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  1. GreatNorthernVK

    Put in my order today for all eight vinyl re-issues of the Luna Sea albums from Image to Luv. They should be arriving in the middle of June.
  2. GreatNorthernVK

    Buying all eight will run me $500 cdn, but it’s worth it, as I know that those that I don’t buy are just going up on auction sites for double the price. Same thing happened with the hide records.
  3. http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/feature/LUNA_SEA_Original_Albums_Become_180g_Vinyls?utm_content=LUNA_SEA_Original_Albums_Become_180g_Vinyls&utm_source=MAIL&utm_medium=html&utm_campaign=visual To commemorate the 30th anniversary of LUNA SEA, their original albums will be released as 180g LP discs. This is the first time for the band to release record releases as well. Be sure to check it out. All LPs will be out on the same date on May 29th, and feature cutting is by Stuart Hawkes. This "LUNA SEA LP" series features the following titles: "IMAGE," "EDEN," "MOTHER," "STYLE," "SHINE," "LUNACY," "A WILL," and "LUV."
  4. GreatNorthernVK

    In b4 “this account was takeover”
  5. GreatNorthernVK

    I’ve tried browsing myself, and the excessive slang doesn’t quite translate well through most online translators. It took a while before I actually found something of consequence.
  6. GreatNorthernVK

    She probably believes that the fandom happened entirely through osmosis, where Patient Zero Weeb went to Japan, bought thousands of cds and DVDs, then moved back to their home country and spread the VK virus to all of the friends they could show it to, who all did the same thing. Like some bizarre chain letter. You know, kind of like what Dada believes, but with a random weeb spreading it around instead of Kiwamu.
  7. Now, now. Rajesh and Sanjay legitimately liked those videos. They thought that those girls were very hot with their bobs and vegene. Even the bald one.
  8. GreatNorthernVK

    Uh oh, they’re gonna totally “vkfanexpozed” us!!
  9. GreatNorthernVK

    Looking at that expanded Instagram profile...still at a loss as to why someone is lecturing Visual Kei fans about music piracy, of all things. Where have they been for the last 15-20 years?
  10. GreatNorthernVK

    Edit: Rouage - Children Rouage - Bible Onmyouza - Karyo Binga The Yellow Monkey - The Yellow Monkey is Here New Best
  11. GreatNorthernVK

    No particular order: Fake? Thee Michelle Gun Elephant The Back Horn Asian Kung Fu Generation Flow The Yellow Monkey B’z
  12. It’s actually pretty good, until Hyde opens his mouth.
  13. GreatNorthernVK

    But he has to milk the bangya money to finance his label. All of the kusomen did it that way.
  14. GreatNorthernVK

    I’m also planning something by next year. For those of you that have gone...is it better to plan ahead of show announcements and go for a longer period of time, or wait until a major event has been announced, and wait to book until then? I just seem to notice that most regular regular tours are announced about two months in advance, but festivals are usually announced more like six months in advance. Other than Kansai Rock Summit in May, it’s hard to find festivals that happen every year. I may set May 2020 as my goal for Kansai, and see what else I can get around that time.
  15. GreatNorthernVK

    Yeah, it would be nice if Western Canada were thrown a bone once in a while for something that wasn’t an Anime con or a Japanese fan club only show (like Gackt did once, iirc)
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