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  1. IruAx

    Enseñame ingles TwT jijiji por favor
  2. IruAx

    Mis bandas favoritas ! An cafe SID Anfiel LMC Ayabie Megamasso Soy un poquito Oshare jajaja
  3. IruAx

    The file include all the instruments
  4. IruAx


    Hello Hello !! Welcome and enjoy the community !!!
  5. IruAx

    Hello Guys ! I have the tab of "Ryuusei" by Mucc Download: https://mega.nz/#!wmp3xTDZ!0cmb8Hrn-skDfmdleNL1tyV7nfYOkM-BwJgLL9Y50Vw I hope the tabs will be helpfull. Regards !
  6. Hello hello. My favorite songs are: 1.Koukai 2.Pairing. 3.Ryusei Rocket 4.Touhikairo 5.Super Rabbit 6.No pain no love 7.Maple Gunman 8.Escapism 9.Ese uranai 10. Bonds Kizuna
  7. IruAx

    Hola Hola !!! Saludos desde México !!! Es grato leerlos a todos y saber que no estoy solo Jajajajaj Después de practicar mi pésimo inglés me siento aliviado de escribir en español. Creo que el post sigue medio vivo. *Se sienta a esperar
  8. i love with my soul Maple Gunman and YOU !!
  9. IruAx

    Your Welcome !!
  10. IruAx

    Hello Cantavanda ! The tabs are the old ! If you want you can shared us the tabs making by yourself ! Thanks Regards
  11. IruAx

    Hello Hello !!!! what happen with this club !! ? Let me see your gay side !
  12. IruAx

    Hello Hello Visual Angels !! I want to share you L.M.C tabs, the songs are: Boys and girls: https://mega.nz/#!d2BUSabA!kDfx3aIBnvZNg92zTbmejgpozwj4P2bmv8gm1xEQwAc Punky Heart: https://mega.nz/#!EjgiiDpQ!2GQZAakx5CVEtUJ4FXX61-V6EAV89dsuZf61QzXmY4Y Both files include all the instruments !! Enjoy it.
  13. Hello Hello Visual Angels Today i want to share with you, two tabs from Malice Mizer, the songs are: Prologue/Gardenia: https://mega.nz/#!xz5QmQ6D!dYyAlDzWN2wBVj_vY3_WwVB8DUk98HCLtRK421ljGe4 Au revoir: https://mega.nz/#!w3hDlaoI!iwcOMBWo3VL4xcxTgWL6naTALMM2AA18Yj9oMkpu5Q4 Both songs include all the instruments !! Enjoy it !!!
  14. IruAx

    I'm sorry try with this link please. Download: https://mega.nz/#!YnA3DBiL!CrjxGsyzca7RdYRK8wgLaJYuV9Pz0od1dH-jwIIqKjU
  15. IruAx

    Hello guys ! I want to share a megamasso tab "Throne Angel" The tab include only the guitar. If someone can to add other instruments will be great ! Enjoy it ! Download: https://mega.nz/#!YnA3DBiL!CrjxGsyzca7RdYRK8wgLaJYuV9Pz0od1dH-jwIIqKjU
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