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  1. I might be oversimplifying it a little bit, but it seems to me, that you got it all figured out, while needlessly debating the semantics. Nevertheless, after a rejection, it's never healthy to think that you aren't good enough and after a while you might convince yourself to remain that way...and that's a pit from which it's really hard to crawl out of. It might be difficult to move on, but it's the best course of action. In the end, you'll always end up a better person and grow to handle these situations in a much better way. And considering not being able to be yourself...I've come to understand that that's a lie we tell ourselves, when we aren't comfortable talking to strangers. I used to be that way, hiding behind that thin veil...but whatever choice you make, whatever face you put on, it's always you, because people will continue to perceive you that way for the better or in most cases, worse. What I'm trying to say, always be your "true" self, whatever the situation, you shouldn't lie to yourself or to people around you. And if the infrequency of those enjoyable moments hurts you...change the game, turn the odds in your favor, it's very possible, you just gotta take action trust me, I've been there Anyway, sharing that experience is always the first step, never forget that you are never alone, there is always someone who will listen. Well, I really hope I'm making at least some sense...there is a nearly downed bottle of wine next to me : D
  2. I gave quite a few spins to the majority of NAZARE's full length, and I gotta say, the potential is there, but the inexperience of anyone but Issei kinda shows. The album itself is nicely written and varied, but...although the guitarist has the (quasi)-technical department down, he lacks the ability to write any compelling solos, it's just "basic" guitar-wankery. The vocalist is good and the potential is there, but someone should really hit him over the head whenever he tries those highs and refuses to stay in his range, he ain't Sho or Akane. No complaints on the bassist, he's just there, quality rumble from down under. It's a fun record and I'm excited for what's next.


    Let's just hope they are given the time to evolve, before someone fucks it up, and stop being just a poor man's D.I.D.

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    2. Kyo_Toriko


      Thank you for the link to the FIXER II, and thank you in advance for the NAZARE !!

    3. suji


      @123Sandman321 go ahead, but make sure you let people know why the tracks are missing and the other track cuts off. I'd also suggest marking it as a "spotify version". Someone else will be able to upload the full version in the future.

    4. 123Sandman321


      @suji I was talking about NAZARE's album (not FIXER II), which I've got from ROPPU's channel, before they were taken down. Does your permission still apply? :D

  3. 123Sandman321

    The harsh parts are everything that is wrong with "brootal"-kei. Who green-lit this trash? The rest is fine, I guess, not anything that warrants much interest.
  4. This just screams blandness. Already calling that the PV will be in tasteless 60 FPS, compensating for a lack of cinematography with shitty effects and taking place in a random warehouse #3206 (since all the other ones were used by lynch. in the past and we have to keep it slightly original). ...yeah and don't forget the synths, the trebliest synth samples with the lowest bitrate they can find.
  5. 123Sandman321

    I was rather skeptic, going in, having heard the previews and Phalaenopsis in it's entirety, but after digesting the whole package, it was really pleasant. Karma's, let's say, unique voice in unison with the great bassist really carried the EP.
  6. 123Sandman321

    The drums, thankfully, don't sound like utter trash, this time. The drumming itself could still be better, though it's not as jarring at least. But, compared to their first two records which were some of the best stuff from 2017, this just seems rather weak and uninspired, even the production took a nose-dive. Well, the whole thing might still surprise me...hopefully
  7. Done listening to FIXER II...the live-limited tracks are amazing, damn, am I gonna miss them. Definitely one of the best bands that came out in 2010s.

    1. xriko


      I saw them live in 2014, I liked them a lot so I listen oftenly to them.

      Most of the discography is nice, even tracks like Verify

  8. 123Sandman321

    I definitely miss the heaviness of the previous EP, but I still liked what I heard. The first half felt a little samey, but it picked up later on, in the latter half. They have carved out a nice niche for themselves with those last few records and I want them to continue in the same way, expanding upon all the various sounds they have melded in the past. Both overall musicianship and production were spot on as usual, no changes there. So yeah, I really enjoyed it, even when they went all the way with those mellow, "cutesy" vibes. (also, the intro from track 4 is weirdly reminiscent of the intro from The Real Slim Shady )
  9. 123Sandman321

    lynch. will release an album/EP, lest the world ceases to exist Mysterious bands will continue to be mostly trash, but the fad will show no signs of stopping DISREIGN will release another single or two and then go into hibernation mode, again, until The GazettE release something fresh JILUKA will release an acoustic EP, with breakdowns NCBL will recruit some unknowns, ditch the visuals and release an uninspired metalcore album (Cazqui's guitar wankery shall be missed) B.P.R. bands will form a union and seize the means of production NAZARE goes on to be bigger than DIMLIM (quite undeservedly) Yoshiki will proudly announce another signature product (I dunno, cheese, maybe) Ryo will FINALLY release original music, either in a band or solo
  10. 123Sandman321

  11. 123Sandman321

    Standard TBS fare, which ain't a bad thing, but... with horrendous production and constant skank blasts. It completely overshadowed the guitar work and made the song extremely boring to listen to.
  12. 123Sandman321

    I don't think much good could come out of their reunion. Sure, all of their projects after Deluhi went kinda nowhere and are quite lackluster, considering the musicians we are talking about, but it seems like their tastes have shifted so much that it just wouldn't be the way it used to. It would likely come to even more watered down Far East Dizain, only with Juri on vocals. (+ Keita's harsh vocals are better) Though, if they do get back together, which I still hope happens (despite what I said), I wish my prediction is very, very wrong. CODA might still be a solid ballad, it just ain't what I wanted or expected...at all.
  13. I'm still dearly waiting the day, when Akane amasses enough of those 7/11 ¥¥¥, so that he can make a full-blown come-back...


    Hell, I'd be happy for properly mixed and mastered Inside of me tracks


    Also, he should follow Issei's model of acquiring some unknowns who don't yet know how much of a nightmare he is to work with.

  14. This is shaping up to be their best release yet. Damn, I certainly didn't expect that after the BLESS EP. Even tho they keep the same cohesive feel throughout, as they should, it all sounds nice and diverse. I'm really stoked for this one.