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    I love Jrock and I translate lyrics into Spanish and sometimes into English ♡
    I'm not professional but I like doing that as a hobby. I think that Is a good way to know more about bands I like and it also helps me to share that music with other people 🌸

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  1. IsuKa

    Thanks for doing this! They are so good and need more appreciation 😭💕
  2. IsuKa

    Thanks @karai · ebi!! 💗 You made my day!
  3. English translation please 🙏
  4. Could someone translate Tobiorikun by Jigsaw? The kanji and romaji are here: http://www.jpopasia.com/jigsaw/lyrics/370323/hasami-鋏/tobiorikun-とびおりくん/ Thanks in advance!
  5. I'm pretty confused. Are not DiSPiNA and Jigsaw's members the same people? As far as I know, they are so how will they do a concert together??
  6. They also retweeted this from other account. I neither know what is the meaning of that;;
  7. Some minutes ago they uploaded this announcement in their twitter account. I used Google translator but it seems that they had found Tomoe and he was arrested. If someone could translate this better, I would be very grateful. I'm afraid of a possible disband or something like that...
  8. IsuKa

    You can find the English translation in this blog ^^ https://jezvisualkei.blogspot.com/2018/08/translation-you-baiser.html
  9. IsuKa

    In this video you can find the English lyrics of Gravity 😄
  10. IsuKa

    Did the others members of gosan agree You's childish behaviour? 😖 I love this band but now I don't know what to think about them...
  11. Do you have that link of amazon?? I can't find it :"(
  12. I wish I could help you;; Don't worry, take the time you need. You don't need to have them for now, I can wait ^^ I'm really thankful to you for trying to translate it 💗
  13. Sorry, I don't own this booklet so I think that I can't provide you better photos