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    I love Jrock and I translate lyrics into Spanish and sometimes into English ♡
    I'm not professional but I like doing that as a hobby. I think that Is a good way to know more about bands I like and it also helps me to share that music with other people~
    My favourite bands are Jigsaw, The Gallo, Gozenreij, Rshitei. I also like Shin's music or Plastic tree's songs.

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  1. IsuKa

    Thank you so much!♡
  2. IsuKa

    Hello. Could someone share the lyrics of Dragout, the latest song of Dexcore? Thanks in advance ^^ https://youtu.be/GercZf-QMYk
  3. IsuKa

    Could someone translate this song? I love it and I would like to know what it says. Here are the lyrics in japanese: https://utaten.com/lyric/R指定/-青春-/
  4. Could someone translate this song by Jigsaw into English? The lyrics are in this video: Thanks in advance!
  5. IsuKa

    Is the English translation correct? Because I read that you translated it with what you heard. By the way, thanks for translating it! I started listening this band a few days ago and I really like them~ Could someone translate more lyrics? I want to know more about this band;;
  6. A person translated it on Instagram. Here you have~ https://www.instagram.com/p/BqAZi3qFydlgqPqdE8k3YYljqBIxeJaycMf9BY0/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1hjfvd05kxtie
  7. Tatari (タタリ) was the guitarist of Schwartz:Mist and Lebens ende. His name was Tamaki and later Mitsuki. It seems that now he's bassist instead of guitarist.
  8. IsuKa

    Thanks for doing this! They are so good and need more appreciation 😭💕
  9. IsuKa

    Thanks @karai · ebi!! 💗 You made my day!
  10. English translation please 🙏
  11. Could someone translate Tobiorikun by Jigsaw? The kanji and romaji are here: http://www.jpopasia.com/jigsaw/lyrics/370323/hasami-鋏/tobiorikun-とびおりくん/ Thanks in advance!
  12. I'm pretty confused. Are not DiSPiNA and Jigsaw's members the same people? As far as I know, they are so how will they do a concert together??
  13. They also retweeted this from other account. I neither know what is the meaning of that;;
  14. Some minutes ago they uploaded this announcement in their twitter account. I used Google translator but it seems that they had found Tomoe and he was arrested. If someone could translate this better, I would be very grateful. I'm afraid of a possible disband or something like that...
  15. IsuKa

    You can find the English translation in this blog ^^ https://jezvisualkei.blogspot.com/2018/08/translation-you-baiser.html
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