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  1. karai · ebi

    fuckin nope cya RIP i'm out
  2. karai · ebi

    sweet. I like the look from hips up...but they shoulda made the skirts black or red, that blue ain't doin it.
  3. karai · ebi

    lmao 伐 dances about as bad as I did drunk at my cousin's wedding, I love it. Song sounds kinda like parts of 僕が溶けてく帰り路 but I'm still entertained. I do hope they'll come up with something more variant.
  4. karai · ebi

    I already said pretty much all I have to say about it in the old topic. But I will both continue to download, and continue to try to purchase cds from my favorite bands. However it's simply not feasible for me to be able to buy 3+ 30$ CDs with 3 songs on them constantly. So when necessary I will make do with low / med quality rips until I can buy. I think it really is the idea between digital / physical goods, I'd never steal a CD, but an mp3 can be copied infinitely and passed around just as easy as a photo of an art piece. No one is charged for the latter despite both taking time, money, and the creators own energy to make, so I always thought that was interesting. Do people place more value on audible art than visual? I don't know.
  5. karai · ebi

    Me too...I've never had a true sadness about a "celeb" death before, and definitely had never had tears over one. Although I guess I don't think he really counts for celebrity since he spoke his mind 95% of the time and especially in his books. I just wish he'd left some sort of reason why, we all can easily speculate but now we'll never really know. Really depressing, I guess it's the only way he could find peace. RIP man.
  6. karai · ebi

  7. karai · ebi

    Yeah that's what I was thinking too, at least now after hearing this last vid. When I had heard the first one I thought the midi was actually a part of the song and was like, naaah lol 😬 Be a shame if it blows, they had a cool look
  8. karai · ebi

    Hope they'll eventually put up a video where we can actually hear the vocals lol. Worried I'm gonna expect too much and it'll just be another let down
  9. karai · ebi

    I have a feeling it'll get listed up on closetchild or mercari by a few folks after awhile...at least that's what I'm hoping for lol
  10. I guess my old history teacher wasn't exaggerating about the crime problem in Hawaii outside of touristy areas...that's scary.
  11. karai · ebi

    The only upside is I have no idea what to expect the music to be. Illuminati Mickey tho...c'mon lads
  12. karai · ebi

    Yea quite a few people pre-ordered 1-2 months in advanced, myself included and none of us got the CD just sudden refund and long message that basically said nothing, but between the lines came across as pre-ordering means nothing and physical copies sold in Japan are gonna come first. Wouldn't have been that big of a deal for me if they hadn't sat on my money for 2 months while the CD sold out everywhere else lol. Now I buy from ftfym65 on ebay, but I recommend sending a message to make sure it's in stock before ordering.
  13. karai · ebi

    Awesome, that's great they even put お邪魔します on there for anyone who wants a real copy of it. Hope they keep killin it, cause there aren't too many newer bands I care about.
  14. karai · ebi

    Mmm nope voice doesn't interest me.
  15. karai · ebi