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  1. ahnchc

    "Trust me, I'm a photographer"
  2. ahnchc

    Only on the third song in the album, but it sounds like typical bubblegum pop mainstream shit, except it's from ex-"brutal" bandguys. Koichi's strained nasal vocals and their weird ass furry caterpillar costume doesn't help though.Not the worst thing I've heard in pop and not the best. It's just...okay, I guess. I could think of a bunch of artists that have similar sounding music: Shawn Wasabi, SOPHIE, just about everyone apart of that whole PC Music trend, kz(livetune), Yasutaka Nakata....The list goes on and on. Koichi's strained nasal vocals and their weird ass furry caterpillar costume doesn't help though. Always remember: different strokes for different folks.
  3. ahnchc

    Woah. Got some serious DeG vibes from "THE UNTOLD HYPOCRISY". His accent is pretty noticeable, but imo they sound like any shitty VK band. They're just gaijin. They definitely sound better than when Seike was the vocalist.
  4. ahnchc

    This really sucks!! I was digging their new releases.
  5. ahnchc

    no they were waiting for gazette to release a new album so they could mimic their style again
  6. ahnchc

    Since Valentin left (as YOHIO officially confirmed during a live), it's fair to assume YOHIO recorded it himself and they'll use a support or just play the track during lives. I can't imagine seeing YOHIO play guitar live while singing again. It could be a new member, but I find it sort of unlikely.
  7. Can he please release NAïVE and 白羽 already.
  8. what's the worst vk release of 2018 in your opinion

    1. tetsu_sama69


      nocturnal bloodlust - whiteout

    2. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      LA Bash All Emotions - GET FxxK Hxx

  9. ahnchc

    DISREIGN will release their 4th and newest single "FABLE" on 30th November.
  10. ahnchc

    What the fuck was that first note LMAO. There are some bad parts of this, and also some parts where I see potential. I feel like these guys just need a push, lol.
  11. Can they please blend the foundation down the neck
  12. ahnchc

    Well, close enough, I guess.
  13. I got none of the notifs on this thread. I'm so sorry this was late. I let @Komorebi know I would be late (I was getting inpatient treatment for mental health issues), but here's my review (I already sent to my partner via PM). My mix was also sent to them.
  14. ahnchc

    That's her ex-husband. She wasn't cheating. Personally, I don't believe she should be blamed for the abuse. The abuser (KISAKI) should be blamed for the abuse. Shame he got away with it, though. The epitome of "disappointed but not surprised" for me. I hope the child is getting the help required and doing better now.
  15. ahnchc

    Hey! Welcome to Monochrome Heaven. I hope you have a good time and I look forward to seeing you around.