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  1. nsfw btw
  2. mega thanks to RarezHut @ValiciousI was able to get a 黒百合と shirt...and I'm either gonna wear it until it's cobwebs, or become compelled to frame it on my wall. i usually take wonky blown out pics for my art shit (like below), but i figured i should have at least one semi normal legible photo lol more authentic mode and aesthetic
  3. Oof I wish it sounded that way... I was trying to point what I thought his higher voice tone was reminding me of in KERBEROS (especially around 1:12), and it's kind of like Wolfmother, at least to me. Don't really like the sound of it here though it feels jarring since it's all I can think about.
  4. good bye
  5. It was definitely Gackt, but very specifically Dybbuk, Uncontrol and Ares because the songs weren't credited on the site and Youtube didn't exist yet I had no way of knowing what/who I was listening to until later. I found the songs by chance because I was trying to find a copy of the Plavalaguna opera song from Fifth Element on radio blog club...but a bunch of random shit came up instead, good thing lol. Eventually led to Malice Mizer and on from there.
  6. Looks like that's 3 for MUSE haha, one of the first outside countries they gained more popularity in was Japan as I understand...I wonder if it's that their sound in their old days was vaguely reminiscent of some V系. It would make sense why I launched off from them into the scene liking similar vocals, especially the higher pitched operatic kind. Also, like Chi said, Arctic Monkey's are pretty good too, though I like the album "Humbug" the most (It was co-produced by vocalist of Queens of the Stone Age Josh Homme). I'd say checkout "Humbug", "Favorite Worst Nightmare", and "Whatever People say I am, That's What I'm Not".
  7. Sorry I just drew these on (harder to find a blank ear diagram than I thought it'd be lol, but some of my favorite setups. I like when things are balanced. I'd have the 2nd one at the very least if I could but I'm too active. I bet some of these bandmen with horrendously crooked earl and nose piercings have some gnarly scars. Industrials, tragus / double tragus always look sweet with multiple lobe or helix piercings. That said, I don't know how familiar you are with more complicated piercings (if you are then ignore this), but having a big setup like any of these would take 3-4 years at the least to be completed and healed properly, not to mention gauging puts even more strain on healing time and any reputable piercer would not do more than 2 a year, with maybe the exception of lobe / upper lobe.
  8. I don't really listen to any non JP metal, except for Gojira, more psych-metal this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnRv4azfris But this is my all time favorite of theirs. For rock, MUSE is my favorite band of all time pre 2009 (although I still like a few individual tracks here and there after that, just mostly disappointed.) Also it's funny, the lucky bastards in Tokyo got to see 2 of my favorite tracks performed live (Futurism and Yes Please), Futurism has only been done live 4 or 5 times. I've seen them live six times but never have gotten to hear either. (Other than MUSE, Queens of The Stone Age are second place.)
  9. I don't like the background keyboard / synth at all...it reminds me of a sound preset on my dinky practice keyboard I had in 2000s. Got beat to it lol, but everyday I've checked the news board I've read that as B.L.T.
  10. Tonight's post is, pretty old...and pretty janky (those fish l o l ) / unfinished but one I'd like to redo better also on canvas. I also did not get hired at the place I interviewed at and I'm pretty bummed. Guess it's a point towards just continuing what I've been doing
  11. At first I thought...alright sure it's nice, but hit 2:03 and shwing love it lads.
  12. Welcome / I was a lurker too. Cool you have a good few bands in common with me I'll check out the ones I haven't heard. Also I say no embarrassment needed...everyone has different tastes, especially in music.
  13. ah doh I see, I misread. well that and this is enough evidence for me