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  1. karai · ebi

    again I've not drawn much big gaps between, but when I do I at least feel happier with being able to express what I see. Although now I am thinking I want to spend this free time learning the guitar rather than draw because I've always wanted to.
  2. karai · ebi

    Yeah lol, thanks user xxRazorN1ghT34 for the mp3 titled "xh8HsajjepicComics" with album art of a jpeg webcam snap of an empty soup can, I will surely discover it....never... I didn't even use myspace because I was too antisocial even, then so nothing was ever saved and I had to search from a notepad list each time (cause I was dumb 😃)
  3. karai · ebi

    For the most 200xs story: On a 16 bit top down RPG called Furcadia I had been playing since elementary where you could program your own maps / make your own pixel art and things I eventually made a friend from Singapore. She was super into Chobits and got me into it too, which led me searching for midis on those independent anime sites. Turned out one of them had an entire vkei section although I still wasn't quite sure what it was, just that I liked to hear it but I had no idea how to find more aside from slap words into the big search bar and click on every link displayed with varying degrees of success. Later an artist I started admiring through Neopets beauty contest I followed to Deviantart who would make dinky flash animations for humanized version of their pets, in one flash they used an acoustic version of Tsuki no Uta by Gackt, that led me on a wild search to find more where I ended up on French site radio.blog.club, it was somewhat like a very early spotify in that it built a list of songs you could play based on one artist or word search. (But sometimes you'd get really random shit and a lot of weird bootlegs), imeem was also similar but if someone didn't title / tag a track correctly you just had to guess what it was by the lyrics, to this day there's still a song I wish I could find all I remember is it said something like "ohh gambino" was kinda techno poppy and was probably some anime / H game OP but since Stylish Gambino exists...impossible to search now lol. We and especially kid me didn't have money to be ordering things in the mail back then except once a year through a magazine, so it wasn't until I was 16 or 17 I started being able to explore the world of online ordering. (Also like I just saw YuyoDrift mentioned TokyoPop was a big one, I'd go to read those at the book store.) Even though it's fantastic everything is so accessible now and easy to learn of any new music, there's a certain charm lost of finding some gem you have no idea what it is but it's amazing and you're determined to dig out more of it that leads you into a rabbit hole of mystery. Also there was a site around 2002-2006 that was very pink with a cabbit cursor and had some generic anime BG, they had a TON of hosted midis and scans of Sailor Moon / Tokyo Mew Mew, section dedicated to kaomoji, etc, me and my best friend spent an entire day trying to find what it was called / if it still exists but we can't remember, don't know if anyone else does. Even way-back machine couldn't help
  4. karai · ebi

    here there's no toilet paper, no cleaning supplies...line of biggest super market wraps around the building just to get in. only plus is all my friends around the world are off and we can all spend time together on games.
  5. karai · ebi

    it is very difficult to talk like a 16 year old who just read dostoevsky for the first time in a second language so good for you, but still not gonna buy eau de retsu
  6. karai · ebi

    shut up about corona virus. walk outside "did you know" walk into another room "hey c-" enter building "HEAR ABOU-" bring up completely unrelated topic "lately I sa-" shut up 🤸‍♂️
  7. karai · ebi

    If the quality wasn't rendered into complete shit I like it...just sounds something like a NIN song. But that simulated popping is the worst fucking thing it irritates my tinnitus and I can only imagine how awful it'd sound when played through anything with a built in EQ...Kyo drowning at the bottom of the ocean ft drum synth. If everything is made to sound that shitty purposefully then there's no way I'll be able to enjoy the rest of it, even if without the Silent Hill radio static I'd definitely be more interested than I was with Infinitum.
  8. ...Huh...not what I was expecting either, but everyone was begging them to leave clownkei lol . I think I would dig it if they actually WERE wearing cowboy hats but right now it feels like 2000s anime RP forum avatar kei, think it's that specific hair color..
  9. karai · ebi

    Not to derail but one more positive chime in for xLIZ4, even though I only bought one thing, it was something that could easily get lost or damaged in long transit but arrived very safely. I agree though...it's best to accept the fees are inevitable for good service without friends, hell I hate going to the post here... I'd sure have fees.
  10. karai · ebi

    For me the best part is 3:25-3:40, the rest sounds like a pop rock song I'd have to keep thumbing down on Pandora. Vanitas was the only track I deleted so it's not surprising I don't like this. If that's what they wanna do then good for them, but between this and...whatever engrish radio pop hell that is going on in the other previews like Lament that's the nail for me. Tick Tak does have some old Gackt feeling, but if he doesn't drop his voice enough it won't be the same.
  11. karai · ebi

    OCR is awesome! In 2003/2005 that was one of the the only places I knew how to get different music. I don't know if you're only looking for metal/rock remixes but if not, there are so many good EDM/chip/orchestral/w/e mixes...I'm sure it's half painted by nostalgia for me, but here's a handful I can remember new & old if you want: FF "Magicite Made My Mind Melt" FF "Day of Ruin" (Infected Mushroom-esque) Street Fighter "Cobetcknn Kocmohabt" Drakengard 3 "Ignus" System Shock "Digital Horrors" FF "Dancing Madly (First Form)" (Was one of my favorites) Phantasy Star "Wanta Phanta"
  12. I was only hoping for at least 青の世界 to be something interesting since it's one of my favorites... but I think I'm actually more interested in DEG & Der Zibet's..also that just one more kiss damn.........ouch that's bad..
  13. karai · ebi

    Yeah dunno what they mean by American rock lol, so far it sounds like it could've been off any of the 2007-2012 albums, especially Memento Mori ...all I care is that maybe they tone the treble of the digital sounds back, for me it was overbearing in the latest albums.
  14. karai · ebi

    Huh.....really not what I was expecting from that 1st MV, and I love heavy but, not midi formulaic sounding. Still really like his voice though
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