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  1. AyaRukiA

    No I didn't get friends from here 😊 I found good friends who know how to respect bands. But not here. I found them on another app. I just came back here to say something to gazette fans. After that I won't come back here again.
  2. AyaRukiA

    Abyss and Lucy were fucking perfect they did a great job there. So polished.
  3. AyaRukiA

    Actually they performed chizuru live ( abyss concert) And ruki's voice was beyond amazing. So powerful. Deep. better than the original song.
  4. AyaRukiA

    I get it now. I misunderstood what you said.
  5. AyaRukiA

    Yup I did the same thing I don't like cassis so much I think they have better ballads so where did I take it as personal?! I disagreed with what you said ( all their other ballads are cassis remaking which means all their other ballads are similar) my reply was ( that they have lots of good ballads) my comment may sound like I was angry but I wasn't . you said your opinion and I disagreed that is it. I didn't take anything as a personal attack . I even forgot what happened ++ I thought you like cassis . People here think I'm taking things seriously but I really don't. (¬_¬)
  6. AyaRukiA

    Whaaaaaat?!!?? I didn't take it as a personal attack believe me I just meant we can criticize things in a better way And you said cassis is their greatest ballad I disagreed and said cassis is good but there are better ballads from them. 😕there is someone else here just said what is worse about gazette and I ignored him/her .but you were just saying your opinion and I disagreed .
  7. AyaRukiA

    Yeah I saw this one. It was good.
  8. AyaRukiA

    Aha so this is possible with all members. I still don't think they will ever make acoustic performances I don't know why. ●︿●
  9. AyaRukiA

    I heard the same thing but it was little bit different I heard ruki hates ballad songs I dunno know Cassis is good but people here just like to criticize everything. I still think shiroki yuutsu is better I really like this track.
  10. AyaRukiA

    Really cassis is their greatest ballad lol Cassis is good but they have lots of better ballad songs. Pledge Without trace Shiroki yuutsu Calm envy Try to be fair guys for just one time. All their ballads get u right into the mood of the song. Like u are in another world. And thank u I always thought acoustic means using only an acoustic guitar. Cause all acoustic versions I've seen till now were like that. Still think they have the greatest ballads. Well ((((in my opinion))). Better than lots of other bands out there. Sometimes I feel like people here only to say negative things about gazette.
  11. AyaRukiA

    Same here. But i don't think this is ever going to happen. It will be unfair to Kai and reita . People will start to blame ruki . But I think ruki can post an acoustic version on his instagram while he is playing guitar and singing. It's a great song they have lots of great songs.
  12. AyaRukiA

    Have u seen this video before?! I really like ruki with black hair
  13. AyaRukiA

    Some YouTube channels uploaded already the gazette spooky box abyss/lucy. 😑
  14. AyaRukiA

    👆👏👏👍 I agree U just explained what I wanted to say it doesn't deserve that much hate at all. I read hateful and negative comments on it. But really it is a good album. I like that they used Japanese more than Engrish. Everything about it .is perfect.
  15. AyaRukiA

    I just listened to the new taion . They have changed the song a lot. But I like it. I avoided listening to it cause I thought it would be the same as the old one. But I really like it. I like both the old and the new one. And the screaming part is amazing .ruki used his sexy voice to the new one. It sounds more dark than the old one. I can't stop listening to it ♡♡♡~♥~♡♡♡
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