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  1. I wanna live in JP! Everything is perfect, everyone is anime and super nice, work is calm and positive, food is tasty and every music is awesome.

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    2. Bear


      Fucking lol

    3. Tokage


      same, japanese music is so much better than western music, i think all rock sounds way more EPIC in japanese because they arent afraid to sing about real issues

    4. colorfuljinsei
  2. VK fans be like "my favourite foods are noodles, rice and bandmen"

  3. Cantavanda

    Plot twist: It's GACKT
  4. QUESTION: IS VISUAL KEI GAY???????????????????????????????????????????????????

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      This discussion happens 800 times a month. 

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      No, it is queer and inclusive ;)

  5. Cantavanda

    Mucc Dir en Grey 12012 Moran 9goats black out Deadman Asriel e.mu Luna Sea cali gari Moi dix Mois More MALICE MIZER Killed two to make it 10 again.
  6. oppa minecraft style

  7. son: iPod..... duaghter: iPhone...... mom: iPad............ FATHER iPAID haha!!!! but wait until you see this.....................dog: iPeed

  8. hello I'm am looking for start a band, I 'm live in Republic of South Sudan, I prefer to maek a band locally not on Intornet. BAND NAME: 怖い木Le'Fuarte-SzZNt88999 I m' an experienced mouth harmonica player, looking to form a VISUAL KEI band with a sub-contra-tubaist and concert koto player. The genre will be underground avant-garde sludge jazzrock. Our lookS should be inspired by nature, like tree's and piGeons. I will be the composer, songwriter and music inventor. To join you must sign a lifelong contract because I'm want to make record of longest active band EVAR even longer then a tree. I'aem already work on EP compOsitions, here's tracklist: EP Name: Thre crazy little treehouses mafia epic rock crazy taxitreehouses tree three bus. 01. PROLOGUE 02. Cat Mania Kitty 03. レズビアンサル 04. au revoir 05. check out my new site go00gel.co0m 06. ENDING scecret track: 07. did you know I love trees?
  9. alquhol is bad for you’re

  10. Hello there! I am selling some items that I don't need anymore. I don't know the true value of some of these items like most GACKT VHS since I cannot find them on sale, but they're wayyy cheaper then the original price, and cheaper then the cheapest on eBay/discogs. I live in Belgium, so if you live in the EU there will be no import fees at all, and quick cheap shipping. If you live in the US and wish to buy, I could not put any price on the package to avoid import fees. Of course the buyer pays the shipping. I don't have much experience with shipping at all, but CoolKill3rX is helping me with making the packages as secure as possible, and finding the best ways to ship. And we all know how damn good that ********er ships their stuff. GACKT: Single: Redemption Limited edition single+DVD complete - CRCP-10129 - 8EUR 野に咲く花のように limited edition + DVD, complete with OBI and sheet music insert - CRCP-10160 - 9EUR The Next Decade + DVD, complete with OBI - AVCA-29371/B -9EUR - (very cheap compared to others!) *TWO SCRATCHES ON THE CASE (but not on media)* Returner〜闇の終焉〜 + DVD, complete with OBI - CRCP-10174 - 8EUR EVER limited edition + DVD, complete with OBI and inserts - YICQ-10001/B - 8EUR - *TWO SCRACHES ON THE CASE (but not on media)* Metamorphoze~メタモルフォーゼ~ limited edition + DVD, complete with OBI - CRCP-107 - 7EUR Album: Crescent album, with insert - CRCP-40046 - 8EUR MOON, complete - CRCP-40009 - 8EUR DVD: 月光 (gekkou) DVD, complete, contains the PV's of Kimi ga oikakete yume and Tsuki no uta + Making - CRBP-10013 - 10EUR VHS (some of this footage was never put on DVD): Requiem et Reminiscence -shuen to seijaku- LIVE VHS - CRVP-10005 - 5EUR MARS sora kara no hômonsha MAKING VHS - CRVP-10001 - 5EUR soyokaze PV VHS - contains ANOTHER WORLD and Juunigatsu no Love song + making ofs - CRVP-10006 - 5EUR MARS 空からの訪問者~軌跡~ - contains concert, PV, making of and message, FC item, also limited edition - DAVC-20001 - 10EUR Requiem et Reminiscense ~変遷~ FC VHS - DAVC-20011 - 6EUR Other artists: Megaromania: "The Vision of Engraving" live DVD - UCDV-069 - 20EUR (half the price of eBay listings) SEX MACHINEGUNS - Born of Fire live VHS - MRSV-0002 - 5EUR Schwarz Stein: Schwarz Stein: THE BEST DUNKELHEIT - FACTORY SEALED/MINT - 30EUR Schwarz Stein: THE BEST LICHT - FACTORY SEALED/MINT - 30EUR Rudolf Steiner: Perfect Garden CDr (very limited bonus with THE BEST pre order) - 20EUR Rudolf Steiner: Queen of Decandence (very limited bonus with THE BEST pre order) - 20EUR SALE PACKS!!: GACKT all VHS pack: 17EUR GACKT single pack: 30EUR GACKT megapack (everything): 60EUR Schwarz Stein the best duo pack: 50EUR Schwarz Stein megapack (all four items): 80EUR BONUS WHEN BUYING A SALE PACK: Free MALICE MIZER merveilles l'espace VHS, but VHS only, no case. I don't even remember how I got it lol. I'M OPEN TO DISCUSSING PRICES.
  11. CoolKiller has ripped my LAREINE tapes, and I'm extremely happy with it. No noise compared to common rips, good normalised and so on. Recommend! Also very safe shipping.
  12. Cantavanda

    Are these those very old existing ones or did you make them yourselves? Since the old existing ones (for all instruments) have a lot of mistakes. I've tried using them for covers but I just ended up making them myself since they were way too sloppy. EDIT: Oh yup just checked the MEGA, and it are the old gp4 ones.
  13. What even is your signature? :S :tw_astonished:

  14. Cantavanda

    Best content: NERVOUS NIGHT omnibus VHS (contains Matenrou), 2 AFTER IMAGE VHS and one demo tape of them, MALICE MIZER demo tape, VELVET EDEN demo tape, MALICE MIZER concert tickets from Voyage era, and Chanton l'amour live DVD by LAREINE (is worth a crazy load of money).
  15. Cantavanda

    Here's the full package. Best items: the demo tapes I sent earlier, two AFTER IMAGE VHS, Nervous Night and two old MALICE MIZER concert tickets