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  1. Haru Kasu

    best album along with jaki leaving, it seems to me a disband
  2. Haru Kasu

    #LulaLivre HUEHUE
  3. Haru Kasu

    Big 4 of the New Kote Kei!
  4. Haru Kasu

  5. Haru Kasu

    1 - Mercuro 2 - Jigokue 3 - Deshabillz 4 - Guruguru Eigakan 5 - Ruellia 6 - Madeth Gray'll 7 - Missalina Rei 8 - DEViL KiTTY 9 - Lanus Dune 10 - Merry Go Round
  6. the only bands I accompany are La'veil MizeriA and ら せ ん (Rasen). I think I'll follow Marvelous Cruelty I liked them enough
  7. I'm really looking forward to it! If you have please contact us
  8. Haru Kasu

    Death★Rabbits - 儚き想い、散り逝く躯…
  9. Haru Kasu

    I wanted to be Italian but I'm Brazilian hahaha
  10. Haru Kasu

    Welcome my friend ❤️
  11. Haru Kasu

    滅びの美学 或は、加虐偏愛者の調性の確立
  12. Hello my friends I read a lot the la'visual mizeria, and for whom bao knows I super recommend. Well I always see the banner of the site but I can not identify some musicians and what bands they are maybe you can help me. from left to right Ayami - Missa, yuuga - deadly sanctuary, ? (It seems to me someone madeth gray'll), yayoi - deadly sanctuary, ?,? (I think it's kisaki but I do not know which band), Hisui - Madeth Gray'll, Kikyo - La'veil Mizeria.
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