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  1. Ahhh, the most overhyped clothing brand...I also expect some perfume down the line TSUZUKU, a new fragrance by 8P-SB
  2. We should start a GoFundMe campaign for Ruki, to get a fitting suit for once.
  3. ^ Sounds amazing, even though it's basically Un Deux and Revelation of Mankind mixed together _________________________________________________________________________________________ Also, props for that pube-stache...charming.
  4. I'm all for new bands, but even not accounting for those rough harsh vocals, this sound quality isn't really acceptable in 2018.
  5. Not even a competent vocalist could save this boring composition... And, yet...wow, this is a step-up for Bloom boys. They could afford a green screen.
  6. X JAPAN Coachella 41/69/2050 Set List 1. Miracle (piano ver.) 2. Jade (piano ver.) 3. Rusty Nail (piano ver.) 4. Kiss The Sky (piano ver.) 5. I.V. (piano ver.) 6. Kurenai (piano ver.) 7. Endless Rain (piano ver.) 8. Born To Be Free (piano ver.) 9. X (piano ver.) 10. Tears (piano ver.) ___________________________ I know I'm beating a dead horse, here
  7. Kouryu and Tenten were perfect together, but it's gone. RAZOR and Lack-co. are doing their own thing with varying success. As sad as it might be I don't see Tenten in a "heavy" band ever again, but I hope I'm wrong. Seems, that they found the sound they were happy with - Ivy, but we'll see how all that shit will unfold.
  8. Easily the best April Fools joke Interestingly enough, this song was originally made for P3, without these lyrics, of course
  9. Damn, every song sounds absolutely amazing. And as much shit as I gave Korey, his shoes will be somewhat tough to fill...oh what am I saying, they just need some Cubase/Pro Tools drum-programming lessons and they are set.
  10. Day 476: Still waiting for some solid 80s synthwave project... Yeah, also, trying to get on that Mamireta/Kizu train, while arriving horribly late at every station
  11. Fast =/= technical, or good, for that matter. No one said he was bad, because he obviously isn't, but as you yourself have said, his live performance is lacking by modern standards. Also, comparing to other drummers is pointless, because they are all so samey and unwilling to get out of their comfort zone (in FIXER's genre). They fit the music, and do what they are supposed to do, but they don't seem to enhance it in any way. And Korey definitely falls under that category, with the added bonus of being his own metronome. Dude should seriously have a click-track in his ear during his future lives, because, damn, the videos from the DVD they have posted were so fuckin' bad.
  12. ^Awesome as usual, Forge has some sweet moves. I'm still in awe of how popular they got, it's insane nowadays for a metal band. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ On another note, Behemoth released a new music video. Top-notch cinematography and visuals. And not to forget, the best song from the album.
  13. As much as I love them, they can do better in that regard and recruit a slightly better drummer, sooo, silver lining, I guess...?
  14. Well, I recommend starting with the re-recorded songs, since the album carries on in the same overall tone and I guess that by comparing them with their predecessors, they best display the evolution of the band. But honestly, you can pick basically any song from the record, since they all are very solid, maybe except the slightly boring "ballad" (5th song), which I usually skip, because it doesn't really fit But it is also important to point out, that they dropped all the heaviness from before (however questionable)
  15. Tear down the missing posters and shut down the milk carton campaign.