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  1. ahnchc

    Hey OP, it's not too late to delete this😚
  2. ahnchc

  3. ahnchc

    I love Karna
  4. ahnchc

    Please, please..... someone tell him to get a new wig.
  5. remember that hellish time where MH went down

    1. Arkady


      I still have PTSD from it. *shudders*

    2. Komorebi


      I remember. Dark times.

    3. Jigsaw9


      I bet it was because of the Nazis.

  6. ahnchc

  7. ahnchc

    Galaxy S9+. I like Samsung, and it actually has battery life.
  8. ahnchc

    As long as it's not that spine-severing shit, I don't see why anyone other than the person carrying the baby should care.
  9. The word "Nazi" (or Neo-Nazi) isβ€”nowadaysβ€”used as an umbrella term for those whose morals and ideology align with those of Nazis during WWII, as well as those who idolize Nazis by using the symbolism associated with them, or otherwise. Free speech on either party is, of course, acceptable. However, I'm a firm believer in "If you want to spout your opinions publicly and/or violently, others should be allowed to react in whatever manner they see fit without [you] pouting and having a temper tantrum". "Technically" Nazis or not, they still share the same beliefs, mindset, morals, and ideology with Nazis of the past, andβ€”thusβ€”I find it fair for people to describe them as such. Even more so, I'm a firm believer in this: If you see any human life as being less than your own for any reason other than morals (or lack thereof), then you don't deserve my respect. That's just my hot take though.
  10. ahnchc

    Seth et Holth, Moon Child.
  11. ahnchc

  12. ahnchc

    KISAKI. The way I'd wail on his ass.
  13. 1. shrieky 2. [name redacted]'s back must hurt from carrying the band's discography 3. file types
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