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  1. shellyshally

    Thanks so much for the tag! And thanks to everyone for the thread, it seems to be very useful for first-time concert goers. A question/answer that I didn't see come up (unless I wasn't looking hard enough); but as someone who hasn't gone to a live yet, what should I wear??? Or what should I NOT wear might be easier to answer lol. Is there a difference in what people wear at a GazettE concert versus like a smaller VK band concert? I've lived in Japan for a while so I'm already self-conscious about looking too out of place. Well when you're a foreigner I guess you're going to look out of place no matter what but I kind of blend in (at least from the back and sides, anyway) since I'm like 150cm/under 5 feet tall and of Asian descent lol. Around the city center where Harajuku and Shibuya is, the youth dress a LOT differently than they do out in the suburbs and I've never been to a concert before so I have absolutely no idea what to expect when I get to the venue. Can I just wear whatever I want like jeans, shirt, jacket, shoes, makeup however I want? What if I just got out of work and I'm wearing my office clothes lol. Or are the majority of people there going to have gone all out and dressed up? I'm not interested in "cosplaying" or anything like that, Also for bags...is there a limit on the size of bag, and what if your bag has something like huge studs or spikes or pointy ends? Do they even check what's inside your bag to see if you brought drinks like water bottles lol. Sorry for all the questions, I'm kind of a wordy person lol but I sincerely appreciate if anyone can help answer some of them ><
  2. Hey everyone, ✨


    long story short I’m a longtime VK lover🖤(after a 1000year long hiatus lol), first time MH member 🎵 and I currently live in suburban Tokyo 🇯🇵 and want to start going to concerts/lives! But I don’t want to go alone 🙈 I love GazettE and don’t know too much about other bands but I’m open to learning about other bands! 


    Not too many of my Japanese or foreigners friends are into VK so I have no one to talk with about this hobby or go shopping with or anything like that so let’s be friends 🌸

    1. Lestat


      Pretty sure there are quite a number of forum members currently in Tokyo!

  3. shellyshally

    Thanks I’m glad to be here! ☺️ Yes I just saw the new GazettE video a few days ago on their website and again yesterday on YouTube! I’m pretty excited about it and definitely making up my mind to see a concert soon! I just don’t want to be alone my first time, I’ve never been to a real concert let alone a VK one haha
  4. Hello everyone! I'm shellyshally and being in my early to mid twenties, I'm barely getting back into being a fan of the visual kei music scene I was so obsessed with as a middle/high school student. My favorite band has been and always will be the GazettE, though I also really like Dir en Grey (are they still considered visual kei? not sure if I remember anymore haha) I'm open to learning about new bands! A friend introduced me to アルルカン and I've seen mejibray around too I joined because I wanted to meet some cool new friends I can go to vk concerts/lives with. I have never been to a concert/live before so it's a bit intimidating to go by yourself >< I live on the border between Kanagawa and Tokyo so if anyone is in the area and free and knows where the good concerts are, hit me up lol Nice to meet you all!!
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