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    I love Jrock and I translate lyrics into Spanish and sometimes into English β™‘
    I also like anime, visual novels, creating memes and drawing ^^

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  1. IsuKa

    Did the others members of gosan agree You's childish behaviour? πŸ˜– I love this band but now I don't know what to think about them...
  2. Do you have that link of amazon?? I can't find it :"(
  3. I wish I could help you;; Don't worry, take the time you need. You don't need to have them for now, I can wait ^^ I'm really thankful to you for trying to translate it πŸ’—
  4. Sorry, I don't own this booklet so I think that I can't provide you better photos
  5. I have the photos of SM's booklet! Now I would need an English translation The only lyrics that we can't have are CHAOS because they stained it But I think that the whole song is in English so I can try to get it by listening the song (it's quite difficult for me because English is not my mother language but I can try ^^) Thanks to @VkBrutaliaN
  6. IsuKa

    Thanks for solving my doubt Maybe I'm asking too much but could I have some photos of the lyrics?? (If you can't there isn't any problem, I understand it ^^)
  7. Could someone share photos of the booklets of Schwartz:Mist's CDs? (Any of them is ok) And it doesn't matter if it isn't a scan, it can also be a photo with good quality, I just need to get the lyrics They are my favourite band so I want to know what they sing;;
  8. IsuKa

    Schwartz:Mist's CD has a booklet with the lyrics?? I love this band but there aren't any lyrics of them so I wonder how I can get them 😣
  9. Some time ago I did an English translation of this song from Spanish. I leave it here ^^ (You can also check my blog, here I upload English translations from time to time. Here is the link of the post of this song: https://findingchinos.blogspot.com/2018/04/linaria-fixer-english-translation.html )
  10. Could someone translate this song from the new album of The Gallo? The lyrics are here: https://rocklyric.jp/lyric.php?sid=1751428 Thanks in advance β™‘
  11. IsuKa

    Thanks again!!
  12. IsuKa

    @cvltic, is there any problem if I use it for doing an Spanish translation and I upload it to my blog?? (Of course, giving you credits)
  13. IsuKa

    Thank you so much!!! πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’•