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  1. I don't really know / care about the drama, but these sound like they'll be reaaal solid new tracks for running compared to Whiteout, I'm excited..(except maybe not SHOWTIME / 少年時代 but w/e)
  2. karai · ebi

    I didn't like it much when I first heard it so I thought I'd wait some days but...I still don't really like it, too much high pitch singing tone /major key. His mid / low voice is what I like interspersed with the screaming. I don't really get why I like yelling / etc but can't listen to the singing equivalent
  3. Happy Birthday!

    1. karai · ebi

      karai · ebi

      Oh thank you! 😺

    2. Himeaimichu


      You're welcome

  4. karai · ebi

    I'm really tired of the noodling...I would rather hear his voice cleanly, now it just feels like excess noise (and I like noise but not here). Got excited at 1:38~1:50 but that dynamic sound quickly tapered off back into noodle major key, solo at 3:00 I love but again it's short, 3:47~ on I like, I think I prefer his lower range...for me his screams sound like hair power metal or something.
  5. karai · ebi

    I'm on my second listen now...I knew it wouldn't be as good as ADORATIO for me, so I turned off that expectation, for some reason 憂染 really irritated me and I just deleted it, but that was the only thing I really didn't like. Fav tracks definitely 6. アナタヨリウエ、8. 本能お断り、13. 漂白フレーバー The rest are fine, good...I don't know it didn't make me feel a whole lot outside those three songs. I didn't get any moments of euphoria or 'full body asmr' like I did with their previous songs lol. Kinda sad I was looking forward to more moments like that, but at least it's not bad. I agree, the part from 2:10~2:45 as well for me plus those last seconds, but the rest of the song I'm neutral on, sucks they're so short.
  6. karai · ebi

    I expected nothing from the look...but instead -OZ- vibes, and I like the vocalist's regular singing voice
  7. karai · ebi

    tldr I am happy. I like it. Rubra sounds almost like a revamp of チャイルドマザー but...not similar enough to make me bored about it, plus I don't get tired of his softer singing voice. 嗅覚障害 I knew would be my fav cause I'm so weak for bass...do wish it had a little more going on in the middle but boy it makes my heart go, also that squeaky chant at the end lol...sure it was Kyo inspired but it sounds more like Die Antwoord. 不味い麻酔 is just good solid KYTK sound. 変なメリーゴーランド I really expected to not like much at all from hearing the LQ samples...but now with proper EQ I actually dig it (just don't want all songs to go in that direction), the parts where 哀 is singing sound great, if it just had less of that dad aroma break core shit it'd probably be my favorite. The part from 1:40~2:05, I LOVE to death, it sounds like something I've heard before but I can't place where from-maybe Them Crooked Vultures, yep that's it fuck I hope there will be more of that in the future.
  8. karai · ebi

    DEATHムカデ (DEATHmukade) 八足独楽 (hachiashikoma) 不滅ねこ不磨 (fumetsunekofuma) ジガ恋慕 (jigarenbo)
  9. karai · ebi

    phew, (i guess), i should've read the page lol, still concerning...and if nothing new is coming, well..not much use closed or not, unless you want those existing things.
  10. karai · ebi

    don't love it as much as the MM or KYTK designs but...I still kinda want it
  11. karai · ebi

    happi gemini season!! 😺 hoping for a lot of luck
  12. karai · ebi

    Hm...out of all of them I'm most interested in track 13, but at least now I'm a bit more hype than I was before. I just need to stop comparing it to what they've already done and then I will be happy
  13. karai · ebi

    Are you still in your edgy nazi phase where you would willingly get curb stomped by your ''superior'' overlords because of your mental deficiency and think we need a dictatorship for 'peace'? My advice to you, as someone who retired the edgy troll shick when I was 16, is find a bloody hobby, you need to do some serious soul searching, nature walking...brush with death, anything. You can consume as much literature as you want, dig into as much existential philosophy as you can, but no matter your vocabulary, no matter how smart you believe you are, you're incredibly dull if you believe eradication of any peoples is the way to be. Your insufferable personality will be all that people will remember of you if you stay on this path, of course I know it's like talking to a self important brick wall in these cases, I used to be that wall. Good luck, genuinely, hope you find some sort of positive epiphany sooner than later.
  14. karai · ebi

    2004 or 2005 someone put the acoustic of Gackt's Tsuki no Uta in their deviantart flash animation ..up until then I had only listened to things like Enya and Cher, video game remixes from OCR and Utada Hikaru lol, so I thought it was so beautiful. Led me to search on radio blog club and imeem, to where I found songs like Dybbuk etc. Then when I looked for the Plavalaguna opera song from Fifth Element it led me to Malice Mizer thanks to how RBC and imeem worked. I think the love of gothic / chaotic sound was inborn in me.
  15. karai · ebi

    I wish THE MORTAL could get back together and make some new music soon
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