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  1. girls make me sad

  2. Hello! Someone has shown interest just a few hours before you. But if the person doesn't want to finish the purchase or continue, I'll send you a msg! Sorry!
  3. I have a near complete collection (only one item missing) of Neoncity Records releases, a more recent but very influential Vaporwave label. Yes, that includes a SAILORWAVE LP.
  4. Anyone interested in buying my Schwarz Stein compilation CDs? Made a topic.

  5. I'm selling Schwarz Stein Dunkelheit + Licht compilations + bonus Rudolf Steiner CDr's. The compilations are sealed. I'm asking 48EUR for this, which is incredibly cheap. Both were around 40EUR each when I bought them new. Nevermind the Megaromania DVD next to it. I'm also selling it if anyone's interested, but seperately, I'm asking 12EUR for it. PICTURE:
  6. Cantavanda

    I love that deadman album! Haven't listened to the original version though, only the 2.0 rerelease.
  7. LIDL has very good croissants and donuts here in Belgium.

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    2. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      We have a few ALDIs in the US. I've never actually been in one, though.

    3. LIDL


      Seems to me they mostly caries German products? Not too sure, but that's the ones I found

    4. colorfuljinsei


      There are a couple ALDIs near me, but I've only been to the one in Rutland, VT. In the U.S it's either discounted items, food brands I've never heard of (from British Columbia, lol), or cheap, fresh produce (which is usu. the incentive to go there.)


      LIDL at least here is like the hella upgraded ver. of ALDI w/ a bunch of German products. The stores look much nicer. There's also a bakery, etc. 

  8. suji wanna be my forum gf??

  9. Cantavanda

    i love music
  10. This is what makes it sound generic to you all/ 4 CHORDS ONLY!!! IN THE WHOLE SONG! EVEN IN THE SOLO! https://youtu.be/450p7goxZqg The same 4 chords (just in another key) than the beginning of this song. But even this generic pop song varies and uses different chords for the chorus! So basically the most generic pop song possible has more inventive composition then this VK song. LOL Also I love how bored the drummer looks in the MV hahah
  11. Cantavanda

    Do you mean ALL your songs are much more than the 3GB? Why don't you buy an external SD with more space, and put all of your music on that SD, if not more than 3GB fits on your phone?
  12. Oh sorry mistyped, it's the 29 MARCH. Still not 25 March as mentioned often.
  13. I'm interested in buying your XDDL 93230 Billet promo version. I'm going to be honest..... I did not know it existed. I have the other promo version, and I thought I was complete lol. Since the only notable LAREINE double I have is ROMANCIA sampler, but you already have it, I can offer you money. You can choose yourself how much you ask. How much did you pay for it? I will give more then what you paid. Maybe continue this in PMs? Also: Laliene demo tape released the 29th august: It was distributed on their SECOND concert, four days after the first. This is one of the biggest LAREINE misconceptions that almost everyone believes. It's also 100% sure 2ND DEMO, not DEMO. I saw you writing: (2nd) DEMO, which shows hesitation. Every official mention of the tape says 2ND clearly before it: The rare history book Blue Romance era, and the advertisment flyer for the demo both clearly say 2ND DEMO as title. I can correct more in your google sheet if you want! Or answer any questions or doubts you have, but of course I do that 100% free lol.
  14. WTF!! Editing the LAREINE page on the VK wiki... And a 1998 CD is called a Demo Tape and the tracklist contains a song from 2003?! Don't trust that site 100% guys.

    1. suji


      wikis are garbage lmao, that's why i left that place a long time ago