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    i'm not sure how much could be said without the full lineup - speaking only for myself i like the sounds of vkei around the early 2000s, i think shoegaze is neat & if i were way better at guitar i'd want to call myself inspired by some nagoya bands but that's just me
  2. rsm_saya

    i think it might be fairly popular in europe? i just like it personally for band stuff bc it's lightweight but easy to send/host files
  3. rsm_saya

    currently 4-member group based in DTX intends to start band activities late 2018. if interested contact via LINE +1.972.800.6775 or twitter @rsm_saya
  4. rsm_saya

    two members are from germany, one from texas, and one from australia. i'm the guitarist from texas, who's writing these two posts
  5. rsm_saya

    we're a new band - two guitarists, a bassist, and vocalist; currently looking for a drummer. we have tracks written we're in the process of recording, and are still writing more. demos available by request; contact me on LINE (+1.972.800.6775), twitter (@rsm_saya), or via txt.
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