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  1. Cantavanda

    I have a sample of the newest X JAPAN song! It was online a short time on their official website, it's only 2min tho:
  2. Hi! I'm looking for Schwarz Stein live CDr "Immortal Verses morgue -another arrange-", does anyone have an extra copy for sale?

  3. they did surgery on a grape

  4. kyary pamyu pamyu please be my wife

  5. Cantavanda

    Also I don't listen AT ALL to BAISER even though I want to give them a chance, they seem to be my style since they're similar to LAREINE and SHAZNA. Romantic kei is my favourite VK genre. I will try to listen soon. But if the band name litirally means "fucking" it's a big turn-off since the half of my country (Belgium) speaks French lol. Also I noticed there's no BAISER topic at all in this subforum so any big fans, go on your way!
  6. Cantavanda

    Sodomy also consists of BDSM sex, so not just gay sex. IDK, I haven't really talked or looked up discussions of the name. I just think "sodmy" means "sodomy" which is probably an artistic mispelling cus they have a song called "are you sodomy?" and "white lie" single cover has KAMIJO tied up, which is a BDSM kind. Luckily most songs don't have any sex in the lyrics, which made me to believe the band name was just for shock, not a reocurring theme.
  7. Cantavanda

    BAISER is a VK band, it's also a French word. The French word has two meanings. "Je te donne un baiser" would mean I give you a kiss A "baiser" is a "kiss". But the verb baiser.... is quite something different. "Je vais te baiser", means I will fuck you. "Baiser" is "fucking". Now my question about the band. WHICH OF THE TWO IS IT?? Have they said it publicly? Baiser is quite the romantic VK wave band like LAREINE and SHANA, so kissing would be logical in that way. But VK loves shocking, and the most romantic innocent KAMIJO made a band called "New Sodmy", referencing this extreme sex act, sodomy. So it's a possibility they meant the sex to shock and provoke. Anyone can help me out?
  8. Cantavanda

    I tried using my phone, different broswers, restarting, clearing all history, cookies and cache, using a different internet (school internet), and nothing worked. But suddenly today it went back! I guess it was an issue on their part. Maybe not going to Belgian servers? IDK where you live.
  9. Cantavanda

    dolls despair - ~夢遊の宴~ (only cassette of the band) Nobuo Uematsu - FINAL FANTASY Orchestral Album (one of my favorourite albums, EVER) MALICE MIZER Deep Sanctuary VI all guitar picks, compact mirror and pamphlet LAREINE Fleur magazines 2003 vol. 0 - vol. 4 LAREINE final Fleur magazines from 2010 And the epic craaazy part: LAREINE first flyer ever, startup, Laliene era.
  10. Is Mercari Japan bugging with you guys too? No images shown. Anyone knows why?

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    2. Cantavanda


      Pff this really blows, so much that a super rare LAREINE photoset slipped by...

    3. Cantavanda


      It also doesn't work on Firefox. Litirally every site works, except for Mercari.

    4. Arkady


      Ages ago something similar (images don't showing) happened to part of european Tumblr users. To the ones saying it does work where are you from? I'm EU and it doesn't work for me too.

  11. Cantavanda

    Update: That concert probably doesn't exist in DVD format, just VHS lol. Not needed then hahaha