- Besides offering high-quality Cassette rips, we now also offer quality VHS rips with every purchase. If there is any question, please send me a private message. Thank you.
  7. Shadowtear

    Another mini haul: 『正義』崇拝教團JUSTICE KING 籠ノ中ノ貴方 (including 6 flyers) (全3曲) L,DEAR 伝説から神話へ (全10曲) Christfer T.S.Lagna Live-distro CD Madieduor (マディーデュオール) 「Mad Stic Decadence-悲愴ナル結末-」 購入特典コメントCD + bonus track Ancient Myth Aurora Ancient Myth Astrolabe in Your Heart Az:Madius 幻想の輪舞曲 Rä Noirphia HeAvenward for deAr…Eternally. ~croire phil~ Madieduor (マディーデュオール) Chaos prelude-混沌の序章- Vallquar-ワルキューレ- Destiny to deside JILLS BLUE ROSES ブラック★ハニー E'm~grief~ In paradism DEFLOWER THE DEAD SEEDS (Cassette) Fer;Rite 窓 (Cassette) D≒SIRE 人工楽園 (Cassette) Veill 骸の残像 (Cassette) + 2 photocard sets Some of the above items are soon for sale at: www.melokei.com
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  9. Shadowtear

    unless ur dvd player has some usb connectors, just buy a dvd drive. And if you do. please buy those that are powered by USB. Should hardly be 15$ Or if u wish to look at high-accuracy cd/dvd readers, look online what ones to get.
  10. Shadowtear

    Thanks, I most certainly will!
  11. Shadowtear

    I personally have no dislike for Starwave Recrords. The thing i have mentioned is that, i see a change in their style after the first album released under Starwave Records., which in my oppinion sounds more (perhaps more professional) mainstream aimed? then their sound before which felt more indie. Frankly the band, in particulair the singer, feels to me better in a indie style setting then in the setting he is currently in. I'd also like to mention that early UFJ and Justice King musical works have have have a more melodic tone to some of the songs, which i personally enjoyed quite allot. Regardless, hate that people have for starwave is their issue, i have no issues with them. The only thing that i recon is disapointing (in my own interests) is that bands that go into this record lable often seem to have slight changes in style. which is interesting to some, and less interesting to others. But i hardly doubt Starwave Records is the only record lable this applys to. As a side note, i still enjoy UFJ regardless, my first note was just with a small nonsensical attack implying that i enjoy their earlier music more.
  12. Shadowtear

    Its not they they are just another shitty starwave band, they became a shitty starwave band. Their work under Music Art Productions as Justice King and the 2 bands before that (for the vocalist) has been way more interesting then the current sound they produce which clearly changed in style after the first album released under starwave records. Wut?
  13. Good to know it sounds less interesting then i originally have heard. Less pain in no obtain. Would buy it regardless someday.
  14. Shadowtear

    The VK online community in general.