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  1. Join our Visual Kei discord group, Active and wide interest in diffrent types of VK.


  2. Shadowtear

  3. Thank you for everyone who used my Cassette Digitization service.

    This service is now officially open and out of its cheap early stages.



  4. There has been a change in price and the disclaimer has been updated. Please read both if you wish to use this service. Thank you to everyone who made use of this service while it was in it's cheap early stages.
  5. Is yunisan really dead this time? :<

    i sure hope not.



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    2. Shadowtear


      You can use the backup i host for now, its determend to be 98% complete


    3. TomoMAD


      I don't know why but when there are kanji and katakana/hiragana letters it show symbols like error :( 

    4. Shadowtear


      If you have read the first page, you would know why ;)

      Change your browser's unicode to "SHIFT_JIS" and it should display propperly.


      This site i have put up quickly for backup reasons, i have had no time to fix everything yet.

      The important part is, that there is a backup.

  6. Shadowtear

    Another mini haul as usual. Mainly happy with the l,dear sealed final album and the celeste vice vhs. other some youka cassette and a bunch of sealed cds. Most of them are for sale at: http://www.melokei.com/p/store.html
  7. Quick annoucement: 1. The disclaimer has been updated, this will now apply for all payments starting from 2018.10.01. 2. Items can not be put "on hold" anymore, you can however reserve the items by paying for them. 3. VHS purchases now come with high-quality digitized rips. 4. Prices of cassette digitization has been adjusted, and information has been changed. Newly added items: Added: 2018.10.01 Mär-Tyrer - MAR-TYRER (cassette) 妖花 (Youka) - LIGHT & SHADOW (cassette) V-POSITION - vol. 2 (cassette) KABUKI ROCKS - KABUKI ROCKS (cassette) BLAZE - BLAZE (cassette) L,DEAR - 愛の媚薬 L,DEAR - 伝説から神話へ Angelique - baby's breath [SEALED] ANTIQUE DOLL - ESCAPE TETSUYA - in the stream of consciousness [SEALED] THE DEAD P☆P STARS (d.p.s) - tic [SEALED] SELENE - "RIDE" ジャックバドラ (JACK BADRA) - プロフェッショナル魂 [SEALED] VIOLET NARCISSUS - DECADENCE [SEALED] NOTE: please visit the excel sheet for detailed information
  8. Shadowtear

    I'll soon publish my own made script for download on my website. It'll give you the best file downloadable configuration trying to keep it in its original state, aswell as simplyfing and automating the process by a ton. (it'll include being able to attach an nico account aswell soon.) Incase you care that is.
  9. Shadowtear

    Use youtube-dl with an account file. Actually grabs the file instead of recording, it does require some knowledge though. (the non-gui)
  10. Shadowtear

    Another small haul i gotten last week I got a nice 5cd set of live-distributed Poitrine cds and dvd's, including the best PV ever made: "poitrine - ge togheter" (serach it on youtube plz) Other then that nothing too special, some psycho le cemu tape and la'vistier etc. PS, most of them are for sale at: http://www.melokei.com/p/store.html
  11. Shadowtear

    Just a Canon Lide one. Its compact and quite nice, tbf it is not 100% accurare on color, but i wont expect such on this price. Its very sharp and looks good, which is what i care for.
  12. Shadowtear

    I use a canon quality scanner myself, which scans images in high quality and does it nice 'n fast. I mainly chose it as it was quite recomended trough online scanner forums/reddit posts for scanner around 120 dollar i surely for the life of me will never buy an epson product, but i base my dislike for them on their printers.
  13. Shadowtear

    Maria Cross for resting, choirs, on occasion and especially for when you need inspiration.
  14. Shadowtear

    Nothing special.
  15. Newly added items: Added: 2018.09.26 ACiD - スカーレット (cassette) BUCK-TICK - No.0 Laputa - e・m・a・d・a・r・a (絵~エマダラ~斑) Laputa - 眩~めまい~暈 Laputa - 眩めく廃人 Loz'a≠Veria - ガラクタノナカデメザメタクランケ (cassette) Lucifer Luscious Violenoue - 病める薔薇、或いは癒さない傷口 (cassette) L'yse:nore - tarot (cassette) nord - -mid妄ari- (cassette) Syndrome - De≠Light (cassette) Syndrome - Vogue (cassette) 筋肉少女帯 (Kinniku Shōjo Tai) - SISTER STRAWBERRY 筋肉少女帯 (Kinniku Shōjo Tai) - 猫のテブクロ NOTE: please visit the excel sheet for detailed information