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  1. karai · ebi

    phew, (i guess), i should've read the page lol, still concerning...and if nothing new is coming, well..not much use closed or not, unless you want those existing things.
  2. karai · ebi

    don't love it as much as the MM or KYTK designs but...I still kinda want it
  3. karai · ebi

    happi gemini season!! 😺 hoping for a lot of luck
  4. karai · ebi

    Hm...out of all of them I'm most interested in track 13, but at least now I'm a bit more hype than I was before. I just need to stop comparing it to what they've already done and then I will be happy
  5. karai · ebi

    Are you still in your edgy nazi phase where you would willingly get curb stomped by your ''superior'' overlords because of your mental deficiency and think we need a dictatorship for 'peace'? My advice to you, as someone who retired the edgy troll shick when I was 16, is find a bloody hobby, you need to do some serious soul searching, nature walking...brush with death, anything. You can consume as much literature as you want, dig into as much existential philosophy as you can, but no matter your vocabulary, no matter how smart you believe you are, you're incredibly dull if you believe eradication of any peoples is the way to be. Your insufferable personality will be all that people will remember of you if you stay on this path, of course I know it's like talking to a self important brick wall in these cases, I used to be that wall. Good luck, genuinely, hope you find some sort of positive epiphany sooner than later.
  6. karai · ebi

    2004 or 2005 someone put the acoustic of Gackt's Tsuki no Uta in their deviantart flash animation ..up until then I had only listened to things like Enya and Cher, video game remixes from OCR and Utada Hikaru lol, so I thought it was so beautiful. Led me to search on radio blog club and imeem, to where I found songs like Dybbuk etc. Then when I looked for the Plavalaguna opera song from Fifth Element it led me to Malice Mizer thanks to how RBC and imeem worked. I think the love of gothic / chaotic sound was inborn in me.
  7. karai · ebi

    I wish THE MORTAL could get back together and make some new music soon
  8. karai · ebi

    Finally sat down to listen...and threw 'break it down' into the trash before I even started lol. First off I almost didn't make it through the album before posting cause 寡黙と眠り翻弄 is EXACTLY what I wanted, I had said before i wanted more of that voice from the first album, I love it so much. Definitely my favorite song of theirs as of now. For the rest, I also really loved 'neglect' ..the deep bass dissonance is everything I want. The discord in 軽蔑された愛情と man it's great, I think I prefer this album slightly more overall. My only complaints are the random pig squeals that don't follow any sort of flow, almost like "hey we didn't know what to put here?..." It was my only problem with the first album too. There are of course places it fits and I like squeals, but some feel REAL out of place and not in a sexy fun chaotic way.
  9. karai · ebi

    Haha...I don't know anyone in real life who likes either one, but I bet that convo has happened for real one thousand times in YT comments lol. Huh...P!atd is pop now? Damn, I really haven't listened to any stuff like that in a long time. I don't know if Imogen Heap / Frou Frou counted as pop but I used to listen to them...and Utada Hikaru, but otherwise I really don't like that kinda music now or even in the past ten years, dunno why. Definitely style dependent, and so many are copy paste.
  10. karai · ebi

    My only exposure to kpop is through the mass of fans posting everywhere...and one band 'Block B' because it came on my pandora one time. It was pretty good for working out but not much else for me...and I have no interest in the vanity side of the scene (all the plastic surgery etc) Most of the members all have the exact same style so it's not interesting like wild vkei costumes (of course people copy in vkei but it's usually at least in a mockable way lol) As with most things with batshit mad fans I just avoid it, and feel bad for normal people just trying to listen to music. Also I guess the most important factor for me is I've just never been into pop...except for Britney Spears a long time ago lmao
  11. karai · ebi

    Welcome / think it's better to share more than none at all. 😸
  12. karai · ebi

    I have been thinking about doing it if I can find the time but to make a sort of 'best of' or must listen from each album list...of course I might have different favorites than someone else would end up having but it'd be a starting point.
  13. karai · ebi

    I kind of feel the same...I wasn't going to decide yet just cause YT always changes how things sound to me but idk, compared to ADORATIO or others so far it's not hitting the right spot for me. I like some of the riffs but that's it. Mike Patton x Matt Bellamy fusion isn't cohering this time..and I love both lol
  14. karai · ebi

    Euh...I really hate those opening breakcore treble heavy beats that every band seems to use and I skip. Reminds me of when DADAROMA started going into the toilet. Video looks good, Ai's voice sounds unique and I love it as always, and though I prefer his low growls personally I don't mind the screeching so long as bass will balance it... But, I REALLY hope this is just a one off that sounds generic musically. Like others, if this had a different vocalist it would be indistinguishable from 262548 other bands and I'd give up immediately. It's only a short sample of one song though, so gonna believe just 1 more time lol
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