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  1. Neurosis

    Yah~ Hopefully the songs will be good as their 1st release.
  2. Neurosis

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4XIp_N3p8ic&feature=youtu.be CRISIS will release their 1st single "Affinity Wings" on June 13. Twitter
  3. It's possible that the bands will sell more copies of these CDs at regular prices (1000 or 1500 yen) in the concerts of may. So people would try to sell them before dates.
  4. People are starting to sell the CDs 死穢 and 慟哭 benefits of the tickets in buyee.jp for the same and "expensive" original price, of course "Without the tickets or theT-shirts" -.-
  5. Neurosis

    Imposing one's own thoughts on others and trying to "change" things with this type of ego is wrong. Beginning by asking for honest opinions from MH users ... But then the post author writes "Any troll comment will be reported and deleted" Here the question: What if the user's opinion is different? Each person has a way of life (sometimes very specific xD) With awareness of what he did, does or will do Focusing on this point, I consider that the post of Zeus was enough to make a sampling of opinions. Maybe one should use the "disconformity" to continue with their ideals, BUT without 100% of humanity support (Come on, it's a rough and populated world xD) Now, in my case and I think that in 70% of the fans around the planet we choose to listen to promotional songs (MV, Spot, mp3, whatever) and Yes, of course the free downloads (Oh will crucify me) But here is the good thing , despite this as a standard fan of course I buy the songs from iTunes if they are available (I like the quality) and other times I buy the CDs (It does not matter if I have already bought the MP3 / M4A legally, my glamscure addiction) After all, if you really like a band and their work will not stop until you get one or more of their products. Plus1: And its always difficult to get the products from some very tight bands, and when you buy those rare and limited CDs sometimes you don't even buy them from the bands, but they are sold by fans in stores and auctions at very high prices , maybe some artist sell their own CDs on this type of platform, I don't know xD Plus2: In short I think there are fans, good fans and toxic fans. Plus3: Maybe this comment will deleted~
  6. Neurosis

    ジグラット stuffs o.o
  7. Neurosis

    I don't dislike the new version of Misty Night, seeing that the PV of this is part of the new DVD that contains the PVs. With the single you can have a good quality without having to convert the VOB to mp3.
  8. Neurosis

    Don't worry it is 100% sure that Starwave will upload the MV to the channel after the SOLD OUT, and seeing that it is a Live-limited (100 copies) will be soon.
  9. Neurosis

  10. Neurosis

  11. Neurosis

    Vo. haine → Stealth Mania(yukito) → chloroform Gt. kasshi → Stealth Mania → chloroform Gt. KEN → BUZZ PIECE(support) → chloroform (support) → chloroform → nokuto Ba. yuu → Stealth Mania → chloroform Dr. masaki → Stealth Mania (Gu.) chloroform (Dr.) Discography. 『神曲』 1.神曲 2016.8.17 『あの日、僕は死んだ。』 1.あの日、僕は死んだ。 2016.7.13 『アルジャーノンへ…』 1.アルジャーノンへ… 2016.6.15 『CHCL3』 1.CHCL3 2015.7.4 『溺れる貴方をオキシドールに沈めて…』 1.Kの鼓動 2.溺れる貴方をオキシドールに沈めて…
  12. Neurosis

    Its a good song, my favorite is lights you up
  13. Neurosis