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  1. 123Sandman321

    I never said their music was inherently bad, far, far away from it (same with Mahiro's vocals), I've always quite enjoyed every release they have put out. But listen to Hyakki Yakou, for example, and tell me, if you can tell the songs apart. Their B-sides are growing more and more unimaginative, with a few exceptions of course, but with the amount of music they are putting out, it's not nearly enough, just filler. It just comes off as throwing shit at the wall, seeing what sticks...a problem all the BPR bands share, with a difference that others aren't bound by their traditional aesthetic, so their songs are given a bit more space to breathe. There is also the increasingly annoying usage of synths over the years, completely overshadowing the guitars. The songs stay the same, only the album cover changes. Considering the song, it's good, certainly an improvement over Harushigure and Jou no Ka and it has an actual solo, not the embarassing 6 second guitar wank that Irodori had.
  2. 123Sandman321

    Who knew that we'd ever get an edgy VK version
  3. 123Sandman321

    And as you all know, WikiHow is always correct.
  4. 123Sandman321

    ...oookay, they still have 9 more attempts to surprise me and even though I gave shit to Kiryu for the same thing, I like it
  5. 123Sandman321

    There is only so many variations of one type of song, you can make. They just seem oblivious to the fact, that they hit the bearable cap years ago. Well, so long as that ¥¥¥ keep rolling for BPR
  6. 123Sandman321

    Kiwamu is basically throwing money out the window, now, would've been probably better, too, actually. Fuck, this is horrible.
  7. What are the chances of JILUKA re-recording Sicks, cause I really wanna hear it polished up. The original is amazing, but just rough as hell.

    1. Duwang


      Unlikely. They don't even play it at lives.

    2. Komorebi


      I was literally just thinking that yesterday, but seeing as they don't even acknowledge that release, I doubt it.

  8. 123Sandman321

    Well, their "originality" quota should've capped off with the cowbell.
  9. So, where is the next full-lenght by Arlequin? I need my pterodactyl fix.

    1. platy


      I second this. After the last single I definitely want more Arlequin.

  10. 123Sandman321

    This was one of the strongest E3s, by far. I actually stayed up for the live presentations, which I never used to do. All the major conferences were superb, so many fresh and exciting looking titles. The Last of Us II, Sekiro, Ghost of Tsushima, Kingdom Hearts III, RE2 remake, Fallout 76, Rage 2, new Wolfenstein, DMC 5 and of course, Cyberpunk 2077. And hell, even new AC looks really cool, the new RPG direction is what I like to see. Also, Control looks so intriguing, I'm expecting interesting things from that game. ...I reaaaaally need a PS4...not even accounting for the extensive backlog I have Though, needless to say, Square Enix really disappointed me. They got some new IPs, nice I guess, but they completely failed to grip me in any way. Not even a mention of FF XVs 2nd DLC season and above all, FF VII remake. But the coolest little surprises were the announcements of Yakuza series coming to PC, I was always hoping to play those. (here's to a smooth port) and the new Life is Strange, wonder how that one's gonna play out.
  11. 123Sandman321

    The transitions are kinda janky, just all over the place, but it's still an amazing song nonetheless. But I feel like the preview still leaves something to be desired, since the breakdown isn't all that groundbreaking. Also...nearly 2 years in and the drums still sound like shit
  12. 123Sandman321

    How are they still being allowed the go on? It's the most generic bullshit I ever heard. Ain't necessarily bad, but it's so unimaginative. While trying to gain popularity, it just comes of as pissing into an ocean while hoping to stir a sea storm.
  13. 123Sandman321

    I mustered the courage the finish NieR:Automata's ending E, after nearly 2 months...needless to say, I was emotionally wrecked. The whole game was downright the best gaming experience I ever had. And Final Fantasy XV finally got mod support, so that is definitely gonna add to my 100 hours of playtime
  14. 123Sandman321

    Ruki wanting to branch out brought us Beautiful Deformity, so I'm more and more skeptical
  15. Can someone tell Juri to stop rapping? 'Cause the b-side from LILITH is absolute trash