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  1. Liked them specifically because they didn't sound like that awful short clip...if that's the direction they're going then rip for me I guess.
  2. karai · ebi

    Reminds kind of Hysteric Panic at some parts. I don't hate it.
  3. karai · ebi

    Thanks, about 80% custom. I wanted to make my own mask but the materials didn't fit the budget. So I started with this latex mask, it was pretty deformed and had a shit paint job. So I stuffed and melted it, fixed it to a foam head, then hand painted with watercolor and copic mix, some acrylic. Aside from the mask I had a plain black sheet, and then bought white skeleton gloves. Painted those red and gold with fabric paints, tattered the robe and hand laid at least 40 feathers and lace strings with a net backing. Same for the neck feathers I cut by hand and laid all of them. Also cut wig thatches and laid the hair although you can't see it hardly in any of the pictures. I also sculpted the horns, painted them etc. Finished project when it was fresh: (cause it's 4 years old now and kinda faded...and I ran into trees since then lol.) It was my first time trying to put something together from a drawing on a 100$ budget so I am happy with it. Only downside is the head weighs around 15lbs and has to be balanced pretty precariously, so your neck is fucked after a couple hours.
  4. karai · ebi

    My Halloween was pretty disappointing...had a lot of severe weather and tornado type stuff in the vicinity so only got to wear my costume an hour tops. (Well I like the severe weather...but not on Halloween come on!)
  5. karai · ebi

    nah, just freehand with a sandpaper texture pencil in SAI and then I blend edges like oil paint using blur & airbrush. I start with lines like these but just fill them in
  6. karai · ebi

    paint sketch of meditation avatar...although i messed up the other eye, his hair should be middle part / sat far back on the top of the head lol (cause he's really bald).
  7. Thanks a ton, if I can find the time again to translate this is #1 on my list. Have the kanji always been available?...I felt like I used to not find it, or again I'm spectacularly blind.
  8. Sweet...this is the sound I like, glad it's back. Android wasn't terrible but I just listened a couple times and forgot about it.
  9. karai · ebi

    Next show I'm doing with someone for the modern Halloween release. Not sure if I like the graphic black lines might get rid of them in some areas. Also gonna do the house in white on a black canvas. Haven't had much time to do anything else. edit: ended up revising it...didn't like comic lines
  10. karai · ebi

    Finally something to look forward to _ノ乙(、ン、)_
  11. karai · ebi

    Tar and coke order made*1, Flower petal's rain coat*2, Megan's law*3, rolling feel*4, and a drowned body. In that crowd there are no cops playing, Many Times See You For love and king That person's zodiac Mainly of the evening and morning papers, Atoms and apparitions A cold smile Many Guys See You Ahh, lies layer upon layer There are no customs above love and king Playing in that crowd inspiration isn't there Ahh, lies upon lies styled in layers Ah...quickly at home life is already a hallucination ----- This song is pretty abstract as is. 1: Based on the next line I read this to be about coal tar and coke, as both are interlinked from processing. 2: Pollution so thick that the petals are coated from rain. 3: Megan's law is a law in the US passed requiring authorities to provide information on registered sex offenders. 4: "Roll feel" I would best say is like the level of smoothness in a car ride, the feel of the 'roll', it's a specific term used alongside "handling".
  12. karai · ebi

    Gustav and Bishu love are definitely my favorite too. I like Mr. Darkness and Ms. Moonlight & Femme Fatale also, but I haven't had as much run time with the more depressing tracks. The addition of sporadic dubstep / more electronic sounds kinda threw me off at first.
  13. karai · ebi

    I can't believe October is already here, and the event coming this Friday... I feel like just yesterday I was posting about the project lol. I've got everything done now, I never posted the color of the above, also recently finished Carnage oil painting...felt very rushed because the deadline changed. Think PS stuffed up the bg color I'll have to fix it. Venom colored I'm glad to be done but it's not very exciting since it's not personal work.
  14. Wow the look is killer I love it...even though I've been mixed on enjoying the vocals as much definitely gonna give it another go. Also I'm pretty sure there's a massive difference between being painted to blend into darkness / monster make ups vs very obvious and intentional blackface with big red lips and eye circles...like that embarrassing look from Lack Co.
  15. karai · ebi

    Absolute blasphemy...next you'll want him to not sing about the moon ... Jokes aside, as repetitive as it should seem, I really love that the same themes have bled throughout every album. Maybe because I'm a sucker for all the same, I don't know, I guess I accept repetition selectively lol.