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  1. 123Sandman321

    If you are willing to sacrifice the well-being of your child for your career, you shouldn't have your own children in the first place. My point is that if either of the parents isn't ready for the commitment, they shouldn't go through with it.
  2. I would call this anything but generic (and I listen to a metric fuckton of -core music). Each instrument in each part of the song is expertly layered in the mix and they complement each other perfectly. No repetitive drumming patterns, outstanding guitarwork with some nice tones, a little bit of ambiance here and there, with a competent vocalist on top of it all. The only thing missing is just a little bit more grit in the vocals, maybe some screams, but it's still an amazing song anyway. I'm really excited to hear more.
  3. 123Sandman321

    Using a Strandberg on this kind of trash is utter HERESY
  4. 123Sandman321

    The guitarwork touched my soul.
  5. 123Sandman321

    I see you
  6. Vocals: Akane (ex. D.I.D.), Sho (DIMLIM), Hazuki (lynch.), Jey (ex. FIXER) Guitar: Retsu/Ryuuya (DIMLIM), Leda (Far East Dizain), Reo/Yusuke (lynch.) Bass: Fujiwara Misaki (Sokoninaru), Sho (ex. D.I.D.) Drums: Hiroshi (DIMLIM), Yusuke (ex. DADAROMA) Quite hard for me to choose. I reaaaally tried to narrow it down
  7. Fuck, it seems like the Leda Syndrome is quite contagious.
  8. 123Sandman321

    Can't deny that they are somewhat "stylish", but the music is complete and utter trash. The only thing missing are whispers and laughing, everything else is there...the shitty synths, uninspired melodies and godawful screams.
  9. 123Sandman321

    Architects, 3 times, with each of those 3 tickets sold in 3 years, it hurt more.
  10. I'm so glad, that I stumbled upon these dudes. Fucking phenomenal!




  11. I like what I hear, so far. And considering this seems like a chorus, the heavy might still be hidden somewhere (Even MUCC release the occasional heavy track and they have every shade of DEZERT lipstick on their dick), tho I wouldn't hold my breath, considering the first few notes transitioning into the chorus.
  12. 123Sandman321

    I have a slight feeling he ain't gonna teach some beginner chords, there. I even doubt he knows them with all the sweeps and tapping he does.
  13. I can't say I liked all of their musical output, but they've put out quite a number of absolute bangers. That motherfucker will be missed.

    1. Gesu


      Rest in peace :(

  14. 123Sandman321

    ehm Edit: I still like their shit, but straight up lifting riffs note for note leaves a bad first impression.
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