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  1. karai · ebi

    Agree..I guess i'd rather be pleasantly surprised than right lol. I have even listened to this album more than CHEDOARA. (Except Blink...sounds too much like American screamo for me)
  2. I can tell from that LQ sample already I'm gonna fuckin love it, barely can make out that bass but oh boy.
  3. All original songs...awesome I'm so excited to see what this becomes. Love they used Mei's instgram avatar pic style on the shirt design lol
  4. karai · ebi

  5. karai · ebi

    To me it sound like if an old Marilyn Manson song, Goldfrapp and a German band I can't quite place reproduced lol, I can't tell if I will love it as much as ADORATIO yet but I definitely like it.
  6. Worth me logging to comment...still never disappointing and one of the few bands that can get me to listen to more emotional non-chaotic stuff. Although the dog song is so sad don't know how often I could really listen to that lol.
  7. I wishhh it was something permanent, but I'm just glad he's still doing anything. Since it seems he took the others out for sushi and won them over to play this time, and kazari said the influence of being drunk led to this moment lol
  8. I would only agree if it was presented completely academically like a course focusing on Greek mythology etc would. His last statement ruins that kind of intent. I can see classes in those states not remaining academic and instead turning into preaching grounds creating even more problems for different students in school environments. Feels all theoretical to me though, don't believe it would ever pass, I'll still knock wood.
  9. karai · ebi

    Marblehead's simple look was definitely one of my favorites, but that 'Wrong Turn Part 50 系' was also cool. Kizu is far from my favorite band, but their looks have all been clean and artistically pleasing (obv Kyonosuke being the peak) but it all comes together. However I pick Sho bringing back giant floppy hats in DIMLIM, that was my top favorite.
  10. karai · ebi

    Well, finally had time to go through all others... Seems I only really like 2 that are not actually new. Keel and Kalavinka, thanks @Tokage I am also interested where the new band ロマン急行 that Izumi is in will go, but I was not blown away by the new song. Also even though I poked fun at NAZARE and didn't expect anything I'm actually digging their tracks, especially for running.
  11. karai · ebi

    drunk & wanted to try making vintage magazine/booklet-esque photos. i think if i was a wacky new age conspiracy theorist then someone could convince me i was the spiritual lovechild of issay and atsushi that somehow manifested the first time they sang together, or at least we carry the same trauma eye energy and that's why I feel so moved...or we're all just narcissists likely. luckily i'm mostly just delusionally tired & soaked in vodka instead. Also never put anything on my lips before, but getting back to VK really pushed me to be more theatrical outside my art again, it's funny all I want to do is perform but I have the 'no mouth & must scream' art ability instead lol... Growing out my hair is going well, oddly i feel more confident. I think I will grow it all the way and maybe one day do some sort of real vk inspired look, but right now it's at too awkward a phase (also no, no eyelashes i have trich)
  12. karai · ebi

    I see he even chose a ver of 'mei' for his name... 🙄 I feel petty about it but, same.
  13. karai · ebi

    Not much for me...but I only get into really specific sounds. ザアザア isn't that new but I have loved all their recent releases, キズ and DIMLIM too, like most have mentioned. And まみれた god willing they keep delivering new workout tunes. Gonna probably go through this thread though and check the bands I haven't listened to.
  14. karai · ebi

    things went different than expected on the blood moon night, but tonight's meditation and dream walk will finish this chapter lines as well...since most are lost in the black and it's probably the most detailed freehand pixel drawing I've done in a long time. I've really tuned back into myself since I stopped shelling stuff out for money
  15. I can only relay through experience so small story I guess lol. Present day I've learned to love myself, and I more or less don't trust anyone past casual friendship level. But ten years ago I felt the same as you. I had 'fallen in love' with my best friend of 13+ years, and we were virtually never apart. Of course I kept something like that hidden for 3 years before spilling. Needless to say it didn't end well for a multitude of reasons. For the next 8 years I fell into heavy alcoholism over it, even after not speaking for many years I could be pushed to the edge about it. But one day I forced myself to check in on how they were...I don't know if all the drinking just finally erased old connections or my meditation and self reflecting paid off idk. But what I saw was just disappointment, mostly in myself for ruining my own life over someone who honestly wasn't all that I had thought they were. I sat there scrolling through feeling nothing, I wasn't interested at all in the present version of them. tldr; not to go all monk on the situation, but sometimes I think we're desperate to connect to someone because of incongruencies with ourselves. I didn't really start to appreciate myself or feel a proper connection until very recently, like past 2 years when I started meditation. And any desire or need to connect kind of evaporated, not that I don't want a partner but that sadness is gone, you know. That's my 2 cents on it, it may not be applicable at all but I know how miserable that feeling is. If you want to try hypnosis I highly recommend Michael Sealey on Youtube, I almost use his vids exclusively. Good luck.
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