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  1. The video feels like a fever dream but it made me laugh. The song's growing on me too
  2. I like this new look!
  3. It's not so much listening to visual kei bands, and more so not caring for the visual aspect... which is going to be a big portion of the appeal for fans whether one chooses to acknowledge that or not. I think everyone is just suspecting that him not caring or being committed is going to lead to issues (read: departure due to creative differences, or something of that sort).
  4. ahnchc

    Jenziih's pose on that group photo is taking me out. (Spoiler because no one asked for my lengthy input.) The fact I'd prefer some Seremedy tracks over this says a lot LOL
  5. I'm gonna keep an eye out for them. I like their attitude to music and what they do (except Chinari tbh).
  6. No one seems satisfied with the new look. Guess we'll have to let the music speak for itself. at least it's not clownkei related..?
  7. ahnchc

    For those curious about where the poses are derived from: Nov - Killer Queen: Andy - Kars or potentially Shadow DIO: Kaede - Johnny I'm not sure about Wajow's pose, but JoJo is just doing Giorno's pose in the picture Ultra Silvam posted above.
  8. ahnchc

    Romanized titles for those who can't read the Kanji (along with the release from which they originate): Despite some sites having an error of the manufacturer being タイムリーレコード (Timely Records), it will be released under THE GALLO'S label: 寺子屋 (Terakoya). It will be ¥2000, or ~18 USD.
  9. ahnchc

    Welcome! You share favorites with a lot of members here, so don't worry about your taste so much! I hope you enjoy your time here.
  10. ahnchc

    LMFAAOO I hate that this monstrosity is the first thing I see after not having signed in for months. This is terrible. Let me go lock the doors....
  11. i can't stop thinking about how bad shoujo tsubaki (2016) was

    1. Himeaimichu


      Was that the one with one of the members from SUG?

    2. ahnchc


      yea and he was horrible in it

  12. going to see k-12 later😞

  13. literally the only good thing about shoujo tsubaki (2016) is shunsuke kazama's acting and portrayal of wonder masamitsu.


    risa's clunky ass heels looked ridiculous for midori (and while the latter does wear heels in the manga, they're very tiny). a part of the reason i feel so much sympathy for midori is because she's a child and looks like one. risa does not: a feat that's further sharpened by the ridiculous tall and thick heels she wears for the entirety of the film.


    takebu did a piss poor job playing kanabun.


    i liked misaki morino tho.


    anyways, at some point the film starts to really deviate from the tale which i wouldn't mind if it actually did it well so it ended up losing my attention

    1. ahnchc


      k so i finished it finally. took 3 days cus it kept losing my attention. final verdict: don't watch it lol. it's painfully bad and gets worse and worse as it continues. it tried to give a definite ending to the story as opposed to the mildly vague one the manga and 1992 film offer, but it does a really. really painfully bad job at telling its own tale and just implodes on itself

  14. ahnchc

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