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  1. GreatNorthernVK

    And for gay cis guys in relationships with trans guys, sometimes it’s not even the dick itself.
  2. GreatNorthernVK

    Yup. Handshake and a hand towel. The early entry wasn’t even that worth it, as the merch selection had already been picked almost clean by the US fans. About 75% of the people opted for VIP.
  3. GreatNorthernVK

    I’ve heard about the barricade before, from people who went to the last Toronto show. I get it, they want to protect themselves from the occasional nut. For me, it’s worth it if I at least get a picture, and early access. An autograph would be great. I brought Miyavi’s Firebird LP to get signed in Toronto last year, and it was announced the day of that only fan club members would get an autograph. I would bring my Uroboros LP with a silver sharpie if I thought I had a decent chance of one.
  4. GreatNorthernVK

    Quick question: I’m seriously pondering a stop on the NA tour this time around. In the past couple meet and greets, were there any photos or autographs allowed? I sprung for the Gazette meet and greet and was disappointed that they allowed neither. Just wanting to know if it’s worth it, especially because I’ve heard that Kyo and Shinya just go through the motions.
  5. I’m on the fence on this one. Denver is the only date that makes sense for me, but it’s so damn expensive. I’m going to wait it out a couple weeks to see if they announce any last minute Canada date.
  6. GreatNorthernVK

    True, it’s important to consider that a handful of these guys may have come from money in the first place, and that’s what bankrolled their bands. Their parents want them to have fun while they’re young, then retire and start working their “real job”.
  7. “Guitarist Lin joins Nocturnal Bloodlust - and has been arrested”
  8. GreatNorthernVK

    I was following that too. Sorry you and your ex got harassed by that asshat. Honestly, they made a huge deal out of nothing. Claiming that Reita’s feelings would be sooo hurt by “Lesbians for Reita”. You want to know how most straight guys would react to news that lesbians are stanning him? “...Cool!” I highly doubt that Reita loses sleep at night because “Oh no! Not lesbians!”
  9. GreatNorthernVK

    Mm, “common”, not really. Does it still happen from time to time? Sure. Generally speaking, if a teen girl is talking about “raping” a man 10+ years older than her, most people will just roll their eyes and move on. It’s become more common for people to interject and tell them to knock it off, as awareness has increased.
  10. GreatNorthernVK

    I wonder if she was the same girl who sent Mamo the “period diary”.
  11. I think part of the issue here is that they are pricing for the Japanese market. Namely, for the fans that are nostalgic and will drop that kind of money on MM merch, because they don’t really follow any bands besides M10M, or maybe one or two of Kozi’s projects. They aren’t really pricing it for our market, which are the people that might be nostalgic, but if they’re still paying attention to VK at all, then they’ve moved on to other bands (usually multiple ones). Most of us simply don’t have the dedication to pine over a band that disbanded almost 20 years ago, and be willing to shell out $150 US+ Shipping for a blu-ray. It’s a complicated situation, because this entire international fandom exists because of piracy, rather than in spite of it. Sure, we could choose to be uptight about copyright infringement, but we wouldn’t be here without it in the first place.
  12. GreatNorthernVK

    Not much to add, but average age of fan could have something to do with it. When I see pictures of crowds at X-Japan or Luna Sea shows (post 2000), it’s pretty mixed. Possibly, the younger the average age of fans, the more likely that it will be gender segregated. This applies to multiple genres, not just VK.
  13. GreatNorthernVK

    Part of the explanation could be that when VK was being heavily promoted, plenty of talentless fuckboys thought that it was the easy way to fame, so they aimed for that. Even when VK started falling out of favour, those guys were probably too invested to leave. Now that it’s been a full generation since the initial popularity, less of these guys are hanging around the scene.
  14. GreatNorthernVK

    Streaming has its uses, but also plenty of limitations. Nothing more irritating than your internet buffering during a song, or your significant other hijacking Spotify to troll you with Backstreet Boys and Chumbawumba (true story). I’ve decided to listen to most of my western music via Spotify, while keeping my storage for VK and other stuff that can’t be found on Spotify. I have some CDs for collection purposes, but the only physical music I sit down and listen to is in LP format.
  15. GreatNorthernVK

    For Japanese artists, it’s difficult to determine what the “right” answer is. For one, many of us don’t read Japanese. Relying on translations for gossip boards can’t always guarantee reliability of either the translation, nor the validity of the rumour itself. Things of this nature are also kept more “hush hush” in Japan, especially if the artist in question is popular and well liked. Things are slowly changing, as they are over here. As for separating the art from the artist, sometimes that is possible, other times it bleeds through. Some are what I like to call “hiding in plain sight”, and see no problem with making their intentions known in their art. Mamo from R-shitei with his edgy lyrics, and talking about his attraction to teen girls. For an American example, Dahvie Vanity advertising what he likes to do to teen girls/young women in Blood on the Dance Floor’s lyrics. Oh sure, we all thought they were joking at one point. Until we realized, no, they really are serious. As for whether or not to continue financial support...honestly, there are several free ways to enjoy art nowadays. If someone doesn’t feel right supporting an artist for personal reasons, it’s probably for the best. Especially if you look at how they are using that money.
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