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  1. karai · ebi

    I hope someday we will all be free of the pointless 20 second major key chorus in the middle of good chaos. Still dig it. And yeah I'm always going to be waiting for the next full album compilation instead of getting the individual ones again lol.
  2. karai · ebi

    I also started watching in 2015, I'm only really a fan of the general stuff, doctor, hairdresser, make up / brush sound... But I like Olivia Kissper's earlier asmr / lucid dreaming meditation videos. Now she seems to do more self help stuff. My favorite channels are やっても and Lipstick CHANNEL, LPC /まさよし is an actual hair dresser and he doesn't do any of the annoyingly slow movements it feels natural and he usually talks quietly like normal, he also keeps all the natural background ambience like fans and cars driving by, although lately he seems to be trying out the other trends...which kinda sucks, his draw on your face / mannequin make up / haircut vids are the best. There's also a newer ASMRist who does similar fast natural movements though his videos are short, Reyong ASMR Others: Massage ASMR (not actually massage lol, did a lot of soft tapping / tibetan singing bowls, his old haircut vids are great), BABY ASMR...a lot of my old favorites just stopped making videos / switched to the new stuff I hate like mouth sounds / eating noise, because of misophonia.
  3. karai · ebi

    Really nice...it would be cool to have a new band to actually be interested in.
  4. Everyone looks great can't wait, October's gonna be a good month. Think the new look helped Kazari out the most though lol...that old hairstyle / too jank facepaint wasn't really meshing
  5. If only they reacted this strongly to cigarettes. Well this sucks, cause I was enjoying it. rip I guess
  6. I finally had a listen yesterday, threw 少年時代 in the bin cause...that's not my thing. But the rest will definitely get listened to, 'Thank You' is my favorite, love the chorus (I figured it was going to be from the preview.) Quality seems the same it's what I expected, agree with @Wakarimashita for me too it was always "Wow LOVE these tracks" and then the other half of them deleted cause they were unlistenable for me. I would prefer an album with all bangers sure...but I don't expect it to ever happen, at least it's good to have 3 solid tracks I'll listen to a long while.
  7. karai · ebi

    This reminded me of another, getting kicked in the face where it ripped that upper lip connective thing in the middle from my gumline when I was a kid (don't know what it's called)
  8. karai · ebi

    Having a big tree limb fall on my head. Actually winning 100$ worth of stuff on one of those MMO raffles they host on streams out of a thousand something people.
  9. karai · ebi

    rough bad at back-translating overview (i'm skipping comedy fluff): one of the first things is about Kazari's makeup, the host says he put too much paint and so it looks like he had cake and just left it all over his mouth. He asks if there's a concept for Gulu Gulu and Ai says no, "somewhere a private, happy guy is singing songs of happiness and unhappiness and such...sounds shitty huh?" Host asks so it's really fine for the concept to be shit, Ai says yes. Then the other host asks Hotaru how he got his antenna to light up, he says from a home center for 1000円, he's robo-Hotaru so he generates his own power. The lady on the left is an over the phone fortuneteller, she says something about underworld and hidden world access, she talks about the band's invisible spirit energies or whatever being present, that they possess a certain charmingness, that the synergy that comes from them seems good. Host says at lives and such you don't really get any charmingness do you? Ai says things like beating the microphone (on his head etc lol). After that it's just the yes/no game, and they ask the girl's group if they've taken part in the sugar daddy fad, then if they've had a relationship with a man over 40, if it was good, where they met the dudes...if they've had an offer to be in an adult video etc.. At one point Ai correctly guesses the amount of girls who would answer 'yes' (for the AV question) and then the host asks him if he's the AV scout lol
  10. I really hope something new will be released before then, even if it's only mini...I don't want to go into hibernation until next year
  11. I don't really know / care about the drama, but these sound like they'll be reaaal solid new tracks for running compared to Whiteout, I'm excited..(except maybe not SHOWTIME / 少年時代 but w/e)
  12. karai · ebi

    I didn't like it much when I first heard it so I thought I'd wait some days but...I still don't really like it, too much high pitch singing tone /major key. His mid / low voice is what I like interspersed with the screaming. I don't really get why I like yelling / etc but can't listen to the singing equivalent
  13. Happy Birthday!

    1. karai · ebi

      karai · ebi

      Oh thank you! 😺

    2. Himeaimichu


      You're welcome

  14. karai · ebi

    I'm really tired of the noodling...I would rather hear his voice cleanly, now it just feels like excess noise (and I like noise but not here). Got excited at 1:38~1:50 but that dynamic sound quickly tapered off back into noodle major key, solo at 3:00 I love but again it's short, 3:47~ on I like, I think I prefer his lower range...for me his screams sound like hair power metal or something.
  15. karai · ebi

    I'm on my second listen now...I knew it wouldn't be as good as ADORATIO for me, so I turned off that expectation, for some reason 憂染 really irritated me and I just deleted it, but that was the only thing I really didn't like. Fav tracks definitely 6. アナタヨリウエ、8. 本能お断り、13. 漂白フレーバー The rest are fine, good...I don't know it didn't make me feel a whole lot outside those three songs. I didn't get any moments of euphoria or 'full body asmr' like I did with their previous songs lol. Kinda sad I was looking forward to more moments like that, but at least it's not bad. I agree, the part from 2:10~2:45 as well for me plus those last seconds, but the rest of the song I'm neutral on, sucks they're so short.
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