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  1. ahnchc

    That was quick and expected. While expected, I'm still a bit disappointed. I liked them as Hakubishin so I was hoping they'd find their mojo again.
  2. Do you not remember their iconic feud with マチルダ?I'd say they're pretty douchey.
  3. It goes with the topic of the song: torment and torture of a twisted 'love'. In this case, I also think it's a mildly political statement on the current suicide rate and state of mental health, but how most people still seem to completely turn a blind eye to it/refuse to acknowledge it. THE GALLO isn't a stranger to political themes in their music (WWI/II are common topics throughout lyrics, and also the lyrics of 帝都四号魔水路 and ZIZ). Just my thought though ( :
  4. You would be correct. ( : There are a bit of differentiating features (sleeves, bottoms) but this is seemingly the inspiration.
  5. the pollo

    1. IGM_Oficial


      「The pollo frito」

  6. Single cover and goods release for THE GALLO's 10th anniversary have both been announced. Based on these track names, I'm expecting more SFR song remakes or at least something SFR in sound.
  7. Track list: 1. DEATHTOPIA 2. WILLY THE BOOH 3. Shinkoku seishun aika・akane
  8. ahnchc

    I love them.
  9. I listened to this when it first came out and I really tried to like it and listen to it with an open mind, but... no. Just no.
  10. If this is a joke I'm calling the cops
  11. I gave the most disturbed look to my screen before realizing what day it is
  12. I'm going to be honest: I like it. Better than Merry-go-Round, though this song transitions into MgR.
  13. ahnchc

    "Trust me, I'm a photographer"
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