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  1. I'm pretty sure they have been active again since 2015, however i've not been too interested with the new female vocalist.
  2. Be a cool 90's VK fan and join our discord already:



    Most of our members are fan of indie style music and enjoy the 90's/early 2000's era of vk.

    We are laid back on the rules, so it's enjoyable.


    Might also drop a download here and there ;)

  3. Shadowtear

    Some collection pieces i wanted to get, such as the UFJ cd aswell as an omnibus with totto from l,dear when he was still a cute lil kiddo. Also quite happy with my azmadius purchase. A few small things will be up for sale.
  4. Shadowtear

    I had the issue saturaday when it seemly gotten issues on some devices, where during the midday on a mac computer it woudnt show any images. It however has no issues on my windows pc. But i dont think that has anything to do with it, just give it time to fix it or try another browser/vpn perhaps.
  5. Quick note: Purchases can be shipped before 1 December, after that, I will not ship any more parcels until the 10th of January 2019. During this period, you can still reserve items and have them sent after the 10th of January. Newly added items: Added: 2018.11.18 CARESS - De-Light CARESS - equal / Cloudy Life Gilles de Rais - Gilles de Rais Kill=slayd - Death 13 Shiver - hypnosis SISTER'S NO FUTURE SUPER DELUXE - MIND PARK Sleep My Dear - MOVE THREE EYES JACK - T・E・R・R・O・R・I・S・T 黒夢 (Kuroyume) - 中絶 黒夢 (Kuroyume) - 亡骸を・・・ 黒夢 (Kuroyume) - 生きていた中絶児・・・・ 黒夢 (Kuroyume) - 迷える百合達 V.A. - Cry-Max Pleasure ~Break On Through to the Nuclear Bandits~ V.A. - 美流沙女×Veill (Cassette) Please visit the excel sheet for detailed information
  6. Shadowtear

    Typicall small haul, all have obi's Most interesting for me in this is Xodiack and that one punk rock band i forgot the name of. Some of them are as usual, for collection. omnibus and a cd here and there. Most of them are soon for sale at: http://www.melokei.com/p/store.html
  7. Shadowtear

    You should be able to use ffmpeg to extract the audio from the dvd directly, this wont do any conversion but just extracts the audio directly. This program however uses the command line interface in windows, but is my perfered way for anything audio related, in every situation. A quick search gave me this: https://www.2li.ch/extract-audio-tracks-from-dvd-with-ffmpeg (havent looked well enough at the command they used) As for other tools (if you do not like to use CLI tools), im not too familiar with any, but i believe Exact Audio Copy has a means of extracting audio from a dvd aswell? don't quote me on this though.
  8. A massive list of BRAND NEW stock has been added on the store!
    Come and visit the page to check it out!


  9. Newly added items: Added: 2018.10.24 【FIGURe;】 - 賢い奴隷の愚かな選択 La'Mule - inspire La'Mule - 結界~ガラス神経ト自我境界~ Laputa - Breath Laputa - c・a・k・e・r・a (翔~カケラ~裸) Laputa - Chimes Laputa - Feelin' the sky Laputa - Sparks Monkey Laputa - Virgin cry Laputa - 眩めく廃人 Laputa - 私が消える Laputa - 蜉~かげろう~蝣 Laputa - 麝~ジャコウ~香 LUNA SEA - END OF SORROW LUNA SEA - SHINE MIYAVI (雅) - 21世紀型行進曲/ロックの逆襲‐スーパースターの条件 PENICILLIN - DEAD or ALIVE Pierrot - MAD SKY ‐鋼鉄の救世主‐ Pierrot - Screen Pierrot - クリア・スカイ Pierrot - ハルカ・・・*カナタへ・・ Raphael - 「Sick」 ~XXX患者のカルテ~ Raphael - LILAC (first press) Raphael - mind soap Raphael - Sweet Romance Raphael - White Love Story Raphael - 卒業 Raphael - 夢より素敵な Raphael - 花咲く命ある限り SUGIZO - A PRAYER SUGIZO - LUCIFER VAMPIRE ROSE - 吸血裁判 己龍 (Kiryu) - 暁歌水月 Japmetal: NOCTURNE - NOCTURNE (Cassette) CAT'S KILL - LET'S GET IT UP (Cassette) FATIMA HILL - INVITATION TO VALHALLA (Cassette) RUDE BOY - TAPE No.1 (Cassette) Other items: Photo set - ミサルカ (Misaruka) - 7 Photos & 3 membercards Photo set - Synk;yet - 8 Checkis Photo set - Visui - 4 Photos & 1 sticker Photo set - IZABEL VAROSA - 5 Photos Autograph board (14x12cm thick hard-paper) MATINA multiple group signatures & boards of: Madeth gray'll, Vice risk, pleur, S, Poisonous Doll, Dolls-eyE, Adeil, DAS:VASSER, Rullia, Syndrome, pleur, Cynthia, La'Mule, サリー (Sally), Remage, NéiL, CANARY, Rullia, KleinKaiser, Vella Donna Some random stuff: NOTE: please visit the excel sheet for detailed information
  10. Shadowtear

    Another "small" haul. Mostly happy to get Lily Project and the Specimen Omnibus with Mandragora on it. Other then that some collection pieces, and all of them contain their obi's ofc. Most of them are soon for sale at: http://www.melokei.com/p/store.html
  11. Shadowtear

    A few nice things, smaller batch then i normally obtain. Mainly for collection, a nice signed vampire rose, sealed +SADIST+ cd and some other things bought for collection/trying out. Should be expecting 2 massive parcels tomorrow which will mostly be for the store page.
  12. Join our Visual Kei discord group, Active and wide interest 90's VK.



    1. Cantavanda


      can you play fortnite mobile in your group and get victory royale?

    2. Shadowtear


      Every joke you make i should use 1 of your tapes as a playtoy for my dog.

    3. Cantavanda


      I won't have any tapes left! Changing your sentence to "every BAD joke" won't change anything either.