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  1. I don't dislike the new version of Misty Night, seeing that the PV of this is part of the new DVD that contains the PVs. With the single you can have a good quality without having to convert the VOB to mp3.
  2. Don't worry it is 100% sure that Starwave will upload the MV to the channel after the SOLD OUT, and seeing that it is a Live-limited (100 copies) will be soon.
  3. Yep
  4. Vo. haine → Stealth Mania(yukito) → chloroform Gt. kasshi → Stealth Mania → chloroform Gt. KEN → BUZZ PIECE(support) → chloroform (support) → chloroform → nokuto Ba. yuu → Stealth Mania → chloroform Dr. masaki → Stealth Mania (Gu.) chloroform (Dr.) Discography. 『神曲』 1.神曲 2016.8.17 『あの日、僕は死んだ。』 1.あの日、僕は死んだ。 2016.7.13 『アルジャーノンへ…』 1.アルジャーノンへ… 2016.6.15 『CHCL3』 1.CHCL3 2015.7.4 『溺れる貴方をオキシドールに沈めて…』 1.Kの鼓動 2.溺れる貴方をオキシドールに沈めて…
  5. Its a good song, my favorite is lights you up
  6. Vocal: (ジギィ) (Chrysprase (戒 飛華) → ガ♂ル (ジギィ) → LEMON HEART (keita) → unfade (ジギィ)) Guitar: (ゆきあ) (Verfe~gorl (Yukia) → Mirror (ゆきあ) → パンプキンヘッド → girl → ガ♂ル (ゆきあ) → LEMON HEART (hiroyuki) → unfade (ゆきあ)) Bass: (柳) (Wilde Frau → Mirror → unfade → (新世界) → Neo) 2007.04.25 - Flower of love 01. flower of love 02. Bad trip 03. R.S.P. GAME 04. Bonus Track 2007.06.06 - Diamond 01. Diamond 02. Friends 03. Glory Road 2007.07 Vocal: (ジギィ) (Chrysprase (戒 飛華) → ガ♂ル (ジギィ) → LEMON HEART (keita) → unfade (ジギィ)) Guitar: (ゆきあ) (Verfe~gorl (Yukia) → Mirror (ゆきあ) → パンプキンヘッド → girl → ガ♂ル (ゆきあ) → LEMON HEART (hiroyuki) → unfade (ゆきあ)) Bass: (柳) (Wilde Frau → Mirror → unfade → (新世界) → Neo) Drums: sakichi (朱麗 → Langsat → Amulet* (Support) → unfade (sakichi)) 2007.08.01 - the sunshine 01. the sunshine 02. Hungry heart 03. Lonely Boy 04. cloudy after the rain 05. cheap jork 06. open world 07. lights you up 2007.09.05 - JUDGEMENT #001 V.A. 05. Flower of Love 2007.10.25 - star-Live limited release 01. star 2007.12.26 - JUDGEMENT #002 10. Cloudy after rain 2008.03.26 - Miss you 01. Miss you 02. busy life 03. call me 04. Answer 2008.08.06 - LOVE x LOVE x LOVE 01. Love letter 02. Love story 03. Love you
  7. Their 1st single was good, 2nd bah, the coupling singles good and now, I wait for this.
  8. Finally a new release~
  9. Totally happy and colours, but some are awesome~
  10. The new flyer.
  11. Their new single will called『Cold Cake』 Tracklist. M1. Cold Cake M2. 忘却とフラディド Product Number: [NOIR-0003] limited.500, price ¥1,200 Label: POPUNITED noir
  12. Ciela https://twitter.com/ciela_sioux https://www.instagram.com/ciela1111/ Since Sioux was formed he caught my attention quickly. His musical style and impressive costumes were worth it to become one of my entry bands. But one of his members, Ciela, has won my complete admiration for his peculiar and magnificent aesthetic. With each set of photos his representations improved more and more. Then they released the PV of Last Scene (Oh God, I love it). During each scene I could reaffirm my admiration for him, not only for his appearance, but for his great talent with the guitar. Definitely this artist has become one of my favorites.