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  1. 123Sandman321

    God, that 1st verse was awful. But still, I can fuck with this. I really wanna see where this clusterfuck goes on the LP.
  2. 123Sandman321

    Sounds good, so far. Can't wait... (to be disappointed)
  3. 123Sandman321

    There's hope for every trash vocalist. Jey can't come back soon enough, but I'm not holding my breath.
  4. 123Sandman321

    It better include ELECTROLYTES
  5. 123Sandman321

    It feels better as a package, sure, but when you start picking it apart, it starts to show the same issues as the full-length. Messy compositions, unnecessary out of range singing, guitar-wanking solos just for the sake of it and Mio sounds even more like a pterodactyl in places. Despite it all, I still love it to bits, same as Jingai, but more so for what it could be, not so much for what it actually is.
  6. 123Sandman321

    Yes, of course I did, I put around 100 hours into it I don't think Yakuza will ever be able to disappoint me. The stories and overall atmosphere were always wonderful. What I'm a bit worried about, tho, is the combat and overall progression in Kiwami 2, those 5 kinds of EXP seem slightly weird. How does it work? Now here's hoping that Sega puts the rest of them on PC, too...(including Kenzan and Ishin, unlikely, but it'd be amazing)
  7. 123Sandman321

    While it's not bad in particular, it's just so plain and boring. Hell, even the shitty synths and autotune were the only stand-out things.
  8. 123Sandman321

    Auf der Heide blüht ein kleines Blümelein und das heißt: Erika. Shit gets you pumped, with an off chance of invading Poland.
  9. This colloquoy compels an ingestion of bang-maize.
  10. 123Sandman321

    ...dangly monkey expander
  11. 123Sandman321

    This PV is pure poetry, damn, definitely one of the best, if not the best one I've ever seen.
  12. 123Sandman321

    Still not available, here, in this arse end of Europe.
  13. 123Sandman321

    After Metamorphosis, which was rather disappointing, I'm really hoping for a breath of fresh air, which these covers might bring. I just wish, they won't give all the songs the same technical deathcore treatment. Sena's guitar-wanking is getting rather stale.
  14. This EP is just beyond tasty. That perfect blend of technical and catchy makes for a wonderful, easy listen, while retaining that deep-cutting progressive edge.
  15. 123Sandman321

    They pulled their A-game, yet again. More on the mellow side, following LAMENT's suit, but really well put together and mature sounding. ...that blatant Pulse of the Maggots rip-off, tho to their credit, they waited 15 years, at least
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