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  1. I hope you find a buyer after 7 years of wanting to sell them lol
  2. Greatt!! Thanks. If there's nothing, can you ask them if they have these releases somewhere? I'll pay you in JPY the next day. Or if you show me pics of the shop/items you can wait before buying them, I'll pay and then you buy. Don't wanna give tons of money to a random stranger before knowing lol.
  3. Cantavanda

    Mana announces a super amazing world tour with Moi dix Mois, on the tour final in Paris he walks up on the stage, undresses and takes a huge poop and starts screaming and then collapses.
  4. Cantavanda

    Another problem would be actually finding the music, physicially or digitally lol, most would be hard to find to even listen to.
  5. Cantavanda

    That fandom list you listed is not complete at all, it only has the most popular or major bands. But that's not even complete, since for example Versailles or the GazettE aren't even in it lol. It even contains disbanded bands! There's for certain hundreds and maybe even thousands of bands active, just less popular. Bands that don't have money for music videos or big promotions, but still make music, limited discs and lives. There's an entire universe of unknown VK bands out there, and some have really good music.
  6. OMG that's crazy! Thank you so much. When would that be? I'll contact you then to arrange paying and so on.
  7. Hello there! I'm mainly looking to buy the Kasumi / 霞 demo tape by AFTER IMAGE to complete my audio collection by them. Any flyers or photosets would be appreciated too. I already have a signed mini-album. I'm missing three of the many VHS tapes too, AFTER IMAGE Vol. 3, Vol. 3.5, and BLACK CRYSTAL TOUR II 震災援助無料配布ビデオ (Shinsai Enjo Muryou Haifu VIDEO). Three of the members of AFTER IMAGE would later form "AMADEUS", and I own every video and audio release, two photosets, flyers, a poster, and multiple signatures of AMADEUS, but I'm only missing the fanclub CD release 冷えた心に闘争を (Hieta kokoro ni tousou wo). I already own the cassette version. Maybe there's flyers or photosets out there I don't know of and am missing. They're one of my favourite bands of all time, so I'd be willing to pay high sums of money to get the missing releases. Kasumi and one of the VHS tapes was sold on this forum before, but the contact information of the buyer was lost, so I'm hoping the buyer might see this thread. ( https://www.monochrome-heaven.com/topic/40925-selling-after-imageamadeusbrain-hackerart-cubeothers ) Thank you to anyone who can help me complete the collection!
  8. Cantavanda

    I love the video of your profile picture
  9. Great, my dog chewed up a MALICE MIZER Mana guitar pick.... I'm happy he didn't choke.

  10. Hello! I'm selling some items. I live in Belgium (EU) and accept PayPal. Contact me via PM, or my e-mail adress adrielcantamessi@hotmail.com IMAGES: https://cantavanda.com/for-sale-4-0/ LIST: MALICE MIZER: merveilles - CD Jewel Case version - no OBI - 11EUR SOLD Gardenia - normal press - no OBI - 11EUR Gardenia - 1st Press Slipcase version - 15EUR SOLD memoire (NOT memoire DX) - 1st press - Serial No. 2247 - no OBI - 17EUR memoire (NOT memoire DX) - 1st press - Serial No. 1845 - no OBI - 17EUR SOLD merveilles tour pamphlet (it's a weird format so I dunno if calling it a pamphlet is right, but it got nice pics) - 9EUR SOLD Société de Parenté fanclub event members card that you can pin on a shirt - RARE - 27EUR 薔薇の軌跡 / Bara no kiseki DVD - with OBI - Contains Klaha era TV stuff like a MM documentary, commercials, an interview. - 16EUR SOLD ART CUBE: 螺旋月 - first mini-album - 7EUR Crystal Eye's: As free as butterfly - demo tape - 9EUR ONE SONG HERE: https://youtu.be/aNz6RLPnPYU NEW SODMY: LIKE AN EDISON bonus/comment VHS SOLD KAMIJO: Louis signed board - 11EUR
  11. Cantavanda

    First pic: LAREINE and NEW SODMY comment/bonus CD/DVD, second is Versailles, third is KAMIJO. All the Versailles and KAMIJO are new, but the LAREINE ones I had about half before. Here is a list (not in order): LAREINE 月の狩人 Unpluged Live Event LAREINE JAN-23, 2006 Meguro Live Station TALK+SAKURA LAREINE Unreleased Song demo 1 LAREINE Unreleased Song demo 2 LAREINE 「SCREAM」ライカエジソン LAREINE 「SCREAM」ライカエジソン LAREINE 「道化師の舞曲」「雪恋詩」「Cinderella Fantasy」トリプル購入特典 サードステージ LAREINE ごめんなさいCD-R LAREINE 2002/10/30&10/31ハロウィンイベント両日参加者配布CD LAREINE 『Deep Forest』 『Imperial Concerto』 (Special CDR) LAREINE X’mas Message CD LAREINE Anamorphosis SPECIAL DVD LAREINE Métamorphose Message Tape LAREINE ツアー出発前メッセージ Message Tape LAREINE ツアー出発前メッセージ Message Tape LAREINE Never Cage GURUGURU Message CD LAREINE Himatsu remix LAREINE 青い鳥の行方 NEW SODMY White Lie Message CDr NEW SODMY SODOM ORIGINAL CDS -2001- NEW SODMY 2002.4.7 Shibuya On Air East First Anniversary A way of life Versailles NOBLE Comment DVD Versailles The Greatest Hits 2007-2016 Like and Edison コメントDVD Versailles ASCENDEAD MASTER ディスクユニオン コメントCD Versailles PRINCE & PRINCESS/スーパーレコード(この商品のみコメントCDです) Versailles JUBILEE ZEAL LINK コメDVD Versailles The Gratest HITS 2007-2016/ディスクユニオン KAMIJO Heart DVD-R Like an Eidson KAMIJO Heart DVD ZEAL LINK KAMIJO Louis ZEAL LINK KAMIJO HEART HMV Vol. 2 KAMIJO HEART Vol. 4 タワーレコード) KAMIJO Louis Disc Union ディスクユニオン