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    Hi everyone! I hope to make friends here... somehow. c: I'm a 24 year old who's mainly into mid 2000s VK bands, but I also enjoy some bands from the late 90s and some bands from 2010+. I started with DeG back in 2007? or so, but I'm way super deep into the indie scene so if I had to make a list of my favorites it'd be too long! I also enjoy most subgenres within the visual kei music scene, including kotekote, nagoya, oshare, and the many others I'm missing. I love powerful songs where you can feel the emotion emanating from the music, and songs with strong melodies and amazing guitar solos. Some non-internet related hobbies I enjoy are singing, playing instruments (like melodica, etc), playing computer/video games, cooking, photography, working out etc. I don't know what else to say about myself but I'll leave one of my favorite songs below so that anyone reading this can get a sense of some of the music I like.
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